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Games at the old stomping ground

Hey all,

I had the opportunity to run a few games at the old store, Crossroad Games in Standish Maine.  Great store and great group of people.  Played two 1500 point games against some friends and, while both were losses, I had a good time.  I ran the same list both times (Straight CSM, nominally ran as a Lorgar’s Knights, an offshoot of Word Bearers that still hold true to their core loyalties to Lorgar and to the old chapter):

Sorcerer (ML3, Spell Familiar, Sigil, MoT)


Contemptor Dread w/ 2 Butcher Cannons

2 squads of 10 CSM in rhinos (w/ havoc launchers) – one with 2 melta and a power axe, the other with 2 plasma and plasma pistol.

8 Thousand Sons in a rhino w/ a havoc launcher

Tri-Las Pred

5 Havocs w/ 4 Autocannons

It’s not my forte, running heavy shooting armies with psykers.  My bread and butter is really the line of death that chops the enemy into little cubes, but that often requires monsters and a lot more models.  Thus, I decided to go with a smaller more elite shooting army.

Game 1- (Eldar)

He ran a foot-dar list that was well played all the way around.  No cheese, just a LOT of bullets.  3 x dire avenger squads, a warp spider squad, a swooping hawks squad, 2 x guardian jetbike squads, a farseer, and an avatar.

We ran the maelstrom mission where you could steal each other’s objective cards.  I actually ran this same mission both games.

It started off pretty well with me tearing up his warp spiders with my auto-cannons and a few dire avengers.  However, his ability to move, run, then shoot meant that my pre-measurements were moot as I did not factor this in when deploying.  My forces were pretty heavily spread out and he pushed and took out the rhino the TS were in turn 2.  Turn 3 saw him deploying his shining spears (forgot about them) and crushing the last of my autocannons.  The game was effectively over by turn 4.  I had killed a fair amount of his list with most of a jetbike squad dead, all of the dire avenger squads pretty beat up or completely gone and the warp spiders down to only one or two.  The Shining spears had lost a combat against the warpsmith and sorcerer (due to some pretty awful rolls on his part with his exarch) and I had failed to sweep them, leaving one running around.  Turn 4 it ended with me being tabled except for 2 CSMs running away.

All in all, a close game until that last turn.  I was only about 2 points behind until he scored I think 4 or 5 points that last turn to my none.  A good game and I think a better deployment on my part could have turned the tide.

Game 2- (Dark Angels)

He ran a demi-compan031y and a bunch of bikes and Samaels speeder.  Here is his army:

Dear god don’t ask me what all the formations did.

He didn’t have any psykers and I can’t remember what his warlord power was.

030This was my army.  The guys with the shields are the thousand sons (wanted a less magical reason for the 4++).  I rolled the preferred enemy (Space Marine) within 12″ of my warlord (the sorcerer).  My powers were –

Sorcerer- Psychic Shriek, Fearless (Not what it’s called), Firestorm of Tzeentch, and Boon of Mutation

Aspiring Champion – Firestorm of Tzeentch, Doombolt

I deployed pretty condensed.  He had quite a few outflanking units and I wanted to brace fo032r the impact of all that outflanking/deepstriking stuff.  Everything was at the very back to prevent turn 1 melta kill on my contemptor.  He got turn one.  Deepstruck his meltagun pod…and, well this happened:


He rolled the option for me to put anywhere and I stuck them mid field.  They were not long for this world upon arrival.  He moved forward with lots of his stuff and quickly closed the gap.

037The second turn saw the plasma pod arrival which destroyed the contemptor, as well as everything but the regular speeder and this was a rough turn for me.  I had crackedopen his command rhino but had very little headway against the bikes on the left.  The bikes on the right arrived and destroyed the pred which was angled poorly (intentionally to get all 3 las shots) but it exposed my rear to plasma shots.  Turn two for me saw me destroying a rhino, the 3 ravenwing knights on my right, and most of the tacticals in the pod.


Things rapidly devolved into madness as he got into assault.  Luckily, my TS command squad was there.  Every game these guys impress me.  With AP 3 bolters, 4++ saves, and a free force weapon on the champion, my TS are always MVPs in games.  Even if it is as a bullet sink, they earn their keep.  He assaults in with his command squad and last 2 bikers and polish off the CSM, only to be counter charged by the TS, Sorcerer and Warpsmith.  Chainswords and poweraxes clashed, resulting in three gruesome rounds of combat that swung my direction when he flopped his company champion’s attacks.  Preferred enemy was a blessing this game.  Lots of 1’s were rerolled.  I mean, a LOT.  However, on the far side of the table, my CSMs were making headway by sticking Krak grenades to Samaels’s speeder…039

It took two rounds to bring it down, but they did.  However, this maneuver cost them the ability to do anything else all game.  They made their points back between the speeder and the three bikes, but the game ended with them hustling across the table trying to make a difference.

However, the game got interesting as the warpsmith cleaved the biker SGT down and was smiled upon by the dark gods…  041(Before)


After the daemon prince had arrived, I had ground superiority and it was then a race against time.  My sorcerer and aspiring champ parted ways to race to objectives while the daemon prince destroyed the last two bikes and ran towards the last squad of enemy to try to claim linebreaker

045The game ended as a very close loss.  I had 16 to his 18.  He had a squad of assault marines left and a pod not destroyed while I had 8 or 9 plasma CSM in the rear, a daemon prince, a sorcerer, and an aspiring champion.  Linebreaker and slay the warlord had brought me close, and this being the end of the 7th meant that there was no chance at getting an extra turn to knock out some extra objectives.  His mobility and ability to grab backfield objectives had proved sufficient to take the game, but boy oh boy, what a blood bath.  While the dark angels took the field, they definitely had lots of extra bunk space going back home (So did my CSM…but hey, we have a daemon prince now.  That’s cool, right?).
Well, had a blast.  To those I didn’t see, hope to see you sometime.  To those I did, it was awesome and let me know if your travels ever take you south.

Next time, I will be showcasing the final Khorne Skullcannon and talking about future plans.

Thanks for reading,



Servants of the XVII legion face off against the Tau

So I have started to establish my fledgling word bearers force, which will be eventually definitively labeled either a host number under the direct command of my dark apostle or soldiers of the quillborne, a division of the word bearers chapter. That said, I put together a list that was the following…

He ran Tau with Eldar allies. From what I remember, his list looked like this

Farsight w/ 2 crisis suits with him all w/ melta/ plasma
The avatar of khaine

5 dark reapers
12 Eldar pathfinders
5 or 6 tau pathfinders
3 x 12 tau fire warriors (one with a devil fish transport)
3 crisis suits w/ melta/plasma

So we rolled up a mission and did the basic mission of crusader with 5 objectives. Our table was a ruined city with a few mysterious stuff. My warlord (the apostle) rolled up hatred….yep, about useless. Farsighted became a scoring unit for him. I won first turn and deployed, then he did, then I began. This is how we deployed. My sorcerer had iron arm and boon as well as psychic shriek. The thousand sons sorcerer had boom bolt.


Havocs were in the tall structure, the rhinos had the thousand sons with both ICs and the other was the CSM squad. The Oblits flanked my rhinos and cultists held the objective at the bottom of the tall building.

First turn I didn’t get my preferred half so I got the plague bearers and the screamers. Dropped in under the snipers with the plague bearers and near the broadsides with my screamers. Put thee wounds on the avatar with the Oblits and didn’t really do much else. through boon I got hammer of wraith.


He turned around and peppered my Havocs with his dark reapers. This resulted in only one death but also putting them on the ground. He also put a wound on an Oblit and blew up the rhino with the thousand sons in it, killing I believe one of them.


Turn two I got the masque and flamers in. I used the masque to yank his dark reapers down by forcing them to jump off the building (nne died from the fall 😦 ). However, it put them in a handy clump next to the Avatar…at which point the Oblits were only too happy to oblige them with a barrage of plasma cannon fire, wiping the squad and killing the avatar. The flamers dropped just enough to fire and destroy the fire warriors on the second floor leaving only carbine armed pathfinders on his right flank to contest my forces. On the left side I swung around and destroyed the lone broadside with my screamers. The boon gave my sorcerer another hammer of wraith roll.


His crisis suit squads arrived they dumped plasma and melta fire into my Oblits killing one and wounding another. Snipers fired and killed one or two thousand sons. He maneuvered his fire warriors away from the screamers. Another fire warrior squad fired and dropped one or two flamers.


Top of three saw my plague bearers assault his transport and put a hull point of damage on it. The screamers maneuvered to also attack the transport but I don’t believe they had the range to assault it. The Oblits dumped meltagun fire into the crisis suits killing the shield drone. The terminators came in and dropped next to Farsights unit. I pulled the units closer to my infantry and shoved the invuln saves in Farsights unit to the back. I smacked Farsights unit with boom bolt and then psychic shriek, followed by inferno bolters. Two survived which were then gunned down by the three combo-meltas from the terminators. The Oblits and the masque assaulted the remaining three crisi suits, killing one and the crisis suits killed one of the Oblits. My flamers jumped over and wiped out a second squad of fire warriors.



His turn he dumped out his fire warriors and fired into the plague bearers. He killed five of them. The snipers killed or wounded something that escapes me. His pathfinders fired their carbines and killed a flamer. The transport then booked it away from combat to the other side of the ruins the snipers were on. During the assault phase the remaining Oblit and masque killed off the last crisis suit.

My fourth turn the masque pulled the pathfinders out of cover and they were blasted by the older fire from the thousand sons and an assault cannon from the Oblit. The plague bearers and screamers assault the last fire warrior squad. One plague bearer dies from over watch but the screamers and plague bearers kill all but two. The last two break and are swept. The chaos space marines move about to fire on the transport. The auto cannons fail miserably to do anything.
He proceeded to fire without huge impact with his snipers.


My fifth turn the snipers are assaulted by the screamers and plague bearers. They stick in combat though his turn due to some meh rolling. A screamer does die to overwatch fire. The chaos space marines move up to the remaining transport, getting ready to disembark to destroy it. His fifth turn the close combat ends and his transport fires at the rhino putting a hull point of damage.


My sixth turn begins and his last two models remain…the transport and a gun drone. The gun drone has the flamers swoop down and attack it. The chaos space marines dump out of the rhino and finish off the pesky devil fish with melta fire to its flank, a krak grenade, and a snap fired auto cannon.

I attempt on turn seven (as we had a turn 7 as he had not started a turn without anything yet) running for the other objective with my CSM. They ran one inch…they must have been tired from sitting in a rhino all game…


Overall, awesome game against one of my favorite opponents.

Few things-
On paper, 4 Havocs with auto cannons are much better than 3 marked Oblits as they are dirt cheap. And half the cost. However, while I can get 8 for the same cost as 3 Oblits, the Oblits did 5-6 times the work. Few things- mobility allows moving and shooting which is huge! Also, the 2 wounds, 2+/5++ means that for the enemy to KNOW he is bringing them down he has to commit some serious resources. Because of the low number of models, forcing lots of saves with those large blast weapons is tough. They are also versatile because they can walk or deep strike.

Flamers and screamers- yep, just as gross as we have all heard.

Chaos space marines- good solid unit, but I under utilized them. He had little shooting by turn 3 and I should have disembarked them and started firing earlier. I need to remember, that while they don’t have terminator armor and are often vulnerable to many things, they don’t have my customary 5+ save and so are a bit more solid.

Psyker powers continue to impress me, however I need to focus my sorcerers intent more.

Overall, I like the list and will develop it more.

Thanks for reading,

Boxed into a corner…

So I painted all my original CSM in the color and markings of the Purge. However, I now remember that a) I hate playing the type of list that everyone else plays (ie. Nurgle) and b) the green is sort of pidgeon holing me. So I am looking at changing the chapter of my CSM forces. I won’t be reprinting what I have thus far painted ( a sorcerer, 7 marines w/ 4 heavy weapons, and 7 talons). I can always run these as mercenaries. I will always keep painting the cult troops and unique guys as he color of their god/ chapter or legion. That said, I am leaning towards undivided.

My options as I see them-

Night lords. Awesome models, like the paint scheme. Undivided. Problem is, that when every model requires a conversion kit it can bog you down. Plus the blue paint scheme is meh.

Word bearers. They are Rudy undivided and the legion worships all of the gods, so it works wonders for me. Sort of a bland color scheme though, and tends to lean towards dark apostles of which I have no intent to run.

Make my own legion/war band with word bearer-esque ethos towards the gods and cool night lords helmets on some of the models (chosen perhaps?). Was thinking brighter red than word bearers but that is suggestive of khorne. Could run dark red with bright red lightning bolts or a half and half color scheme, not sure.

So these are how I am looking at for the future of my CSM forces.

Thanks for reading,