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Tournament at FTW Games!

Just went to an 1850 pt tourney at FTW games.  Ran a list that was using what I had at my availability, though it was built with tactical objectives in mind…though we did not use them,  My list was-


Terminator Sorcerer, ML3 w/ spell familiar and combi-melta, MoN

10 TS w/ Rhino, Havoc Launcher

3 Mutliators, MoN

11CSM w/ 2 Melta, PF and Melta Bombs, MoN

11 CSM w/ 2 Plasma, MoN

3 Oblits, MoN

Vindi, Shield, Daemonic Possession

5 Havocs, w/ 4 AC

Lots of infantry, not many vehicles.  I ran across the problem that I only packed one damned rhino!  I also had NO idea what the regular crowd was going to be bringing.

Game 1 I played against a Mechdar force with allied in Knight titan.  Imperial Knight+Wraithknight+him seizing+BONEHEAD deployment decision=humiliating defeat.  Was tabled turn 5, managed to drop titan.  My dice rolls were pretty horrendous, but really the biggest thing is that I forgot that Huron had a S6 armor bane weapon.  When I remembered and closed in with him, I finished it off.  Had I done this early, the game may have gone differently.

Game 2 I played a Tau player.  It was a KP mission and he eked out a win on the tertiary objective with us tying for all others.  The oblits ruled the day here as they claimed nearly 7 alone.  Well fought, especially because the mission rewarded him +2 to start because I had no FA.  Overall, a bloodbath.  He ran a dual riptide list with a Farsight enclave primary force with allied tau, 4 tetras, missile riptides, and a metric ton of fusion blasters.

Game 3 I played against 1850 points of guard.  An AMAZING army, all metal old Praetorians.  A HUGE amount of infantry, the game was relic and hammer and anvil…ie- NOT GOOD FOR A FOOTSLOGGING ARMY!  The oblits outflanked very late and hit one blob with heavy flamers, then twin-linked flamers…then failed a 2″ charge through difficult terrain.  We pounded the crap out of each other, probably killing 50 guardsmen, but to no avail and the game ended in a loss with him taking a win because of the tertiary (killing the most psykers)…because my psyker perils of the warped himself to death…so basically, I literally gave him the win.   Other than that, he would have tied exactly.  He had first blood, I had linebreaker.

Here is a pic of the praetorian models:


I apologize for the crappy quality of the pics.  It was an amazing army.  But overall, I had a blast.  They are a really fun group, and I look forward to hopefully getting to go this Wednesday.  Overall, the store is amazing, the group is fun and very open to new players, and the skill level goes from beginner/novice to veteran/ATC champions.  Hope to cover the store on a separate entry with some of the amazing staff there.  They are knowledgeable and openly offer advice on lists and how to build and shape a better one without just simply saying a list should be scrapped for a netlist/cheese list.  If you are in VA, it’s a must to visit for 40k players!

Thanks for reading!



Trying out daemons still…

Trying out Daemons Still

So I am still trying out the new daemons and I ran against a Tau player I have played against previously. Previously, I had won most of our games by virtue of the Tau codex being a fairly “meh” book. Long story short, even with amazing luck on the Warpstorm table, I got trounced pretty damn hard. I am trying to like the new book as some other players who play daemons have had great success with it…I just refuse to purchase a ton of new models for my army. 😛

Onto the nuts and bolts…

I ran-
herald of tzeentch with ML2, Grimoire, and disc
Herald of Nurgle with FNP
Herald of Khorne with Greater Ether Blade and Warp Breath
Masque of Slaanesh
Sorcerer of Tzeentch with Force Axe, LC, ML3, MoT, Sigil of Darkness, Spell Familiar

16 Bloodletters
13 Plaguebearers
10 Plaguebearers
10 CSM w/ 2 Meltas in Rhino

3 Screamers

Soulgrinder of Nurgle with Phlegm and MoN
Predator w/ AC, HB, Havoc Launcher

He ran Some Tau commander with Cyclic Ion Rifle

2×12 Firewarriors
6 Firewarriors
6 Pathfinders
2 Barracudas
2 Hammerheads

2×3 Crisis suits w/ Melta/Plasma (whatever the Tau call it)

So….here is some issues with MY list.

Rhino= Capacity of 10. 10 CSM. 1 Sorcerer. Yeah, didn’t think of this when I built the list. Footslogging 10 man CSM unit with rolling cover. D’OH!

Dakka preds are great in my CSM force with a plethora of anti-tank (havocs, oblits, melta and plasma out the wazoo). The Dakka Preds work well against the infantry blobs but the tri las would have been better and the dakka pred was fundamentally a bad a idea for this list.

Masque=Great. Masque without icon support= Masque that scatters 11 inches behind the enemy and has no cover to hide behind. Masque with an ADL to hunker down behind would be much handier.

List was 1500

So, long story short the T3 bloodletter never made it there. Hell, the FIRST T3 squad died, then I rolled 12 on the warpstorm table, got 11 more, deepstruck FORWARD of where the original squad was, then THEY got gunned down. So bloodletters are an interesting choice. Find it odd that they are more expensive than the other troops with the T3, 5++, 1 attack base, and lack of anyway to get into combat quickly. They are about on par with the other troops. The plaguebearers suffered an immeasurable amount of fire and just hunkered down. In cover as objective squatters the FNP herald was not really necessary and the 70 points could have been saved or used elsewhere. The Screamers with a herald was great. I have tried pink horrors and I found them terrible. Thus I traded my horrors for some flamers a friend had as a surplus. I hope to build an anti-tank jet-bike squad to zip around with and misfortune the bejesus out of things. Woohoo. They are a keeper. They tore through a Hammerhead then took out 3 of the 6 tau firewarriors in the small squad, then killed 10 of the 12 firewarriors from another squad. They ARE a keeper. The Herald of Khorne is nice, but getting there is again an issue. The soul grinder is nice, but pricey with the current loadout. I attempted to assault with him but he got whacked with a meltashot to the face on overwatch.

So, I liked the CSM compliment. The power armor and dedicated transports, even with me having to footslog them 6″ at a time. The predator earned back it’s paltry 107 points, however a tri-las predator would have served better to simply punch through the hammerheads. Oblits would also be an impressive addition, especially in conjunction with the grimoire for a 2++. After playing the daemons I feel I will gradually allow my CSMs to emerge as more and more of a dominant force in my armies as they become more painted.

Well, thanks for reading,

Servants of the XVII legion face off against the Tau

So I have started to establish my fledgling word bearers force, which will be eventually definitively labeled either a host number under the direct command of my dark apostle or soldiers of the quillborne, a division of the word bearers chapter. That said, I put together a list that was the following…

He ran Tau with Eldar allies. From what I remember, his list looked like this

Farsight w/ 2 crisis suits with him all w/ melta/ plasma
The avatar of khaine

5 dark reapers
12 Eldar pathfinders
5 or 6 tau pathfinders
3 x 12 tau fire warriors (one with a devil fish transport)
3 crisis suits w/ melta/plasma

So we rolled up a mission and did the basic mission of crusader with 5 objectives. Our table was a ruined city with a few mysterious stuff. My warlord (the apostle) rolled up hatred….yep, about useless. Farsighted became a scoring unit for him. I won first turn and deployed, then he did, then I began. This is how we deployed. My sorcerer had iron arm and boon as well as psychic shriek. The thousand sons sorcerer had boom bolt.


Havocs were in the tall structure, the rhinos had the thousand sons with both ICs and the other was the CSM squad. The Oblits flanked my rhinos and cultists held the objective at the bottom of the tall building.

First turn I didn’t get my preferred half so I got the plague bearers and the screamers. Dropped in under the snipers with the plague bearers and near the broadsides with my screamers. Put thee wounds on the avatar with the Oblits and didn’t really do much else. through boon I got hammer of wraith.


He turned around and peppered my Havocs with his dark reapers. This resulted in only one death but also putting them on the ground. He also put a wound on an Oblit and blew up the rhino with the thousand sons in it, killing I believe one of them.


Turn two I got the masque and flamers in. I used the masque to yank his dark reapers down by forcing them to jump off the building (nne died from the fall 😦 ). However, it put them in a handy clump next to the Avatar…at which point the Oblits were only too happy to oblige them with a barrage of plasma cannon fire, wiping the squad and killing the avatar. The flamers dropped just enough to fire and destroy the fire warriors on the second floor leaving only carbine armed pathfinders on his right flank to contest my forces. On the left side I swung around and destroyed the lone broadside with my screamers. The boon gave my sorcerer another hammer of wraith roll.


His crisis suit squads arrived they dumped plasma and melta fire into my Oblits killing one and wounding another. Snipers fired and killed one or two thousand sons. He maneuvered his fire warriors away from the screamers. Another fire warrior squad fired and dropped one or two flamers.


Top of three saw my plague bearers assault his transport and put a hull point of damage on it. The screamers maneuvered to also attack the transport but I don’t believe they had the range to assault it. The Oblits dumped meltagun fire into the crisis suits killing the shield drone. The terminators came in and dropped next to Farsights unit. I pulled the units closer to my infantry and shoved the invuln saves in Farsights unit to the back. I smacked Farsights unit with boom bolt and then psychic shriek, followed by inferno bolters. Two survived which were then gunned down by the three combo-meltas from the terminators. The Oblits and the masque assaulted the remaining three crisi suits, killing one and the crisis suits killed one of the Oblits. My flamers jumped over and wiped out a second squad of fire warriors.



His turn he dumped out his fire warriors and fired into the plague bearers. He killed five of them. The snipers killed or wounded something that escapes me. His pathfinders fired their carbines and killed a flamer. The transport then booked it away from combat to the other side of the ruins the snipers were on. During the assault phase the remaining Oblit and masque killed off the last crisis suit.

My fourth turn the masque pulled the pathfinders out of cover and they were blasted by the older fire from the thousand sons and an assault cannon from the Oblit. The plague bearers and screamers assault the last fire warrior squad. One plague bearer dies from over watch but the screamers and plague bearers kill all but two. The last two break and are swept. The chaos space marines move about to fire on the transport. The auto cannons fail miserably to do anything.
He proceeded to fire without huge impact with his snipers.


My fifth turn the snipers are assaulted by the screamers and plague bearers. They stick in combat though his turn due to some meh rolling. A screamer does die to overwatch fire. The chaos space marines move up to the remaining transport, getting ready to disembark to destroy it. His fifth turn the close combat ends and his transport fires at the rhino putting a hull point of damage.


My sixth turn begins and his last two models remain…the transport and a gun drone. The gun drone has the flamers swoop down and attack it. The chaos space marines dump out of the rhino and finish off the pesky devil fish with melta fire to its flank, a krak grenade, and a snap fired auto cannon.

I attempt on turn seven (as we had a turn 7 as he had not started a turn without anything yet) running for the other objective with my CSM. They ran one inch…they must have been tired from sitting in a rhino all game…


Overall, awesome game against one of my favorite opponents.

Few things-
On paper, 4 Havocs with auto cannons are much better than 3 marked Oblits as they are dirt cheap. And half the cost. However, while I can get 8 for the same cost as 3 Oblits, the Oblits did 5-6 times the work. Few things- mobility allows moving and shooting which is huge! Also, the 2 wounds, 2+/5++ means that for the enemy to KNOW he is bringing them down he has to commit some serious resources. Because of the low number of models, forcing lots of saves with those large blast weapons is tough. They are also versatile because they can walk or deep strike.

Flamers and screamers- yep, just as gross as we have all heard.

Chaos space marines- good solid unit, but I under utilized them. He had little shooting by turn 3 and I should have disembarked them and started firing earlier. I need to remember, that while they don’t have terminator armor and are often vulnerable to many things, they don’t have my customary 5+ save and so are a bit more solid.

Psyker powers continue to impress me, however I need to focus my sorcerers intent more.

Overall, I like the list and will develop it more.

Thanks for reading,

Blood for the blood god!!!!

So the other night I played against an experienced elder player at my FLGS. We ran a mission called the long haul. Primary mission is objectives, for our game 2. I placed mine, he placed his, he picked side, I opted to let him go first. our game was 1750 pts.

I ran-
2 thirsters w/ unholy might, one with blessings

5 crushers with icon and rending

2 x 8 bloodletters
16 bloodletters w/ icon and rending

2×8 hounds w/ rending

Soul grinder with phlegm

From what I remember, he ran-

The scorpion Phoenix lord
Some tau crisis HQ with 2+ armor and 2 shield drones

2 x 5 pathfinders
10 fire warriors in devil fish

3 D cannons
Fire dragons
A crisis suit with bunch of melta guns

Aegis defense line with quad gun

So he set up his pathfinders and the fire warriors behind the defense line about mid way up his deployment zone. He then infiltrated the d-cannons, the Phoenix lord, Eldrad, and the tau HQ making for a big slow and purposeful barrage death star. he kept his fire warriors in their transport and put that and the hammerhead to one flank.

I opted to go heavy. I elected to go heavy with the crushers, one squad of hounds, the soul grinder, and both bloodthirsters. I made my preferred half and was ballsy and deep struck my stuff in his deployment, mostly behind his defense line. Mis-happed with the grinder which went into strategic reserves. Everything scattered at least 8 inches (my scatter die has hated me my last like 6 or 7 games!). All in all, I ended up with a lot of pressure on his flank. His first turn of shooting resulted in one wound on each thirster and both still flying.

Overall, because I forgot to take pictures, I will hit the highlights. It was a great game and bloody. My flank attack finished off the pathfinders, and fire dragons, the hounds were really my mvps of this game killing the hammerhead, fire warriors, and holding up against the Phoenix lord for a few turns. Killing his troops early and leaving him in the open while I gutted his soft position helped immensely. From then on he was fighting for a tie on primary. I dropped in and took my own objective with troops in cover, and held them there.

I have run afoul of this annoying d-cannon slow and purposeful bit before. Flanking it with 2+/4++ saves with fortune is equally obnoxious especially when he has fortune and all T7 against shooting. I won’t lie, I imagine that Eldar powers will lose fortune in their new book when it comes it someday…and there will be lots of tears. Until then, the lack of AP2 continues to plague me. A single dude with a 2+ should not be able to handle a full squad of crushers and hounds and not take a single wound. Regardless, I pulled a solid win, by killing more elites, having more stuff in his deployment, and holding more objectives. Fun game, but same problems arise as always.

Thanks for reading,


Blades vs. Bullets: The Red Tide squares off against the Tau

Ok, it’s late so this one may be shorter than most…but will still have lots of pics!

So the other night I played against a guy from my FLGS who opted to play Tau.  We played the same Safeguard mission from last week (check last batrep for actual mission link).

I ran the same list as before.

He ran (this is from memory mind you…)

2 Hammerheads

HQ squad with crisis suits

squad of crisis suits

squad of broad sides

I think 4 squads of Firewarriors

a squad of gun drones

and some stealth suits


I opt to go heavy again with 2 bloodthirsters, a squad of hounds, and 2 squads of crushers.


Well…after deepstriking things went poorly for me.  He managed to all but obliterate my first wave…


Got in a replace the huge losses from turn 1.

Well, got in a squad of bloodletters, the daemon prince, and the soul grinder turn 2.  Luckily, this is where things turn around.  He pours an insane amount of fire into the bloodcrushers (smaller unpainted squad) and doesn’t quite kill them.  I of  course do nothing my turn 2.  On his turn, he brings in his gun drones (which deepstrike, not outflank mind you).

He nicely handled the bloodletters...the crushers held out though.

So, my soulgrinder assaults the gun drones (which happily stick around until his turn so my soulgrinder can’t get destroyed) and I destroy the hammerhead with my DP.  I now have started to get some momentum against this gunline!

Finally destroyed that damn hammerhead!

During his turn, he pops a few shots into the DP and crushers putting some hurt on them but he does finally kill the 2 crushers holding on for dear life.  I also break his drones and they flee and manage a “5” for consolidate towards his crisis suits.

During my turn I will run towards him with my soulgrinder and lock up his HQ unit…This was a HUGE mistake due to the invulns.  I should have just gone and taken out the crisis squad and the hit the broadsides the following turn.  Instead I got locked up for the rest of the game and he only failed three saves of way more than that.  Damn, poor target choice on my part.

I assaulted the HQ squad because it was closer.  I should have taken my chances and assaulted the farther normal crisis squad).

I also swing the hoard on his flank around the corner and use the crushers as rolling cover.

Because crushers are big enough to give even my DP a cover save!

The DP ends up assaulting and destroying a squad of fire warriors, the bloodletters never make it into combat, the crushers die from bullets and the hounds lose an assault to FIRE WARRIORS! It was a sad day…Saves were not my thing I guess, but rolls to hit were pretty good so when I DID make combat I was in good shape…Until he made 4/4 armor saves. 😦

It ended up me thinking I had lost 13/18.  Upon reviewing the game to write this report I realized I had won 18/13 (I switched secondary and tertiary objectives, putting KPs as secondary when we discussed who the winner was…)

We split the primary as neither objective was ever even activated (+8 for both).  I had bloodletters in his deployment while he had no scoring units in mine +10 me) , and he clearly got the kill points (+5 him).  Thus, 18/13 me.  Overall, he got the satisfaction there of winning, but when it comes to the stats for record keeping this one gets penciled in as a “win” (Pyrrhic as it may be 😛 )


Overall, this list is a blast to play but has a good number of issues.  Due to the concept of the list it may be set aside for the hobby tournament as comp will be a large factor and when it comes to rubrics, running doubles of everything (a core concept behind “fire and ice” army) it get’s hammered pretty damn bad.  HOWEVER, it may be time to dust of the minions of Nurgle who are very nearly complete already and will score a 70 without any bonus points from the judges and given the restrictions in the codex for god based heavies I imagine it will get a perfect 80.  Now time to finish up the DPoN I have been working on scratch building for so long now…


Thanks for reading!,