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Warfare…2k vs 40k and how are things different?

So this is a point of discussion at my FLGS.  What’s realistic?  What makes sense?  Blah blah blah..  So let’s look at warfare in the 40th millennium and compare it to now.



Today, attacks are conducted as such:Now this is simplified.  But there are several key elements: Suppression, Overwhelming fire (aka “fire superiority”), maneuver, and coordination.

NOW, this is NOT simply a comparison.  Here I will discuss, how do you PULL THIS OFF with a 40k unit, or what would a similar flanking attack look like?  It will make some pretty hefty assumptions, but work with me here.  The squad attack diagram also makes hefty assumptions.  It’s a frame.


40k Attack


So does 40k work the same way?  No.  However, the basic concepts remain similar.  This is countered by a larger element, better weapons, etc.  Also it can be countered by different armies.  But a doctrinal basis is the first thing to have in developing a strategy.  I have found that I win often playing “by the seat of my pants” but it is becoming tougher to win with balanced lists this way.  Obviously this is scalable.


Well, thanks for reading.  Will discuss different elements of comparison later.