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Preparing for the standoff…

Another post, though they are coming slowly again. The painting of the possessed CSM worked and now I have been painting regularly. While nothing exciting painted lately, I have made progress. Another 5 man squad is nearly complete, I have largely completed a rhino while basing another 3. I have made some progress on my remaining 25 infantry and have laid down the base color scheme for my raptors.

However, a forgeworld order looms on the horizon before my local FLGS big tournament. I will be getting a contemptor dread, some arms (to include dual butcher cannons) and a second thing. I am torn on this as I have two options: a storm eagle gunship or a sons of Horus squad (10 reavers and a command squad). Both area about the same cost, so that is not an issue. The infantry looks really cool and you can never have too many CSM infantry. Twenty CSM blocks are amazing! Plus, as i have really enjoyed the black legion supplement, the sons of horus contemptor and infantry (will be chosen) will work really well for both aesetics and fluff. However, the storm eagle with multi-melta serves the purpose of getting close and also acts as anti-air, something that I have needed. The downside is that I have heard it is miserable to assemble, often has multiple defects, and at the end of the day is 12 AV that has to hover to disembark that costs 240+ points with the ability to assault no earlier than turn 3 and possibly turn 5. With growing interceptor and skyfire units out there it seems like the occupants would be in serious trouble. So that is my final choice to make.

So, my Standish Standoff list is not done yet, so I have sectioned up my models into desired goals and this is where I am at-

Huron- based, and assembled. Needs to be painted.
Jump sorcerer- mostly painted, need to work on horns and spikes (need to get better first)
Foot sorcerer- based and assembled and base highlights- about 50% done.
Dark Apostle- 100%
Warpsmith- 40%

Terminators(5)- assembled
Thousand sons (breacher marines)(10)- assembled.
Chosen (10)- based and assembled, basic color scheme done, some basic details- 40%
Possessed(5)- 1 is 100%, 4 are primed…so, 20%?

Cultists- I use Skaven clan rats. Small, hunched over, they wear ragged clothes and metal armor…oh yeah, that screams word bearers or word bearer successor chapters. I have 35 painted.

CSM troops (30)- these are basic CSM power armor bodies. They can be run as chosen as well. All and all, I am about 60-65% done with the lot of the.

Raptors (10)- since these guys are largely black with red stripes, they are mostly complete. They need highlights n the black and to do the weapons, 50%?
Warptalons (7)- fully painted, used these guys last year.

Oblits (3)- i have two squads of 3. One is still being built, but I will likely use the green painted ones that I purchased painted from a friend if I use Oblits.
Predator (3)- one is 80%…two are 40%.
Havocs(9 – two weapon sets). I have 4 auto cannon Havocs mostly painted sans weapons. The forgeworld auto cannons do not want to seat on the CSM or SM post heresy backpacks.

Rhinos- (6) one is done, 3 more are based red. The last one or two will be painted black and gold like black legion rhinos. One predator may be that way as well. Well, black and gold or green and gold like sons of Horus.

All in all, it seems like I have very little done. ..mainly because I have HORRIBLE painting ADD and I was thrown off because GW changed all their paints and all my layering changed because the paints don’t marry up perfectly…and trust me, you can tell the difference, I have also gone from a darker red to a based brighter red and wash with green to make a darker red with natural bright red high spots. Thanks to ShinyRhino from ThinYourPaint who suggested using green to darken red as opposed to black or darker red. However, once I nail down a list I will be closer than I appear. I can say that the jump sorcerer will likely make the cut, chosen as well. Raptors and rhinos are also likely to be present.

Well, thanks for reading,


Ramping up for the Standish Standoff

23 Days to go!
Ok, Got 23 days (including today) to go until the standish standoff.

Got a LOT of work as I have finalized my list. Ok, so I have work to do on damn near everything, from touch ups, to basing, to final details and highlights, and even a bunch of omg get to painting right now! models.

Finished assembling my new plague bearers tonight, the new GW plastic kit. Gotta say say, I LOVE these models. By far my favorite daemons and will be investing in more and more and more of these as time goes by. Awesome kit!

finished putting together my last two warp talons. Now to paint the rest of my army, finish up my soulgrinder for the competition, and redo my display board.

Thanks for reading,

22 Days to go!

Got the base coats and primary layers done on my new plaguebearers and all of my Warp talons. Actually got quite a bit to go. Pics tomorrow night or Saturday morning on progress.

Thanks for Reading,

What to run, what to run, what to run.

So I played my mono-Khorne list. It is a theme of cold and hot, and it really is not far from completion (I mean, still have a thirster, but the model count is less for sure). It is by far a more impressive list as well and tons of fun to play. However, a 100% converted army is also quite impressive and turns heads and is also fun to run the big guns (oh, and I will be going back to the deathstrike). So what do I do?

Well, BOTH WILL BE PAINTED. The question is, which do I focus on? I don’t have time to build a nice board, finish all the models, and do all the real life stuff I have going on in addition all before the Novembe tourney.

I am leaning towards the daemons, but a lot really depends on a) new edition and b) new codex for daemons (keeping those fingers crossed!!!). A new Daemon book would seal the deal, but I doubt that DAEMONS will get a book until early to mid next year (if at all). The new edition may also radically change how everything works and a mono-Khorne list is completely impractical (because we all know that I build lists based on balance and practicality…).

The downside of the IG skaven is, frankly, lack of funds. I have all the models for my daemons with a few minor conversions. The IG still need lots of things, and LOTs of conversions still (everything from pistols on belts to turrets finished for tanks and guns). So, as my FLGS runs 2 hobby events a year (well this year they will be), I feel that it may be a better idea to bench the IG or possibly just bench the daemons.

Regardless, what does the community feel? Should I run my newer force, continue to drive on with it and finish painting it or work on it here and there and finish after November in leiu of building my Khorne force to a high standard?