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A perfect storm…of artillery.

So I show up last night at my FLGS to play a game with 1850 guard army that i had run the previous week. however, my opponent only had 1455 points so I ended up dropping:

The armored crew compartment from the basilisk
Camo cloaks from command squad
Missile launcher squad
Plasma pistol from the sgt of 1st squad
2 psykers (1 from each PBS)
Devil dog

Think that was it. Well, he ran

squad of 5 wolfguard
ven. dread w/ assault cannon
Dread with TLLC

3 grey hunter squads with meltaguns/plasma guns

think that was about it.

So a foot army with almost no armor against an artillery army? Well this was starting to be bed for him.

Also it was his 6th game. Not as crippling as one might think, he had played in a previous tournament and come out pretty good.

So we rolled a random mission. It was KP (Not bad, I fielded 11, he fielded 9) but it meant I could gunline it on the back edge.

Then he rolled deployment. Dawn of War. Well, that was bad for him. Looking back, I should have just shifted it to pure pitched battle, but I didn’t. Then I rolled to deploy first.

SOOO, I take my vets, my infantry platoon (I love that they deploy as a single choice) and the lord commisar.

Ok, I am now going to skip the details, get to the end. By the end of turn 4, he had I think 9-12 models on the table. He had killed 6 models (4 vets, 2 guardsmen). The game had been stacked from turn 1 and I knew it. He had to walk 48″ through 3 lascannons, 3 pieces of artillery, 2 PBS, and should he get close he would have to face 4 melta guns, a heavy flamer, and a hail of flashlights. Ultimately, he never crossed the 24″ line with any unit save the the wolfguard. Turn 4 he said he had had enough.

He told me afterwards he had learned a lot, and was glad he played which made me happy to hear. He plans to add rhinos, long fangs, and some speeders to his force which will help him a lot.

Overall, had a great time. Looking forward to this Saturday!

Thanks or reading,


Soldiers of Cordos fight the Soldiers of Russ


So last night I paired off against a SW player at my FLGS. I was running my rat list which is here  The lord commisar was with the blob of 3 guardsmen.  Ironically, they never had a cover save the whole game…fail.

My opponent was running:

1 rune priest with jaw/hurricane

5 thundercav with SS

3 squads grey hunters (2 in rhinos)

Land speeder

2 preds (AC/LC)

We opted to play a mission for an upcoming tournament he is playing in, my FLGS April Assault.  We opted to play  Target Priority.

We roll off to see who goes first, I do but he wins the objectives.  The objectives are placed along almost the center line, neither side having a disadvantage. or advantage.

I deploy with the PBS flanking my elements, the the command squads in cover near the blob, the blob in plain sight (bad move on my part), the vets behind some LOS cover, and the mortars out of LOS in the back of the table.  I hung back from the front of my deployment zone to deny him that turn 1 assault if he got a 6 on his fleet.  Thus he ended up deploying rhinos in front of the thundercav and with his preds flanking this mass of steel and iron.  I held my bane wolf in reserves to outflank and infiltrated my snipers into some area terrain surrounded by a river (natural defenses…hells yeah!).


So the first three turns were hugely in my favor.  I destroyed the land speeder, put 4 wounds on the thunder cav pinning them 2 of the first 3 turns, destroyed a rhino, damaged his central pred and generally was a pain.

Then Turn 4 happened…

Then he got close enough to assault with his flank on my right.  The damn grey hunters tore through the PBS AND vets before I managed to kill the rune priest and then force a morale check on the grey hunters.  luckily he rolled an 8, keeping him within 6″ of my blob stopping him from rallying.  In the end he held more objectives than I did, so he took that as the game ended on turn 5.  We tied for KPs (primary) and I took the tertiary as I killed all his HQ and he killed none of mine.  It ended up with a minor win for him, 20-15.


The damn thundercav, his 430 point unit, was shut down. The. Whole. Game.  They moved twice.

That said, I learned a few lessons.

1. If my 30 man blob has stealth, USE IT!

2. Spread out the PBS laterally to allow me to get out of hood range if need be as well as to ensure LOS.

3. Debating dropping the deathstrike, using manticore.  Will get 4 turns of firing a slightly less effective weapon with some horrid coverage with the D3 large blasts.  However, going to finish the deathstrike then try it again.  It may be angry at me for running an unfinished model…

4. Ratling snipers + PBS = Awesome.  With no storm shields, and always wounding on a 4+, it makes the PBS the perfect unit to hammer those deathstar units (barring them being fearless).  We’ve all seen them: Hammernator squads, Thundercav, hell Terminators  in general, PALADINS, large guardsmen blobs, etc. etc. etc.  Combinations such as these, or PBS + Mortars, or PBS + Deathstrike/manticore are seminal combinations for my army and continue to prove themselves in my list.  His army, as a whole, suffered repeated pinnings throughout the game.

5. Vox caster- I should model these on the rats.  Would have been nice, failed orders 3 times on a ld 9 makes me think these might be a GS project of the future.

6.  As the banewolf has scout and a blast template and is fast, I could have cranked it 18″ up the table and tore force a target priority issue early on.  Outflanking the banewolf when I was going first was a mistake.


really, I messed up a few key points, but with a wonky list built around pinning checks and one of my earlier IG games I feel I held my own against, while not a competitive SW list by any means, still SW with grey hunters and thundercav that force those tough target priority decisions.


Thanks for reading,


Team Tourney Wrap-Up

So yesterday I played in a team tourney at my FLGS and was paired up with Thor form Creative Twilight. I played Daemons and he ran his CSM. My list was

Chariot of Tzeentch
8 Crushers
12 Bloodletters
15 Daemonettes
6 Nurglings
Soul Grinder

He had-
sorcerer with lash
Plague Marines
Greater Daemon
3 Oblits

Think thats everything.

So game 1 was objectives as secondary and KP as primary. We played against Orks and IG. No idea what they had, but they had a bunch of lascannons, a bunch of ork boyz, Kans, Sentinels, some ork bikers, hydras, vendettas, and a bunch of guardsmen. oh…and nobz with a war boss in a battle wagon w/ def rolla.

This game I got my non-preferred half. This is a trend that would not break for the rest of the day. long story short, we just couldn’t make rolls. The battle wagon got to us and the nobz assaulted the CSM held section and things went to hell from there. Didn’t get the crushers in till the turn before the last turn and so they killed a blob of 26 boyz. The masque and lash sorcerer threw the boyz back again and again but eventually they got to us. Once they had closed the ground, we were screwed. Game over. We got 1 point, they got 34. Rough start.

Next we played a GK and Dark Angel list. beautifully painted models, I was simply amazed by the weapon painting on the GKs and the amazing armor work on the terminators. It was a belial death wing list (Dreadnought, Belial, and I think 5 squads of TH/SS terminators) and the GKs had a squad of strike marines, a squad of purifiers, a libby, Dread knight, and a vindicate. Oh, and a storm raven. We went first, i put in my non-preferred half, and we shot some stuff up. The daemonettes died to the dread knight who got bogged down to the nurglings for the rest of the game. Lash and Pavane were key in this game as they kept on chucking terminators back allowing us to deal with them a bit at a time. Tough to kill for sure though and we ended up with a minor win with us having 20 to their 15. Great game though against some guys from about 2 hours away, hope we made their trip worth it!

Last game was against Space Wolves and Nids. A plus of knowing you are no where near the top table, you can really have fun that last game (I have lots of experience with the bottom tables 🙂 ) So we stole the initiative and went first. Got my non-preferred half again. The space wolves were running all pods (except for a long fang squad) and the nids opted to outflank everything (gaunts, 2 x 10 gene stealers) so he deployed a Fly-tyrant and 3 hive guards. Turn two I managed to get in the crushers and they killed the tyrant. Due to LOS issues, the long fangs were very limited on targets. Again, lash and pavane were handy, allowing us to manipulate the table a little bit. The crushers would go on to kill some gaunts, and the chariot actually killed the long fangs. The CSM took the brunt of the beating this game. (Game two he had lost I think 2 rhinos and 2 plague marines and I lost everything but the masque and some nurglings). He was getting hammered by the SW pods while I ran around the table getting objectives and harassing the rear elements. This was the FIRST game where the game has covered the ENTIRE table. No area was without soldiers due to the copious deep striking. In the end, we pulled away with 28 points to 3 with us winning. In my opinion, funnest game of the day, and still a close game all the way until the end.

Overall, any day I get to play 3 games against opponents that I enjoy playing against I consider a win. I know I had a blast, hopefully my teammate did as well as my opponents. Biggest take away for me was the lethality of 8 crushers. Having the extra 4 (at a cost of 160 points) was worth it and is something I will field again.