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“Man I suck at GS’ing”

“Man, I suck at GS’ing” or “Wow, I wish I could do that with GS”

Sound familiar? Most people have heard or read this lots. People see a finished product and are amazed at the work and bemoan their own GS ability to replicate good or great work. But they forget one thing…

GS is done in stages, just like painting.

When someone paints a model, they don’t start priming it and go from prime all the way to highlights in a spot, or even really in a single session. No, it is in stages. If you paint like I do (not going to put in all the coats) you likely paint similar to this- Prime, base colors dark, wash dark, base light, wash light, touch ups, details, highlights, final touchups/freehand/ fine details (pupils and such) and fit basing in there somewhere. But many people for GS will go- Mix, apply, shape.

Why is this? I find myself contemplating this as I let the first layer of GS for the objective markers I am scratch building dry. They have the base design, but they hardly are ready to start casting yet! I will have two or three more sessions…and this is for a FLAT 40mm objective.

So when doing GS, think of it as paint. Prime (clean and score), Basics (this is great for getting the shape right), basic texture (start making those texture cuts. Remember, you can wait for it to cure partly to make it a little easier to work with in some respects), then fine details. Keep your layers thin and only mix what GS you need. You can always mix more…you just cant unmix that stuff though.

Then to tie it all together, they have the joy that is liquid GS which works wonders to fill in those obnoxious areas on large builds.

Working in stages also gives you a moment to reflect on work. If you knock it all out at once, you may return and realize you don’t like it as much. With stages you can look at it the next day after the initial shape and say “crap, I don’t like that but I can do THIS to fix it” (insert hobby-ish idea in place of THIS if this were a real situation).

Bottom line is to remember that while GS’ing is horribly annoying at first, it takes practice. Lots of it. I am hardly amazing at it, but I am 100 times better than where I was a year ago. Practice will make you better quickly, especially with bigger projects, and in no time people will be amazed at your “Mad GS’ing skilz”

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