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Almost finished!

So, almost finished the DPoN I have been working on for what seems like ages.  Mind you, this guy has a handful of bitz and is otherwise GS, milput, toothpicks, and of course…RBB.

Yeah, he's a worm.  Allows me to run him with "wings" or not.

So. Much. Green. Stuff…

Will post some better pictures of him.  I still have to complete the base and do the webbing for the other side of the jaw.

The tentacles turned out shorter than I was going to do initially.  I did this largely for model balance.  There are 4 of them, but I may add two much longer ones (sort of like a squid’s ambush tentacles) to have as well to play with and make him look a little more dynamic.  The base will be built up foam and flock, with some clumps of dirt and rocks then painted light brown on the outside and dark brown and black with a gloss finish on the inside to make it look like freshly churned wet earth.  Moss and mold effects to EVERYTHING.  Then some rocks that get pushed up from below as well to cap off the “crater” effect.  I may have a hapless space marine (UMs of course) being somehow in trouble from this guy.

Right now he is a little off balance (not as bad as he looks in the pic, that’s the curvature of the lightbox).  Will likely add some heavy weights to the base to make him quite sturdy and solid no matter what I put him on.

I may also bend the headed tongue to be looking more straight on.


Would love to get comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading!,



No, my Daemon Prince doesn’t bounce…



So we all have our preferred mediums that we work with. Some people really like plasticard and foam. Others like GS and BS. Me…I like GS and rubber bouncy balls (RBB). RBBs are round (obviously) which is a great starting place. Advantages of them include: Great starting shape, easy to work with, tons of different sizes, fairly heat resistant, bond well with superglue, cheap, easy to find (go to a store…go in door….look right/left….go to egg toy machine).

The concept of using them isn’t that odd. Look at people who draw. Many people draw like this:

if you look at the image you will see the head, chest, and arms are series of connected circles.

So what have I done with RBB?

Well to start, my Tzeentch DP (similar to Goatboys over at BoLS)

I have also built the core structure of a Nurgle worm-like DP and I am currently building turrets using them. I have many more plans as I discover more and more the multiplicity of their uses.

People look at you odd however when you say “Under all that GS is a RBB”…then they ask if it bounces. It never fails. They will. Every. Damn. Time. No…No, my DP does not bounce, please put him down.

In the end, it’s a great shape to use, because that’s what any good model starts as…shapes. Unless you can sculpt clay or plastiline laying around, or sculpting resin to cut up, or something to make a base of a model, you build models the same way I do. Gluing stuff together and then using obscene amounts of GS to make details. Same way with RBB. However, GS sticks really well to it so you will want to let it partially cure before touching GS to RBB unless you are exact enough to know that where it hits initially is where it is staying.

thanks for reading!