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Obliterators, Vindicator Shield, Possessed, and More! (Pictures in progress)

So, it’s been a while since I got a good hobby update in.  So, since my last set of pics, I have made some good progress.  First, the painting.  I finished my Predator.  I airbrushed the base, wash, and highlights.  The wash was rough, but worked fine.  I really need to work on my freehand writing though.  I think I may get a caligraphy pen and work with that for fine writing on models as black ink will work well.  If anyone has tips on stylish freehand writing, let me know.

IMG_0822 IMG_0824IMG_0823 IMG_0825 IMG_0826


Bonus points for anyone who gets the Chi-Rho and the term “Under this Sign” Statement.  Fitting, as I play Word Bearers.  The guy on top reminds me of the meme “Drive closer, I want to stab him with my sword!”.  Overall, I like it.  I matches my style and the paint job is solid.  May go back and highlight those black areas with the same scorching streaks that adorn the infantry.

Now, here are the last of the possessed.

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0827 IMG_0828 IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0831

The other four still need their scorching streaks on their black armor, but I really like them.  The combination of all the different colors and textures made them fun and challenging to paint.  They served as an opportunity to practice blades, metal, skin, eyes, teeth, horns, hooves, power armor, wings, claws…yeah, pretty much everything I paint.  I have 4 more to paint and that will finish my possessed squad.

I continued working on the vindicator shield, though making only a little progress.


I have the basics for bits and now I am going to start cleaning it up and blending.  Basically, adding the initial layer, another layer of bits, one more structural layer, then finishing details.

I also have started a project of revamping my terminators.  I wanted something more chaos-ish.  I plan to get the horus heresy terminators for REGULAR (ie-non-aligned terminators).  HOWEVER, I wanted these guys for my chaos lords retinue…this guy:





So, I didn’t want to do tentacles.  I wanted something else.  Partly because while this guy turned out REALLY well, he was a) a royal pain in the ass, b)used a metric ton of bits and GS, and c) there was no way to keep him on a 40mm base and not look awkward.  Now, I am perfectly fine making my bases bigger for very small squads (oblits), characters (my lord or thirster) but for terminators I wanted them smaller and obviously subordinate to this guy.  So yeah, I came up with this idea:

IMG_0836 IMG_0837

Yeah, so he is attached to a goblin spider rear.  I used a possessed head, though I am not sold (it’s just on a ball of GS as a mount).  But I really like how it came out.  It still needs some GS work (the bottom of it is hollowed, the joining area and the leg bases, plus the areas around the underarms).  But yeah, this is something that I think when the lord and retinue are on the table, they will draw a good bit of attention.

Lastly, my second oblit is ready for GS.  I wanted a dynamic pose on this guy, so I came up with this.  He is the exact same size as the other one (so much larger than a normal terminator) but he is more reared up in a striking pose so looks taller.  Excited to get this guy done and then one more.  It’s the kind of squad that people really like seeing on the table.

IMG_0838 IMG_0833 IMG_0834 IMG_0835

He still has to get some more bits after the GS work, but most of the primary bits are done.  GS work will be daemonic flesh, cabling, skulls, and the joints of the legs.  This guy has less complicated legs than the other one and thus will take more effort in the post-production phase.


Hey, would love comments and suggestions!


Thanks for reading!,




Oblit WIP

So I decided to do something different than the standard black reach conversion for my Oblits. I opted for a terminators version of a defiler. I used GS to make the legs and claw, going for a crab look. This is what I got my first attempt, with a basic paint job on it,





Well…I liked him, but the legs lacked the level of detail that I wanted and seeing that the legs were a huge part of the model, they had to be detailed. He also had the major issue of not fitting onto a 40mm base, his stance was way to wide. So I had to in part abandon the defiler look alike concept as it would take a 60mm base and frankly deep striking squads of 60mm bases I s often tough. So I was gonna have to go with a taller, narrower approach.

So my plan was to use tyranid warrior scything talons. After looking at them, they looked a little too small. Thus I opted to buy both them and mawloc scything talons. I know, I know. MC scything talons are gonna be friggin huuuge. Well, they were but I only used part of them. I used GS to help attach the talons. I used four mawloc scything talons for the back four legs and the warrior scything talons for his front two legs. I used the cartilaginous material between leg parts to build up his gun arm below the pad. I used an ork custom power klaw for his power fist to make it look more similar to the defiler or soul grinder claw. so I got my bitz and went to town. This is what I cam up with. I added two back and two front, and disliked it so I added two middle legs. I like this option more after it finished, and I really like the look of the power klaw with the terminator armor.







His gun arm is not glued, and he needs some more banners, green stuff detailing, spikes parts, and chaos-ish symbols and skulls. Overall, his torso looks more like a defiler than I figured he was gonna, his legs ended up looking really good in my opinion as well. The next one will have a different stance to vary it up. I am going to magnetize a spot on his back to put god symbol icons.

Overall, I like the progress thus far. Would love to hear comments concerning the work thus far.

Thanks for reading,