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Painter’s ADD

Oh my, I never realized how bad my painter’s ADD was.  Until I have about half dozen projects that are all going at the same time.  


Blood Thirster

Flaming Chariot



Chaos Contemptor Dread

Possessed CSM

Oh…plus a plethora of other stuff that hasn’t even begun or I just have a solid plan for (for example, I have an exalted chariot that I worked on but the only thing I like about it are the seekers but the metal chariot is just boring looking)…

I am closest to done on the Mutilators I think, then the Thirster, then about 30-50% on the rest.  Ugh.  I need to pick a project, crank through it, and then finish it and move on.  Here are the pics of the works in Progress

The Bloodthirster:



I still need to detail the steel, highlight the leather, work his face, claws, hooves, wings, and finish the bone plate on the shoulder.  


Blood Slaughterer:



I worked on the brass last night.  I still need to highlight the brass, work on the cabling, and paint the steel on the joints (I think the joints are all going to be steel colored).  Currently he doesn’t have a base.  Lots of work to be done, but coming along nicely.  I am looking forward to painting all the bodies sticking out of the cabling and the gore I hope to work onto the blade.  

Burning Chariot:



Oblits and Mutilators:


I don’t have any pics of the oblits handy, but they are still a VERY rough WIP.  I have done a little work on these guys (the mutilators) since this point, mainly their bases.

Chaos Contemptor Dread:



This guy has a lot of the basics done, it is a matter of knocking out the highlights on all the brass and black, and working the small details which there are a metric ton of.


Possessed CSM;
My last big thing I have started, though hardly in earnest.



I have actually 5 more assembled and with no paint on them besides primer.  Want to get all 10 done for my CSM army.  I love possessed models and they are really neat in gameplay, especially now that they are troops with the crimson slaughter.  


So, this is what’s on my table and what I am working on.  Now…to figure out what to finish.  Sort of leaning towards the slaughterer.  


Thanks for reading,



Snowy days mean painting…plus a wrap up!

So, lots of pictures of hobby progress for today.  Today, I have been working on the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord.  He’s a cool model I have been figuring out exactly how to paint.  So I finally sat down and said “screw it” and put brush to paint and let it develop.  It ended up looking good and I am happy with it.  It’s not gonna win a painting competition, but it’s something that I think fits my style, I like, and will add to my army.  I am glad to get him painted because I have needed a regular power-armoured HQ model (though I guess I realistically COULD just use a regular old CSM and call him a power armor lord or sorcerer…or really even a Dark Apostle if he has a maul).  I have continued to work on my possessed and mutilators, as well as my CSMs.  I love the possessed…they are terrible in the game, but one of the coolest looking models and a BLAST to paint as they combine the curved smooth parts of cold ceramite armor on textured daemonic skin.  There are eyes and helmeted eye-slits.  Guns, swords, claws, and spikes they have pretty much every texture and surface you could hope for.  I feel vindicated as I hear of others painting models because they like them as a friend of mine, Thor over at Creative Twilight, just posted this article.


So, onto the pictures!

IMGP0131 IMGP0135 IMGP0134 IMGP0133 IMGP0132


I still have to do the tassles on the end of his sword.


My possessed have seen less progress.  The basic color scheme is done for them all with only a single completely finished.



My mutilators have seen a fair bit of progress.  They seem to be in a linear progression when laid out, with one finished, one about 70-80% and the last about 40-50%.

IMGP0137 IMGP0139 IMGP0140


However, I have made a few advancements on my chaos lord of Nurgle.  I like the way this guy is turning out.  Always would love more ideas.  Looking something to make his armor REALLY pop.

IMGP0146 IMGP0141


Lastly, I have spent an abysmal amount of time pounding through power armored dudes.  Here they are, many very close to being done.  HOORAY!!!

IMGP0148 IMGP0149 IMGP0151


Oh, and my warpsmith, who has seen a little bit of washes and a few minutes here and there of work getting him ready for some high and low lights.



Well, thanks for reading.  My CSMs are going along at full speed and I like how they are looking right now.  At first I didn’t like the quartered color scheme en masse, but now I really do.  It sets them apart from many armies.  I continue to like the heat effects on the black portions of the armor.




Dealing with terminators

Terminators. You love them if you play them, you hate them if you play against them. Alas, they used to be a simple thing to deal with in 5th edition for daemons of Khorne. A hell blade would make short work, and an 80-128 point (5-8 bloodletter squad) would handle a squad of non-THSS terminators in a single round.

Fast forward to now. Now there is no I bump from furious charge, no Khorne weapons are AP2, no transports exist to prevent your units from being whittled down prior to the assault, and there are no units of equivalent hardiness (ie- no 2+ saves and very few 3+ saves in the whole codex). Combine that with no long ranged fire support capabilities and it makes it rather tough to handle.

So how do I handle it?

Option a is to utilize flamers and screamers. Both are tzeentch and piss poor in close combat. With their WS 2, the flamers are currently brutal in close combat but as they continue to be very strong people are learning ways to work around them to include assaulting them with a small unit then a larger unit, hammernators still make short work of them, and now dirge casters. The screamers are a great option against elite troop choices but against blobs they simply lack the wounds. To make matters worse, if rumors are true a new daemon codex is in the making and this means that those two wounders are gonna likely be writing on the wall for the fact that daemons may lose universal eternal warrior. Finally…they aren’t my style and if I use them it is in very small numbers, but they don’t match the cannon of my army.

So what now? Chariots maybe? Glass cannons and a welcome addition to my forces but can’t be relied on.

So… To kill those terminators and crack that land raider, what do I use in a mono-Khorne force?



Well, my first idea was the skull taker in Juggernaut. 3 wounds, 5 toughness, I5, S5 rends on 4+ against anything with wounds, 6+ against armor. Rending also causes instant death. Take him and a normal herald in the same squad to avoid the skull taker getting bogged down in a challenge.

However….here is my other plan. Flashy, fun, ultra versatile, offers long range firepower, transport capabilities, and durability.






Mutilators with mark of khorne with lord of khorne with the axe of blinding fury. With a combo bolter, the two weigh in at 355 points and have between 20-26 attacks on the charge. They can rip land raiders to pieces, or butcher terminators. Either way, they pack a punch. In a land raider I can ensure they get to their target. Yeah, the land raider can be cracked open, but that means less high strength shots going at my bloodthirster and crushers.

Yeah, so this is the route I am thinking I will go down currently.

Aside from this, have debated making a chariot of khorne using the new nifty warhammer model


As the chariot moves like infantry anyway,I think it’s fitting.

Well, thanks for reading,