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Lords of War…

So…we have all heard about the impending additions to 40k. Superheavies. Now, FW has released them all, opening the floodgates or, as I see it, Pandoras box. They are out now, reigning this in will be nearly impossible. The hugely imbalanced set of models have been unleashed upon 40k. It’s not even just S D. S10, 10″ blasts or even larger (15″ is the max I think…either way, freakin’ huge!) It’s the money needed to counteract the brutal onslaught. Superheavies will be countered by superheavies. Well, that means that the arms race of 40k has stepped up so now to meet the new threat means hundreds of dollars for a single model vs. 50 or 60 for a new awesome squad.

Aside from this, it changes the entire game. Invuln saves can be cut clean through, AV 14 is no longer the best, and the rapidly disappearing cover saves take another solid blow. Hoardes are now king and having huge numbers of models are the only thing that can save you. Which means armies like deathwing and grey knight lists are doomed. How will they counter titans that can move too fast to catch?

Either way, I feel as if the 40k community has been bombarded by new material. The community is beaten by the torrent and flood of models and codices and now the future for many gaming communities balances on the brink with every avid hobbyist holding their breath for how this pans out.

Ultimately GW has shifted it’s gaming policy from “Here is some for regular 40k, this is how you play 40k” to “Use everything, play how you want with these rules, use what works for your groups” and it will be up to local shops and communities to find balance in their shops. This may work, but the act is sudden and very divisive. It will take a while to pan out and I suspect that when the smoke clears, the tournament scene will be as before: No formations, no superheavies, no fortification complexes. But until then, the best of luck to all of us!

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Could games workshop actually have a plan….what?!

Ok, so we have all seen it if we have been to a 6th edition 40k tournament. Modification of the rules. In 5th, it happened every now and then, but normally we played by the book. We omitted bunkers, but this was a very minor portion of the game at the time.

But now…wow, it seems people refuse to update for some reason. Lets see-

Warlord trait: Yeah, they aren’t gamechanging to plan on. But then again, a smoke launchers aren’t normally either. Think of this as something LIKE a smoke launcher. Given the right role, right board, and right enemy they could be a game changer. Other than that, they just are. Roll a trait and rock it.

Mysterious terrain: Personally I love it. It is encouragement to NOT hangout in area terrain. Now that you can fire after going to ground, guardsmen in area terrain are brutal and tough. Plus, it’s funny. Sorry, it just is.

Now, why do I mention this. GW spent well over a year developing this. This means that a group of people who are intimately aware of GW future plans spent over a third the time most people spend in college building a gaming platform and most gamers seem to think that things like mysterious terrain and warlord traits are not going to be built on.

We have seen the warlord traits already in the new CSM codex. Now all the game shops that banned the things in tournaments have irritated CSM players. What happens when a new Nid codex comes out and a special character can make D3 peices of area terrain mysterious nid terrain that does something…but we did away with mysterious stuff. Or a new Tau codex that allows Kroot to choose mysterious terrain it enters. Adding this stuff back is tough after people get into the swing of not using it. But really, let’s break down WHY people don’t want mysterious stuff:

1- Too much bookkeeping: Really. Who ever says this while playing a game as in depth and complex is just throwing us a straight up line of BS. I would suggest it as they are running a list where they don’t want variables…ie. they don’t want to have to improvise.

2- Makes things unbalanced…ie. Skyfire nexus. THIS IS THE ONLY DAMN ONE I CAN POSSIBLY THING OF THAT IS UNBALANCED!!!! It is a mysterious objective that gives skyfire rules. But to be unbalanced, I have to put that unit so that it is CLAIMING the objective (which means only troops), THEN I HAVE TO ROLL IT, then I have to hit and knock your flyer down and if you stay in range that is your own damn fault. Also, flyer armies don’t have much that has skyfire against them short of other flyers and FMCs. Ironbark COULD be considered unbalanced if the stars aligned just right as well, but hardly reason to remove a rule from the game!

3- It’s useless so why bother: Again, pure laziness here. If you ask me, it adds flavor which is NEVER useless.

4- Setup takes too much time: Ok, this one I can see best out of all. HOWEVER, if your FLGS or someone there gets the mysterious terrain table on a seperate sheet of paper and kept it next to the table you could rock through this phase of setup.

5- It is not consistent and not in keeping with the competitive environment: Ok, for all you competitive folks out there, this game is not designed for tournaments. GW ACTUALLY said that. So why are you making that way. You want hardcore, Alphas competing against Alphas your ass on the line if you dont win, go do any of the eighty million other activities. Play sports, do an eating competition, or hell, join the military where every damn thing is a competition from PT to rifle qualification. Whatever you do, you aren’t gonna get actual consistency in a game based on dice…sorry, won’t happen.

Well, that’s my rant for today.


people out there.

Balance through Budget- GW price hikes and how they compare between armies

So, as I look back over my past tourney list and wonder what went well, what went poorly I realize the money maker was the infantry.  So I sit down and crank the numbers.


SO if I run a normal ‘ard boyz grossness list (2500 points)

If I ran 4 platoons with 4 squads each, each with a melta gun and lascannon that makes 16 melta and 16 lascannons.  Then you add a platoon command squad with 2 plasma guns and a lascannon totaling 8 plasma guns and 20 lascannons now and 4 plasma pistols (platoon leader).  PLUS, each SGT and commissar has a power weapon (1 commissar per platoon) with a powerfist in the platoon command squads added with straken and you have a total of 20 power weapons in the army and 4 power fists, and placed well they all have counter attack and furious charge (because big blogs are easy to string out).  

Add onto this a command squad in a chimera with straken with medic, vox caster, and krak grenades and it leaves you room for 2 PBS with 8 psykers each.  

So now you have an army that can pump out a LOT of anti-tank and if you get within 12″ (so 18″ at the start the guardsmen’s movement) and he can first rank fire, second rank fire that means a whopping 24 lasguns per platoon with 3 shots each totaling to 72 shots.  At BS3, 36 will hit.  If I have to roll a 5 to wound a marine, that means 12 wounds, which then means 4 die.  Since most squads are less than 16, and I didn’t count the lascannons or melta guns, that means that lasguns alone, under 12″, can break a marine squad quite handily and send it packing.  And if you assault it.  Well, you are going to face 20 power weapon attacks PLUS 68 regular attacks.  That’s a lot of attacks, I don’t care who you are.  


SO, to the point.  Nasty huh.  Is it a winner?  *Shrug*.  But it is certainly brutal in my opinion, and it mirrors similar winning lists I have seen of IG.  HOWEVER.


That is 16 squads (less 16 heavy weapon bases, which means 160-32= 128) which comes out to 13 squad boxes.  Plus 4 platoon command boxes (less 4 heavy weapon teams which equals 20-8=12) round up to 3, a chimera, company command box, Straken, 16 PBS guys (blisters of 3) so 6 blisters, and 20 heavy weapon bases (boxes of 3) so 7 boxes.


Let’s add that up shall we?


13*29=377 dollars for the infantry


38.75*7=271.25 for the heavy weapons


4*25= 100 for the command squads

6*15=90 for the PBS




377+35+271.25+15+100+90=888.25 for the army.  That’s a lot. BUT, it’s cheaper if you use tanks (not gonna break it down, but when you spend 50 for a single unit that can cost upwards of 250 points, that’s  a LOT cheaper).  It’s also cheaper to use an army like Grey knights.  Let’s run THOSE numbers shall we?


5*50=250 for 25 terminators/paladins

15 for an assassin

22.5 for a librarian

22.25 for draigo

66 for stormraven

133.5 for 3 dreads

21.5 for techmarine


That’s 530.75 for an army that I am sure goes over 2500 (I just ran the numbers, don’t have the codex).  

So, while that’s still a lot, it’s almost 350 dollars exactly cheaper than the IG option.  


SO, the moral of this story is that budget is also a balancing factor.  So if you are among those bitching that the price of some models have gone up, check stuff like this.  Not saying that’s the reason, but it’s always frustrating to see a guy slap some stuff together he got off the internet for the cheapest cost and run up against veteran players and stomp them because of the army, not because of practice or experience.  That might make it fun for some, but it ruins the time of experienced players who feel that they have built their armies over time to have a balanced force to run across min aramies with only the units to build these lists with.  GW may be trying to counter this by balancing this out, that way you can’t go in and say I am gonna buy the minimum stuff to win and avoid buying over time.  Higher costs prevent army hopping as well, so when a new book comes out 50% of tourney entries aren’t the new book (because the people who USED to play that book often find that annoying).  Higher prices don’t hurt the hobby, they actually help it, forcing people to develop lists and gradually build armies.  I haven’t seen what is going up, but I have heard suggestions that armies such as GK, BA, some codex marine units, SW, and other top tier armies.  Remember, GW has overhead even for the models they don’t sell a lot of, so it makes sense to push a higher price to the models that EVERYONE buys which both makes more money and also serves to possibly balance the community dispersion of armies.


just my 2 cents