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CSM warband

So been thinking of my chaos space marines chapter. I suspect I will go undivided, running a warband of my own making. It will be a chapter from the word bearers legion essentially as I like a lot of the fluff behind word bearers.

The color scheme I am leaning towards is either a half or quartered. However, it will not be the standard 1/2 and 1/2. I’d like to do the division diagnally (not perfectly diagnal, but close. So the greaves and thighs will be opposing colors). I was also debating running a single color scheme and paint markings on the armor.

Fluff behind them is still under construction. I would really like to work in some way of running fallen/converted grey knights, even if their conversion was by simply their souls being enslaved…however, I have to find an example of a forced conversion to chaos beyond Fulgrim for this.

The concept of the army is a force led by apostles. The armies will have one fighty/Killy HQ and one support. This a sorcerer and an apostle would work, as would a lord and warp smith.

For conversions…because really, who likes a stock army!?, are mostly bits swaps. I actually plan to use GK heads for either troops or non-troops. Not sure yet. There will be some dividing line between the “standard” look and everyone else. For pads I plan to use pads similar to terminator per-heresy pads, with the tassels.

So for heads…


And for the shoulder pads


For a name I am thinking knights something or something knights. Was thinking of knights apostate.

*edit* After examining the story of Post-Heresy word-bearers I discovered that the Word Bearers legion was split into 10 Chapters, and only 4 are known. ┬áThus, the CSM I use will be a successor chapter of the Word Bearers. ┬áThe paint schemes that I find myself drawn to are: Harkannor’s reavers (, Sons of Vengeance (, and the split look.

Well thanks for reading, more later,




What to run, what to run, what to run.

So I played my mono-Khorne list. It is a theme of cold and hot, and it really is not far from completion (I mean, still have a thirster, but the model count is less for sure). It is by far a more impressive list as well and tons of fun to play. However, a 100% converted army is also quite impressive and turns heads and is also fun to run the big guns (oh, and I will be going back to the deathstrike). So what do I do?

Well, BOTH WILL BE PAINTED. The question is, which do I focus on? I don’t have time to build a nice board, finish all the models, and do all the real life stuff I have going on in addition all before the Novembe tourney.

I am leaning towards the daemons, but a lot really depends on a) new edition and b) new codex for daemons (keeping those fingers crossed!!!). A new Daemon book would seal the deal, but I doubt that DAEMONS will get a book until early to mid next year (if at all). The new edition may also radically change how everything works and a mono-Khorne list is completely impractical (because we all know that I build lists based on balance and practicality…).

The downside of the IG skaven is, frankly, lack of funds. I have all the models for my daemons with a few minor conversions. The IG still need lots of things, and LOTs of conversions still (everything from pistols on belts to turrets finished for tanks and guns). So, as my FLGS runs 2 hobby events a year (well this year they will be), I feel that it may be a better idea to bench the IG or possibly just bench the daemons.

Regardless, what does the community feel? Should I run my newer force, continue to drive on with it and finish painting it or work on it here and there and finish after November in leiu of building my Khorne force to a high standard?

To be or not to be, comp is the question.

So my FLGS continues to plan future hobby-centric tournament. One sticking point, yay or nay for EVERYONE is comp. So I will now list how I see comp (good, bad, and ugly):


Well, first I will say I support comp. I love the fiction behind 40k, it’s what sets it apart from some other games (not just the codex fiction, but the plethora of other fiction works that support it, literally tens of thousands of pages of work). But that said, I understand it’s not for everyone. So here are my opinions supporting comp-

o Spam. You know it, odds are you’ve played against it, and you either love it or hate it. From my experience, most players may not hate it but it leads to less interesting games. Running against SW or BA Vehicle spam or IG guard/Melta/LC spam, it’s never fun (well, at least for me). Comp shouldn’t really ban this, as some armies REALLY do need to spam to play at least semi-competetively. BUT, I feel comp SHOULD inhibit this behavior. A well designed comp-rubric should limit units/vehicles/transports so that repetition is not seen beyond occasional dublicates.

o “Broken Lists”. Say what you want, some lists are very strong not because of the players. A good example is the “Draigo-Wing” list. Draigo-Techmarine-Libby-Paladin combo in stormraven WILL be an ugly list. Back that up with Psyfleman dreads and a trained monkey could put up a fight with this list against anyone. I have seen reference to an article that suggests that some armies are stronger to give newer players a better chance (because no one likes getting clubbed repeatedly). My issue is when good players run these armies with known lists (Known as “net-lsits”). At hobby events I see lists like these to be cryptonite to the concept of hobby events. you’re not there to beat – face on a bunch of fluffy lists and then go pat yourself on the back. Fun is the key, but one person obliterating three opponents with gross lists endangers three peoples fun time. 3 people having bad games so that one person can giggle because they beat them is not the concept of a hobby event, in my mind. These lists DO have their place, play them at most any tournement. Comp stops these lists, or at least curbs their appearance, with the ability to limit HQ/Troop/Other group ratios. Many net-lists are very elite-HQ-Fast heavy while light on the troops and often incur spamming. Take the Draigo win list. In it’s most common form, it rocks 2 HQ, 2-3 elites (Tech marine and an assassin), 2 squads of paladins, storm raven, and normally as many dreads as they can fit (normally 1-4). This list would be hit heavy under comp/

o Themed lists. Some people come up with some AWESOME ideas, conversions, and themes for armies. These tend to come out of the woodworks when rewarded for it. Some people out there do AMAZING work and I love to have it across the table from me.

Some things suck about comp. period.

o Codex options were published from, really, the past better part of a decade and 2 editions. Some struggle WITHOUT restrictions, and after adding comp they find themselves frustrated that much more…Tau, I’m looking at you.

o New players sometimes only have x,y, and z models. To tell them they can’t use x or z could often mean they won”t show. I am of mixed opinions of brand new players at hobby-centric tournaments. A part of me says that it sucks, let them play their options, but the other part says that they bought x, y, and z because these are the units for “net-lists”. Rarely do you see a new GK player fielding Coteaz, a bunch of mixed henchmen, nameless HQs, things like Exitor assassin, or interceptors. Normally you see Draigo, Paladins, and Techmarines and thus comp limiting this can actually force a new player to explore his own codex more and become a better player rather than leaning on units to play well.

Arguments. Man, I have seen people get super-defensive about comp. It’s a heated subject, and can detract from the overall environment in a community if pushed too hard.

So, these are my opinions on comp. I’m sure most readers will have their own opinions, and I would love to hear them


Cordos History Chapter 1: Subjugation

So I have worked to develop the backstory of the Rats of Cordos. I will eventually compile all of the fluff into a mini fandex and push out for the net to have simply because I know I am not the only 40k player who loves the idea of rats in space… Now bear with me, this is my first time writing fluff from scratch, so there will be missing information, no maps right now, and some of this may be revised or completely redone. :p

The planet of Cordos lies in the outer reaches of imperium space being a civilized world crushed millennia ago by the fleets of the Lord Solar Mecharius. Being abhumans of small stature and no where near the match for the imperial guard’s numbers or technology, the Cordosian rat people fell before the main fleet had dispatched it’s heavy forces, tanks, and artillery. Mecharius was heard to comment that a single regiment could hold the world for a thousand years, and two would forever hold the planet under control. That said, he left an entitled Colonel to lead the two regiments he left behind and to act as planetary governor. That man was COL Jarvich Trazen who was endowed with much more money than ability and had purchased his way through the ranks of the imperial guard. Trazen ruled the planet with an iron fist, mistreating the natives and forcing them to mine the natural stones which seemed to react well with imperial technology allowing the locals to fashion energy weapons, that while crude and heavy, rivaled the imperium technology. The stones had little tactical use to the imperium as they were highly toxic to the touch and exuded a radiation that only the natives seemed to have a resistance to. The stones were exported, as well as mining equipment and press-ganged miners, to keep the planet afloat financially and to meet the imperial tithes and quotas.

The mistreatment went on for hundreds of years until year M ##.### a Cordosian called Veril Longtooth of the Longtooth tribe. Showing both a great understanding of strategy as well as leadership, the ruling Trazen regime took him into the imperial palace as a pet, similar to the taking of a curiously intelligent animal into ones home. This gave Longtooth access to imperial manuals and doctrine documents. He read and learned, smuggling out books and manuscripts that discussed weapons and drill. He discussed strategy at length with the garrison security captain, Captain Norhollme, who divulged sensitive information as he felt there was no more threat from the Cordos natives than there was from a small child. Over the course of nearly eight years, Veril built a resistance force, gathered the weapons, trained the soldiers, and made the plans. The time to strike against the imperium was now…