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Snowy days mean painting…plus a wrap up!

So, lots of pictures of hobby progress for today.  Today, I have been working on the Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord.  He’s a cool model I have been figuring out exactly how to paint.  So I finally sat down and said “screw it” and put brush to paint and let it develop.  It ended up looking good and I am happy with it.  It’s not gonna win a painting competition, but it’s something that I think fits my style, I like, and will add to my army.  I am glad to get him painted because I have needed a regular power-armoured HQ model (though I guess I realistically COULD just use a regular old CSM and call him a power armor lord or sorcerer…or really even a Dark Apostle if he has a maul).  I have continued to work on my possessed and mutilators, as well as my CSMs.  I love the possessed…they are terrible in the game, but one of the coolest looking models and a BLAST to paint as they combine the curved smooth parts of cold ceramite armor on textured daemonic skin.  There are eyes and helmeted eye-slits.  Guns, swords, claws, and spikes they have pretty much every texture and surface you could hope for.  I feel vindicated as I hear of others painting models because they like them as a friend of mine, Thor over at Creative Twilight, just posted this article.


So, onto the pictures!

IMGP0131 IMGP0135 IMGP0134 IMGP0133 IMGP0132


I still have to do the tassles on the end of his sword.


My possessed have seen less progress.  The basic color scheme is done for them all with only a single completely finished.



My mutilators have seen a fair bit of progress.  They seem to be in a linear progression when laid out, with one finished, one about 70-80% and the last about 40-50%.

IMGP0137 IMGP0139 IMGP0140


However, I have made a few advancements on my chaos lord of Nurgle.  I like the way this guy is turning out.  Always would love more ideas.  Looking something to make his armor REALLY pop.

IMGP0146 IMGP0141


Lastly, I have spent an abysmal amount of time pounding through power armored dudes.  Here they are, many very close to being done.  HOORAY!!!

IMGP0148 IMGP0149 IMGP0151


Oh, and my warpsmith, who has seen a little bit of washes and a few minutes here and there of work getting him ready for some high and low lights.



Well, thanks for reading.  My CSMs are going along at full speed and I like how they are looking right now.  At first I didn’t like the quartered color scheme en masse, but now I really do.  It sets them apart from many armies.  I continue to like the heat effects on the black portions of the armor.





New Warband Colors

So, I had some of the Dark Vengeance models sitting around unpainted and so I decided to paint one.  I like how it worked out.  It has essentially molten cracks in the black armor and crimson on the other part.  It is quartered at the waste as I was thinking of doing.  No conversions currently, just wanted to see what it looked like.  I actually really like the paint scheme, but I need to get better at detailing and highlighting black with grey.  Because it is such a pure color, any smudges or “dust” from drybrushing is hideously obvious (see torso picture).


I also am attempting to become a technically better painter as well.  I utilized highlighting on the eyes and the gemstone in the center that, unlike the black and detailing on the black armor, looks better on camera.


Yeah, this was a quick pic, so I didn’t have lights set up and the camera was using it’s flash.  Excuse the shadows please.



Torso Leg Detailing Bright Side Left Side Paint Scheme Front


So, would love to hear suggestions and comments.  Still clearly a WIP for the armor details such as the sword, the backpack (still missing), and things like his mouthpiece on his helmet, touching up the joint backsides, basing, and maybe some extreme highlights on the red areas (built up to my brightest red, might highlight with either orange, or a pale red instead of a bold bright red).

Still haven’t finished the legion icon.  I think the open area of the pad will be split with a zig-zag line, red and black on either side, and with a white or grey icon.  Something knight-ish…maybe a sword and skull.  Something catchy, but simple and, most importantly, repeatable to the original.

Thanks for reading,