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What to run, what to run, what to run.

So I played my mono-Khorne list. It is a theme of cold and hot, and it really is not far from completion (I mean, still have a thirster, but the model count is less for sure). It is by far a more impressive list as well and tons of fun to play. However, a 100% converted army is also quite impressive and turns heads and is also fun to run the big guns (oh, and I will be going back to the deathstrike). So what do I do?

Well, BOTH WILL BE PAINTED. The question is, which do I focus on? I don’t have time to build a nice board, finish all the models, and do all the real life stuff I have going on in addition all before the Novembe tourney.

I am leaning towards the daemons, but a lot really depends on a) new edition and b) new codex for daemons (keeping those fingers crossed!!!). A new Daemon book would seal the deal, but I doubt that DAEMONS will get a book until early to mid next year (if at all). The new edition may also radically change how everything works and a mono-Khorne list is completely impractical (because we all know that I build lists based on balance and practicality…).

The downside of the IG skaven is, frankly, lack of funds. I have all the models for my daemons with a few minor conversions. The IG still need lots of things, and LOTs of conversions still (everything from pistols on belts to turrets finished for tanks and guns). So, as my FLGS runs 2 hobby events a year (well this year they will be), I feel that it may be a better idea to bench the IG or possibly just bench the daemons.

Regardless, what does the community feel? Should I run my newer force, continue to drive on with it and finish painting it or work on it here and there and finish after November in leiu of building my Khorne force to a high standard?


Progress on the tanks

So I sat down and started working on my tanks.  Sick of fielding half-ass abominations, so I started working towards what I wanted.  Still have to get spikey chaos bitz to go on some of the stuff (While the Cordos rats aren’t chaos, they aren’t very friendly either…well, at least not to the Imperium) and these have the appropriate level of gore that I am looking for.


Here is the Griffon:

Still have some GS work around the edges of the car that the rats are mounted on, and want to touch up the bolts (as well as the rats themselves).  The cannon (for those who don’t recognize it, it’s a demolisher cannon) will get some GS work on the sides and at the base to fill in the gaps.  The holes will largely remain empty (might put some rat tails or heads sticking out on some of them however).


Here is some painting done on the devil dog:


Got some washing to do, highlights, then I think I’ll be ready to attach the wheels and start working on the outer pieces!


Lastly, the manticore/deathstrike:

For this, I was looking for something grisly and just downright gruesome.  Something to indicate the importance of the manticore (well, the weapon the rats strapped to a chimera chassis really).  Thus, I felt a pile of bodies on the hull was appropriate.  Well, that’s ALWAYS appropriate in 40K 😀


They don’t look very good now, but after it gets painted it’ll look much better.


Well, that’s my progress thus far.


Thanks for reading, as always love to hear comments and suggestions,


The Rats of Cordos face off against the Ultramarines with their new big guns…

So this past Wednesday, I face off against an Ultramarine Player who normally ran a Kantor Castle style of play.  I figured, before I saw his list, that I knew his list.  However, he was running a vulcan Melta/Flamer list.  My rats survive on cover saves.  This was bad news bears for my list.  But his melta was limited in range, and we were playing Divide and Conquer like I had the previous week.  Lots of area terrain combined with a spearhead deployment led to realize I had to take a dominating lead early or fall under gruesome melta/Flamer fire.

So, I ran the following list:

Company Command Squad w/ Creed and Kell

Lord Commisar w/ Camo cloak and power weapon

2 PBS with 7 psykers each

Infantry Platoon with 3 squads (totaling 2 LC, 1 AC, and 1ML along with 2 MG, 1 GL, and 1 SR) with a commisar

1 vet squad with LC, 2 MG, 1 Heavy Flamer

Devil Dog w/ Multi-Melta


Ordnance Battery w/ Griffon and Colossus

Ordnance Battery w/ Basilisk

He was running (IIRC):

Vulcan He’Stan

Libby in TDA w/ Avenger and Nullzone

5 Terminators w/ 3 THSS and 2 LC in a LR Crusader (the one with Flamestorm cannons spontons)

1 Venerable dread w/ MM and heavy flamer in drop pod

5 man tac squad in Razorback with TLMM (he was running them under the IA Razorback rules which allows TL MM as an option)

5 man tac squad in Razorback with TLMM

10 man tac squad w/ MM and MG

2 Landspeeders w/ MM and heavy flamers

2 attack bikes w/ MM
Yep…that’s a whole lotta melta weapons. 😛  Glad it’s spearhead.

So I win roll-off.  This is our initial setup.

The devil dog had scouted up the center t get that close.  I wasn’t cheating 😀

Turn 1

Again, I knew I had to take the lead early.  He had the drop podded dread and Speeders which would both deepstrike with flamers and melta weapons.  Before I lost tanks, I would want to hammer into his lines.

I fire the manticore first at the LR (immediately regretting putting my devil dog RIGHT next to it basically).  Score 2 hits, 2 pens, and a 6 to damage.  Things were off to a good start.

I then, through the rest of firing managed to kill only a single terminator, kill one bike and put a wound on the other (Wound from something else, and the one dead was from the manticore), stun the right side Razorback (as I am looking at it) as well as immobilized it, and shot at the left razorback with no success from the Devildog…epic fail.  Here is how my turn ended.

He then goes on the offensive, destroys the Devil Dog (not surprisingly so) and starts to maneuver his right side razorback around.  He also drops the dread in and destroys the basilisk’s Earthshaker cannon and a few guardsmen from the heavy flamer.

Turn 2:

Turn 2 saw me stunning the Right razorback and Left Razorback, destroying the dread, and pinning the terminators with the PBS/Mortar combo (Gotta love pinning).  At this point, my opponent was getting concerned at my lurching ahead early out of the gates and reducing his mobility.

Turn 2 for him he boosted his bike, got his Speeders…mishapped his speeders, and luckily got them sent back into reserve.  He had fled the terminators back during my turn and re consolidated and started to move forward.

Turn 3:

I maneuver some myself, running my vets into the left section on my end of the table, and immobilize his last Razorback capable of moving (assuming it’s not stunned).  Turn 3 He brought his bike into range and started firing on my platoon with the meltabike and the right razorback (no longer stunned).  At this point, I was getting nervous as my forward momentum had started to stall out.

Turn 4:

I manage to kill his last of the bikes, rip the TLMM off the Razorback, and destroy the TLMM off the other razorback as well.  I also finished off the drop pod.  I fire the Colossus and Griffon at the dismounted marines and manage to kill 2 of 5.

During his turn he moved around, largely without result.  However, he does manage to get his speeders in and deepstrikes them and manages to land in MM range of the Manticore (which I had saved my 4th missile for turn 5).  He then manages to destroy it. 😦

Turn 5:

Turn 5 I was concerned about my lack of progress the last 2 turns.  Thus, I decided to try to take out the weaker targets.  Destroy the Speeders and attempt to pop the razorbacks to open his troops to fire the following turn.  Well…I did destroy the speeders, but I was destined to only glance those razorbacks.  With my Basilisk and Manticore gone and his Razorbacks behind cover, he managed to avoid being destroyed.

His turn 5 I don’t think he fired a single time.  He spread out, made sure his men were in the appropriate sections and we rolled for it.  A “2”… Damn.

He took primary with each of us holding our 2 sections on our own side, and him holding a dominant lead in the center with 700 something to my 458 VP.  Again…damn.  I took the KP with a 5-1 KP (he got the manticore, but this was the only unit actually destroyed).  Objectives we split, each having 2.  Then for the quaternary I got a + 3 to his +1.  Thus he ended up with 19 and I had 16.


Overall, a close game.  I should have not focused fire on the terminators once they were on foot though and shifted fire to vulcan instead of the libby and terminators.  And I shouldn’t have saved that last manticore missile. 😦  Oh well, a good game and a good time was had by all.  I will say I like the colossus and it will appear in future games.


Thanks for reading,


Soldiers of Cordos fight the Soldiers of Russ


So last night I paired off against a SW player at my FLGS. I was running my rat list which is here  The lord commisar was with the blob of 3 guardsmen.  Ironically, they never had a cover save the whole game…fail.

My opponent was running:

1 rune priest with jaw/hurricane

5 thundercav with SS

3 squads grey hunters (2 in rhinos)

Land speeder

2 preds (AC/LC)

We opted to play a mission for an upcoming tournament he is playing in, my FLGS April Assault.  We opted to play  Target Priority.

We roll off to see who goes first, I do but he wins the objectives.  The objectives are placed along almost the center line, neither side having a disadvantage. or advantage.

I deploy with the PBS flanking my elements, the the command squads in cover near the blob, the blob in plain sight (bad move on my part), the vets behind some LOS cover, and the mortars out of LOS in the back of the table.  I hung back from the front of my deployment zone to deny him that turn 1 assault if he got a 6 on his fleet.  Thus he ended up deploying rhinos in front of the thundercav and with his preds flanking this mass of steel and iron.  I held my bane wolf in reserves to outflank and infiltrated my snipers into some area terrain surrounded by a river (natural defenses…hells yeah!).


So the first three turns were hugely in my favor.  I destroyed the land speeder, put 4 wounds on the thunder cav pinning them 2 of the first 3 turns, destroyed a rhino, damaged his central pred and generally was a pain.

Then Turn 4 happened…

Then he got close enough to assault with his flank on my right.  The damn grey hunters tore through the PBS AND vets before I managed to kill the rune priest and then force a morale check on the grey hunters.  luckily he rolled an 8, keeping him within 6″ of my blob stopping him from rallying.  In the end he held more objectives than I did, so he took that as the game ended on turn 5.  We tied for KPs (primary) and I took the tertiary as I killed all his HQ and he killed none of mine.  It ended up with a minor win for him, 20-15.


The damn thundercav, his 430 point unit, was shut down. The. Whole. Game.  They moved twice.

That said, I learned a few lessons.

1. If my 30 man blob has stealth, USE IT!

2. Spread out the PBS laterally to allow me to get out of hood range if need be as well as to ensure LOS.

3. Debating dropping the deathstrike, using manticore.  Will get 4 turns of firing a slightly less effective weapon with some horrid coverage with the D3 large blasts.  However, going to finish the deathstrike then try it again.  It may be angry at me for running an unfinished model…

4. Ratling snipers + PBS = Awesome.  With no storm shields, and always wounding on a 4+, it makes the PBS the perfect unit to hammer those deathstar units (barring them being fearless).  We’ve all seen them: Hammernator squads, Thundercav, hell Terminators  in general, PALADINS, large guardsmen blobs, etc. etc. etc.  Combinations such as these, or PBS + Mortars, or PBS + Deathstrike/manticore are seminal combinations for my army and continue to prove themselves in my list.  His army, as a whole, suffered repeated pinnings throughout the game.

5. Vox caster- I should model these on the rats.  Would have been nice, failed orders 3 times on a ld 9 makes me think these might be a GS project of the future.

6.  As the banewolf has scout and a blast template and is fast, I could have cranked it 18″ up the table and tore force a target priority issue early on.  Outflanking the banewolf when I was going first was a mistake.


really, I messed up a few key points, but with a wonky list built around pinning checks and one of my earlier IG games I feel I held my own against, while not a competitive SW list by any means, still SW with grey hunters and thundercav that force those tough target priority decisions.


Thanks for reading,


Cordos History Chapter 1: Subjugation

So I have worked to develop the backstory of the Rats of Cordos. I will eventually compile all of the fluff into a mini fandex and push out for the net to have simply because I know I am not the only 40k player who loves the idea of rats in space… Now bear with me, this is my first time writing fluff from scratch, so there will be missing information, no maps right now, and some of this may be revised or completely redone. :p

The planet of Cordos lies in the outer reaches of imperium space being a civilized world crushed millennia ago by the fleets of the Lord Solar Mecharius. Being abhumans of small stature and no where near the match for the imperial guard’s numbers or technology, the Cordosian rat people fell before the main fleet had dispatched it’s heavy forces, tanks, and artillery. Mecharius was heard to comment that a single regiment could hold the world for a thousand years, and two would forever hold the planet under control. That said, he left an entitled Colonel to lead the two regiments he left behind and to act as planetary governor. That man was COL Jarvich Trazen who was endowed with much more money than ability and had purchased his way through the ranks of the imperial guard. Trazen ruled the planet with an iron fist, mistreating the natives and forcing them to mine the natural stones which seemed to react well with imperial technology allowing the locals to fashion energy weapons, that while crude and heavy, rivaled the imperium technology. The stones had little tactical use to the imperium as they were highly toxic to the touch and exuded a radiation that only the natives seemed to have a resistance to. The stones were exported, as well as mining equipment and press-ganged miners, to keep the planet afloat financially and to meet the imperial tithes and quotas.

The mistreatment went on for hundreds of years until year M ##.### a Cordosian called Veril Longtooth of the Longtooth tribe. Showing both a great understanding of strategy as well as leadership, the ruling Trazen regime took him into the imperial palace as a pet, similar to the taking of a curiously intelligent animal into ones home. This gave Longtooth access to imperial manuals and doctrine documents. He read and learned, smuggling out books and manuscripts that discussed weapons and drill. He discussed strategy at length with the garrison security captain, Captain Norhollme, who divulged sensitive information as he felt there was no more threat from the Cordos natives than there was from a small child. Over the course of nearly eight years, Veril built a resistance force, gathered the weapons, trained the soldiers, and made the plans. The time to strike against the imperium was now…

The rats of Cordos


So the imperial guard was my first 40k army, and I played heavily in 2002-2004 (well, as much as I could) as I was single and had lots of disposable income. Now I play daemons as when I got back into it I liked the idea of it. But now, I am returning to the army of the guardsmen. One problem though, the models are sorta lame and I like armies that are head turners. So, I devised the use of Skaven in the army. I really love the Skaven models but I have neither the desire nor the money/time to learn a new game system. So the Skaven guard were born.

The army will have a pretty broad focus upon initially building it: vets, infantry platoons, rough riders, hell hounds, leman Russ tanks, basilisks, death strikes, psyker battle squads, snipers, and penal legions. Eventually, I will narrow the army as I collect more models to build armies with very specific functions (such as a heavy artillery force with 3 basilisks and 6 griffons), but that will be a future goal.

Thus far, the rats are shaping up pretty nice. Oddly enough, I aim to do minimal conversions on a lot as I am doing this to use Skaven models in an army I like and too many conversions army wide would be ridiculously time consuming. So, that said, I have
– creed
– company command squad with banner

20 psyker Battle squads
2 ratling snipers (going to build more or buy some of the new jezzails. I like the new models more than the old ones)

20 troopers
10 penal legionairres
20 veterans (the storm vermin body may also be used for modeling other things like storm troopers)
Rattling guns (auto cannon counts as models)

12 rough riders
He’ll hound chassis

Leman Russ exterminator
Leman Russ battle tank
Death strike

3 chimera chassis though these will likely be made into other things.

So, as you can see, I am well on my way. My goal is to have it fully read for the FLGS tournament in november.

Thanks for reading