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Chaos Lord of Nurgle

So I have begun painting a conversion that I began working on after ordering Greenstuff Industries Tentacle Maker.  The concept began as a possible obliterator conversion as I have yet to find the legs that make me truly happy with my miniature defiler conversion.  However, for the Chaos Lord of Nurgle, it looks epic.  So I asked myself, how do I tie in Nurgle with Word Bearers.  So I opted for a Nurgle Lord with classic Nurgle colors (green, brown, bone) with the remnants of previous garments before swelling and deforming being the colors of my primary chapter (crimson, black, parchment).

Overall, he is a massive kitbash.  He emerges from these kits (from what I remember)

Head: Plaguebearer

Torso- Chaos Terminator Sorcerer

Lightning Claw: Terminator Lord

Power Fist: Terminator Box

Shoulder Pad: Chaos Knights

Book: Plague monks

Nurgling: Plaguebearers

Icon: Bloodletters w/ the top from a plaguebearers kit.

Cape: Loincloth of daemon prince

Loincloth: Terminator Lord

I began painting last night.  I built up the armor slightly to add a bit of definition to the areas I will highlight.  I then painted the head, banner, and tentacles.  The tentacles are a 3:2 ratio of elf flesh and changling pink and then washed with purple then red.  This is what I have thus far.

008 009 006

The pictures are not great. I took them after I finished painting.  The banner will be a brownish color while the skull will be bright white with a sharp contrast producing wash and the spine will also be the same.  All of the brass will get the new oxidizing technical paint on it, so I am looking forward to that.  The Nurgling will be a green-brown to create contrast.  The parchments will all get a 1:1 mix of agrax earthshade and ogryn flesh to slowly drop the tone to aged paper.  The tentacles will get a drybrush of a light pink and then some hard highlights of either a brighter pink or a brighter, sharper, flesh color.

Well, thanks for reading.



Sorcerer WIP 1

So,  I love sorcerers.  The conversion opportunities are endless.  SO I am using an older body and conversion and my primary conversion that is new is an arm.  An open handed arm that casting a psychic power with the power being unleash on…well, I believe an unwitting space marine though I have modeled that yet.


Thus far, here is the arm and power.

008This part is the easiest by far.  I have to clean up the wrist a little and I attempted to push out the arm to the side by building up the joint, but the magnets squished the GS and now I must start over.  Grr.

However, the psychic power projection requires much more effort.  First, I built a wire armature…

010 011The intent clearly (well…hopefully clearly) is a left hand.  After building the hand, I had to start to cover it with GS.  After covering it with GS up to the areas that I have to shape to be holding the target.  After, I started to put the detail flames on it.  This is a multi-step process in which I have to let layers of flame dry first.  Here is the layer:

012 013

So this is where the armature stands now.  I am going to build the flames up to the wrist before I detail the hand to establish a solid style first.  There will be more done tonight,hoping to wrap the flames all the way around the arm.


Well, thanks for reading,



On my desk

So I find myself mores excited about the upcoming break from school for painting more than playing. Right now, I have three projects of hefty caliber lined up on my desk, one from each of the armies I have and another in the works. Essentially, I am making a kick ass model for each of the painting categories.

25 mm- the slaanesh sorcerer. He has had little love paid towards him last few days but I finally got the last bit for him. I need to finish up the marines flamer spurt, GS some tormented souls on the jump pack, do up the ground (still not sure what I want for a base…thinking green as marine will be blue and sorcerer will be pink so grass with bits of scorched grass in there). Then finish the marines foot, remove the blue tack and start gluing minor components on, paint, then attach major components after painting. His imagined paint scheme will be a dark pink worked up to a super bright pink with emperors children sign on his shoulder. Need to pick a company for the smurf (thus a edging color…I will likely refer to my local SME on smurfs for this one). The trimming on him will be black with metallic details and purple loincloth and lenses. The whip will be black crackling with either purple or blue lightning (which will wrap onto his hand to indicate the power source is the sorcerer himself).

40 mm- this one is still in the planning stages, nothing hard yet.

60 mm- yeah…nothing for this one yet either.

Monster- the big bad ice thirster. Planned out his base, working on making icicles, plotted out the color scheme. Slow going on this guy. Oh, gotta get new brushes before I tackle this guy as he is so big I don’t want mistakes.

Squad- converting a squad of storm vermin into storm Troopers with the infiltrate doctrine. They will be armed with fantasy hell rifles (the multi-barreled ones) and I am going to convert them so that they are crouching. After that I am going to use dunked bases to make them emerging from water (cutting off some of their feet) and put ghili suits on them. Cool part will be some of the strips of cloth will “float” on the water to give a dynamic sense of motion.

Diorama- either a diorama on the battle of rynns world or a diorama called over the top with IG going over a trench line wearing bretonian style pan helmets (sorta think WW I). Big thing here is that it will have a back drop depicting the rest of the battle and the explosions in the distance and I have some orks for the close in enemies. Get some concertina wire for the obstacles for the orcs. Put little letters stabbed into the trench wall with knives and at the bottom have a commissar shouting and an officer with a whistle or bullhorn or something. Overall, fun to make.

Yeah, so I am pretty well set up for the next quite a few months… Should be a blast!

On that note, my khorne army is coming along. Made some progress on them blue hounds and bloodletters. Need to attach the bloodletter heads, finish up the hounds, do basing and details on both then I can start working on the ice crushers! Hopefully my khorne army gets some luvin come February…they need it!!!!!

Hey, thanks for reading,


Progress on the tanks

So I sat down and started working on my tanks.  Sick of fielding half-ass abominations, so I started working towards what I wanted.  Still have to get spikey chaos bitz to go on some of the stuff (While the Cordos rats aren’t chaos, they aren’t very friendly either…well, at least not to the Imperium) and these have the appropriate level of gore that I am looking for.


Here is the Griffon:

Still have some GS work around the edges of the car that the rats are mounted on, and want to touch up the bolts (as well as the rats themselves).  The cannon (for those who don’t recognize it, it’s a demolisher cannon) will get some GS work on the sides and at the base to fill in the gaps.  The holes will largely remain empty (might put some rat tails or heads sticking out on some of them however).


Here is some painting done on the devil dog:


Got some washing to do, highlights, then I think I’ll be ready to attach the wheels and start working on the outer pieces!


Lastly, the manticore/deathstrike:

For this, I was looking for something grisly and just downright gruesome.  Something to indicate the importance of the manticore (well, the weapon the rats strapped to a chimera chassis really).  Thus, I felt a pile of bodies on the hull was appropriate.  Well, that’s ALWAYS appropriate in 40K 😀


They don’t look very good now, but after it gets painted it’ll look much better.


Well, that’s my progress thus far.


Thanks for reading, as always love to hear comments and suggestions,


The trouble with conversions en masse

So I worked on my rats last night and realized…damn, I have a long ways to go. While I am quite positive the end result will yield appropriate “oohs” and “ahs” the sheer construction of models has become daunting, not to mention acquisitions. But in this all, I have learned several very important lessons. So, for a normal model, the process goes as such:
1-Buy model
2-Clean model
3-Assemble model
4-Paint model
5-Use model

Alas, my process has become a touch more difficult:
1- Buy model
2-Clean model
3-Find appropriate conversion pieces
4-Buy Conversion bits/Build conversion bits
5-Clean conversion bits
6-Convert original model
7- Become frustrated at gluing tiny pieces and having them stuck to your hand.
8- Paint models
9-Use models

So, really 3 steps longer.

Conversions are a pain, but when you do them en masse a few problems come to rear their ugly heads-

Quantity available- Come to find out, many bitz suppliers do NOT keep 160 hand grenade bitz, 18 missile launcher bitz, or even something such as 140 rifles (pig iron Kolony rifles) on hand. This means I have to order from multiple places or wait longer….I hate waiting. Then comes shipping. Oh my god, why does shipping 2 oz. of plastic cost 8 dollars shipping! I call BS. Regardless, so to mitigate costs I find myself shopping around (almost continuously. I find myself slipping into an Ebay Bitz addiction).

All the same? – So a rat with a rifle. Cool (I think). 160 rats with rifles? Tough to get ANY variation (especially as Skaven clanrats have a single piece for legs, head, body, and shield arm which is tucked in really tight). So I can move around the gun arm or I have to get to chopping the models apart. Sounds easy enough. Problem is, doing it with lots of em. 5 minutes each times 100 equals 500 minutes, or 8 hours and 20 minutes just to repose stuff, and 5 minutes is a very conservative estimate for minor reposes.

Damn you square bases! – So Skaven are fantasy. Imperial guard are 40k. Again, this is a bulk issue. Getting an extra 10 circular bases is easy, but digging up a ton of bases (many of them slotted at that) has become a challenge. Given, with casting, I have started to get underway with this one. (I am actually using my scenic bases and flocking over the daemonic scenics. Yes, I am making scenic bases MORE boring…)

So looking back, a few mistakes have been made on the way. However, the army advances ever yet forward. With 48 clan rats converted, several HQ units, the deathstrike and Hellhound well underway I find that the more I do, the faster I work. Momentum is great.

Thanks for reading,

No, my Daemon Prince doesn’t bounce…



So we all have our preferred mediums that we work with. Some people really like plasticard and foam. Others like GS and BS. Me…I like GS and rubber bouncy balls (RBB). RBBs are round (obviously) which is a great starting place. Advantages of them include: Great starting shape, easy to work with, tons of different sizes, fairly heat resistant, bond well with superglue, cheap, easy to find (go to a store…go in door….look right/left….go to egg toy machine).

The concept of using them isn’t that odd. Look at people who draw. Many people draw like this:

if you look at the image you will see the head, chest, and arms are series of connected circles.

So what have I done with RBB?

Well to start, my Tzeentch DP (similar to Goatboys over at BoLS)

I have also built the core structure of a Nurgle worm-like DP and I am currently building turrets using them. I have many more plans as I discover more and more the multiplicity of their uses.

People look at you odd however when you say “Under all that GS is a RBB”…then they ask if it bounces. It never fails. They will. Every. Damn. Time. No…No, my DP does not bounce, please put him down.

In the end, it’s a great shape to use, because that’s what any good model starts as…shapes. Unless you can sculpt clay or plastiline laying around, or sculpting resin to cut up, or something to make a base of a model, you build models the same way I do. Gluing stuff together and then using obscene amounts of GS to make details. Same way with RBB. However, GS sticks really well to it so you will want to let it partially cure before touching GS to RBB unless you are exact enough to know that where it hits initially is where it is staying.

thanks for reading!