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Stripping down my collection…a good idea?

So as I am getting closer to completion of my CSM force I found myself cleaning up and putting all my models out on display, realizing that a) I have models to armies I no longer play and b) I have models that have not hit the table in nearly three years. So, I find myself wondering – what to do with these models? Some I think I should keep, but others I am not so sure, and others have already been slated for destructions (ie- the garbage…)
So what I have that I just NEVER play with and I may sack-
20 daemonettes (though these guys I may keep)
Keeper of secrets
6 flamers
3 fiends

Things that am very likely to sack-
Starter kit hellbrute

Things of armies I don’t play with anymore
5 old GK metal terminators
GK grandmaster (metal conversion)
Bunch of IG
A necromunda (I think) gang.

Things I AM getting rid of-
Metric ass ton of skaven from an abandoned skaven guard project
Several beat up Russ tanks
2 converted griffons

So what does everyone else do with their old stuff. I would like to get to the point of everything being painted and I am gradually getting there and as I get closer I consider buying more stuff but I would like to slim down first, would love the idea of others!

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