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The Grand Cabal Battle 2


So I managed to squeeze in another game!  I might get another one in before I am off the grid altogether for 6-9 months…in a country that is not the US.  So yeah.  However, I think that I will get a game in when the new Traitors Hate comes out which will amplify the power of this new list to amazing levels.


Well, here was my list for this 2,000 point game against Vanilla Marines:


Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicator
1 Cyclopia Cabal
5 Sorcerers Bikes, Increase Mastery Level x 2, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar, Veterans of the Long War, Chaos Bike, Last Memory of Yuranthos (on Pyromancy Sorcerer)
1 Sorcerer  Mark of Tzeentch + Increase Mastery Level x2 + Sigil of Corruption+ Spell Familiar + Veterans of the Long War + Chaos Bike+ The Crucible of Lies
9 Chaos Space Marines(Veterans of the Long War+ Plasma gun + Plasma gun)
1 Aspiring Champion (Veterans of the Long War)
1 Chaos Rhino
4 Chaos Space Marines (Veterans of the Long War+ Flamer)
1 Aspiring Champion (base cost + Veterans of the Long War)
1 Chaos Rhino
1 Chaos Predator (Twin-Linked Lascannon + Lascannon (pair)
1 Chaos Vindicator

Daemon Allies
1 Herald of Tzeentch (HQ) = (Psyker (Mastery Level 2) + DS: Disc of Tzeentch)
1 Paradox
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle (Troops)
3 Screamers of Tzeentch (Fast)

The Psychic Powers were as follows (I have discovered these Psychic power sheets are great)


So I didn’t get invisibility, the +1 invuln from Sanctic, the 4+ FNP, or Gate.  So not an auspicious start.  He was running 2 squads of Sternguard vets, a lot of heavy bolters (He was using Imperial Fists so this was bad…), a vindi, whirlwind, sniper scouts, and a LOT of infantry.

Long story short, it was a killpoint game that I ended up winning 13-8 almost tabling him.  The Herald of Tzeentch brought a serious amount of firepower to the game.  He would move in, fire off his shooting attacks, then turbo-boost away.  All of the psychers died which is where 6 of the 8 killpoints he got came from.  The rest came from the predator and the vindicator.  Few things learned-

1- Paradox is AWESOME.  If you have a WC 3 and you commit 5 dice to it, it is 100% guaranteed.  Which is nice to have at least one guaranteed power per turn.

2- Vortex is hilariously good.  I mean, really.  It’s silly how destructive this is.  I am debating buying an aquilla strongpoint just to get the vortex missile launchers just for it.  Also, the complete inability to prepare for where it may move is again just simply hilarious.  Watching it scatter 11″ right on top of his command squad and watching them all get sucked in was simply priceless.

3- Plague drones are nasty, but they also are really good bullet sinks.

4- Terrify reduces Ld by 1.  Which is a good setup to psychic shriek.  This combination was ridiculously effective.  It’s only one, but that seemed to be the key to success.

5- Anti-air continues to be a pain in the rear.  He did have a Storm Talon.  Took it out because he needed an extra shot last turn and dropped to hover, only to be mauled by the screamers.

6- Screamers are great ablative wounds and they are pretty nifty tank hunters.  Awesome tank hunters they are not though and I will not be trying these guys against any superheavies anytime soon.


Well, thanks for reading and I will be posting the 6 unique biker sorcerers before long.  They are all sculpted with only a few details left to do and I hope to have at least 3 of them painted before I leave, though that 3 could turn to 0…because really, time flies when it is limited.


Thanks for reading,




Games at the old stomping ground

Hey all,

I had the opportunity to run a few games at the old store, Crossroad Games in Standish Maine.  Great store and great group of people.  Played two 1500 point games against some friends and, while both were losses, I had a good time.  I ran the same list both times (Straight CSM, nominally ran as a Lorgar’s Knights, an offshoot of Word Bearers that still hold true to their core loyalties to Lorgar and to the old chapter):

Sorcerer (ML3, Spell Familiar, Sigil, MoT)


Contemptor Dread w/ 2 Butcher Cannons

2 squads of 10 CSM in rhinos (w/ havoc launchers) – one with 2 melta and a power axe, the other with 2 plasma and plasma pistol.

8 Thousand Sons in a rhino w/ a havoc launcher

Tri-Las Pred

5 Havocs w/ 4 Autocannons

It’s not my forte, running heavy shooting armies with psykers.  My bread and butter is really the line of death that chops the enemy into little cubes, but that often requires monsters and a lot more models.  Thus, I decided to go with a smaller more elite shooting army.

Game 1- (Eldar)

He ran a foot-dar list that was well played all the way around.  No cheese, just a LOT of bullets.  3 x dire avenger squads, a warp spider squad, a swooping hawks squad, 2 x guardian jetbike squads, a farseer, and an avatar.

We ran the maelstrom mission where you could steal each other’s objective cards.  I actually ran this same mission both games.

It started off pretty well with me tearing up his warp spiders with my auto-cannons and a few dire avengers.  However, his ability to move, run, then shoot meant that my pre-measurements were moot as I did not factor this in when deploying.  My forces were pretty heavily spread out and he pushed and took out the rhino the TS were in turn 2.  Turn 3 saw him deploying his shining spears (forgot about them) and crushing the last of my autocannons.  The game was effectively over by turn 4.  I had killed a fair amount of his list with most of a jetbike squad dead, all of the dire avenger squads pretty beat up or completely gone and the warp spiders down to only one or two.  The Shining spears had lost a combat against the warpsmith and sorcerer (due to some pretty awful rolls on his part with his exarch) and I had failed to sweep them, leaving one running around.  Turn 4 it ended with me being tabled except for 2 CSMs running away.

All in all, a close game until that last turn.  I was only about 2 points behind until he scored I think 4 or 5 points that last turn to my none.  A good game and I think a better deployment on my part could have turned the tide.

Game 2- (Dark Angels)

He ran a demi-compan031y and a bunch of bikes and Samaels speeder.  Here is his army:

Dear god don’t ask me what all the formations did.

He didn’t have any psykers and I can’t remember what his warlord power was.

030This was my army.  The guys with the shields are the thousand sons (wanted a less magical reason for the 4++).  I rolled the preferred enemy (Space Marine) within 12″ of my warlord (the sorcerer).  My powers were –

Sorcerer- Psychic Shriek, Fearless (Not what it’s called), Firestorm of Tzeentch, and Boon of Mutation

Aspiring Champion – Firestorm of Tzeentch, Doombolt

I deployed pretty condensed.  He had quite a few outflanking units and I wanted to brace fo032r the impact of all that outflanking/deepstriking stuff.  Everything was at the very back to prevent turn 1 melta kill on my contemptor.  He got turn one.  Deepstruck his meltagun pod…and, well this happened:


He rolled the option for me to put anywhere and I stuck them mid field.  They were not long for this world upon arrival.  He moved forward with lots of his stuff and quickly closed the gap.

037The second turn saw the plasma pod arrival which destroyed the contemptor, as well as everything but the regular speeder and this was a rough turn for me.  I had crackedopen his command rhino but had very little headway against the bikes on the left.  The bikes on the right arrived and destroyed the pred which was angled poorly (intentionally to get all 3 las shots) but it exposed my rear to plasma shots.  Turn two for me saw me destroying a rhino, the 3 ravenwing knights on my right, and most of the tacticals in the pod.


Things rapidly devolved into madness as he got into assault.  Luckily, my TS command squad was there.  Every game these guys impress me.  With AP 3 bolters, 4++ saves, and a free force weapon on the champion, my TS are always MVPs in games.  Even if it is as a bullet sink, they earn their keep.  He assaults in with his command squad and last 2 bikers and polish off the CSM, only to be counter charged by the TS, Sorcerer and Warpsmith.  Chainswords and poweraxes clashed, resulting in three gruesome rounds of combat that swung my direction when he flopped his company champion’s attacks.  Preferred enemy was a blessing this game.  Lots of 1’s were rerolled.  I mean, a LOT.  However, on the far side of the table, my CSMs were making headway by sticking Krak grenades to Samaels’s speeder…039

It took two rounds to bring it down, but they did.  However, this maneuver cost them the ability to do anything else all game.  They made their points back between the speeder and the three bikes, but the game ended with them hustling across the table trying to make a difference.

However, the game got interesting as the warpsmith cleaved the biker SGT down and was smiled upon by the dark gods…  041(Before)


After the daemon prince had arrived, I had ground superiority and it was then a race against time.  My sorcerer and aspiring champ parted ways to race to objectives while the daemon prince destroyed the last two bikes and ran towards the last squad of enemy to try to claim linebreaker

045The game ended as a very close loss.  I had 16 to his 18.  He had a squad of assault marines left and a pod not destroyed while I had 8 or 9 plasma CSM in the rear, a daemon prince, a sorcerer, and an aspiring champion.  Linebreaker and slay the warlord had brought me close, and this being the end of the 7th meant that there was no chance at getting an extra turn to knock out some extra objectives.  His mobility and ability to grab backfield objectives had proved sufficient to take the game, but boy oh boy, what a blood bath.  While the dark angels took the field, they definitely had lots of extra bunk space going back home (So did my CSM…but hey, we have a daemon prince now.  That’s cool, right?).
Well, had a blast.  To those I didn’t see, hope to see you sometime.  To those I did, it was awesome and let me know if your travels ever take you south.

Next time, I will be showcasing the final Khorne Skullcannon and talking about future plans.

Thanks for reading,


Daemonic chariots arise triumphant – a battle report!

Today I played a 2,000 point game against a nid player.  I ran a pure daemon list:


Blue Scribes

Herald of Khorne on Skull Throne

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot


4 Bloodcrushers of Khorne w/ Banner of Blood


16 Bloodletters w/ banner of Blood

18 Daemonettes


2 x 8 Hounds

3 Plague Drones w/ 3+ poison sting


Cavalcade of Slaanesh w/ 2 chariots and 1 exalted chariot

Skull Cannon

2 Bloodslaughterers w/ impalers

He ran a pretty typical nid army: Flyrant w/ twin-linked devourers, 2 blobs of 30 termagaunts, Tervigon, 2 groups of 2 zoanthropes, 2 venomthropes, Hive Crone, 2 ‘Fexes w/ dual twin-linked devourers in pods, and the plasma shooting MC (forget the name).  Caveat to this report:  He is a fairly new player and made some erroneous decisions that would haunt him.

We did black ops maelstrom mission (5) in a hammer and anvil deployment.  He ended up going first.  He advanced his units up, just outside of his gaunt’s range (18″ devourers) and shot up my hounds with his flyrant and made 15 gaunts with his tervigon but rolled doubles first turn.  First turn I advanced into the hormagaunts and killed 19 on the assault with him out of assault range after the hammer of wraith.  I also summoned 3 crushers with the scribes.  He spread out to respond to the daemon advance, focusing heavily on the hounds and skull cannon that had killed 6 gaunts but ignoring my purchased crushers and gunned down the decoy crushers.  My chariots killed 4 more gaunts before all the riders were killed, making back their points before dying (about 40 more points actually).

His second turn saw the first fex deepstrike in and almost kill the scribes, he killed the skull cannon, and a handful of dogs and a wound on the bloodletters.  The chariot had the malefic power to improve invulns but he managed to keep it suppressed most turns.  He wiped out the summoned crushers (as stated earlier) by dumping a lot into them.  My turn I assaulted several units and made a staggering blow to his line.  In a single turn he lost the remnants of the squad of gaunts, a squad of zoanthropes, and his carnifex (they died to the plague drones).  Additionally I saw the writing on the wall concerning the scribes and was lucky enough to roll the greater daemon summoning and swapped him out for a great unclean one.

Third and fourth turns were just a bloodbath as he failed to focus fire on squads which allowed me to drive my forces into a tip and crush through his gaunt line, eliminating all of his rear-guard synapse beasties.  Once they were no longer fearless, my crushers broke the last gaunts and the blood slaughterers dropped the tervigon.

He called the game after he realized I was up by 4 points (3 once secondary objectives applied) and we had 1 for sure turn remaining, meanwhile he had nothing left on the ground to secure objectives with, meanwhile I still had about half my army (daemonettes and letters were both about at 50-60% strength, all 3 of the crushers were alive, all the plague drones, the great unclean one, and about 12 hounds.  Oh, and both of the blood slaughters were wandering around).  It was a good game and my second game against him.  I highlighted that a) flyrants get a total of 60- 84 shots the entire game and that with every unit being able to claim objectives, having every MC being shooty means that you have no recourse against assault armies once they pick up steam, b) when playing against an assault army, advancing far enough forward allowing me the charge can be catastrophic.  Had he made me come to him, it is very reasonable to think that I very well may have lost that game.  Overall, very fun game and I think he considered it quite fun as well.  Looking forward to getting a game in with friends back at my old stomping ground though, which should hopefully be occurring in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading,


Two batreps, a tourney, and progress!

So, it’s my bi-weekly blog entry (it’s turning into that it seems).  This past Saturday I made it to a tourney.  First one in a long time.  It was a 1000 point list and I had one goal: Try out some new stuff.  So, I ran my daemons.  I ran this list:

Lord of Change w/ Exalted reward

Great Unclean One w/ Exalted Reward, ML 2

16 Bloodletters w/ Banner of Blood

18 Daemonettes

Exalted Seeker Chariot

I really wanted to try out the chariot and lord of change.   I used my floating eyeball, on suggestion of a friend.  This is the model I used

20120313-101546.jpgIt’s really one of my favorite conversions.  I just wanted a way to use this guy more often.  Also, I wanted to really try out the seeker chariots more.  So I ran them.  Well…the seeker chariot was a bust, but largely because it was alone.  The lord of change was fun, but he is very much a middle of the road MC.  Yeah, divination is cool.  However, having no shooting that can reliably even get shot simply sucks!  That deny the witch pops up at ugly times.  So, I went 1-2, not my best.  However, I did walk away with best HQ model painted, and while I don’t have a nice lightbox pic of it, here it is from the store’s FB page

Ironically, though he is a nurgle lord, I rarely use nurgle lords in games.

So, with my winnings and a previous win, I picked up 2 seeker chariots, determined to use these guys more because I just love chariots.  Can’t beat all those auto-hits, not rolling for difficult terrain (well, 3D6 that is) and the potential for a devastating hit.

So last night I ran a 1500 list.  It’s a throwback theme from a long time ago to the concept of the “Brazen Host”, a Khorne led Khorne and Slaanesh host led by the Bloodthirster Gore Lord (WD 368).  It was daemons with CSM allies (basically, summoned daemeons by the CSMs).  I ran:

Herald of Khorne w/ Exalted Gift on Throne of Blood

Herald of Slaanesh w/ Greater Reward and Loci of Beguilement on Steed of Slaanesh

16 Bloodletters w/ Banner of Blood

18 Daemonettes

Seeker Cavalcade w/ Exalted Chariot and 2 Seeker Chariots

Dark Apostle

Chaos Contemptor Dread w/ Powerfist, Chainfist, 2x melta guns, Extra Armor, Dedication to Khorne

9 CSM w/ Mark of Khorne, extra CCW, Melta Gun in Rhino

Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons

He ran a mixed CSM and Daemons list as well, running mono-nurgle w/ plague marines and Typhus and a daemon prince as well as a helldrake w/ baleflamer.  All in all, significantly less models.

We played Target Priority from over at Creative Twilight.

I’ll just hit on the highlights of some of the units I was testing.

He wet first, but due to a shortage of shooting didn’t do much.  He did advance the plague drones which had been grimoired.  This allowed for my seeker cavalcade to get it’s first true attack.  Slamming all 3 into them drones, I scored a whopping 27 Hammer of Wraith attacks, dumping I think 6 or 7, doing 2.  My alluresses had 15 more attacks but did nothing.  However, he failed to get any wounds past my saves and then int turn rolled a 10 on his instability (with an icon, means 4 wounds).  With that he tried to run, the chariots ran him down the next turn, followed by the chariots hammering the daemon prince down the following turn, leading into the last turn of combat.

My daemonettes outflanked with the herald.  With that, to protect them from the bale flamer I ran 8″ and bubble-wrapped his own unit of plaguemarines to minimize the bale flamer hit.  He assaulted them, but with the herald with a greater ether blade and rerolling all misses, plus what was still 14 daemonettes at that point after shooting the plaguemarines did not fair well and died in two rounds of combat against the daemonettes.

The center combat which eventually included

Herald of Khorne, Herald of Slaanesh, Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Seeker Cavalcade, Typhus, Plaguemarines, Plaguebearers, Herald of Nurgle, and the Contemptor Dreadnought decided the game.

The combat had ground on for a few rounds.  The plaguebearers had the ability to glance the contemptor to death, but needed a 6 to pen.  The bloodletters, herald of Khorne, Contemptor had battled it out for a few rounds with Typhus, plague marines, and the plaguebearers.  The contemptor was killing a few plaguebearers each turn, the bloodletters being wholly ineffectual at hurting typhus with his 2+ and FNP (which he made a HUGE number of).

The last round of combat the daemonettes assault in as well as the chariots.  The chariots scored a massive 32 hammer of wrath hits on the plaguebearers with 11 wounds and 6 unsaved wounds.  The daemonettes swung next and finished off all but the herald who had one wound left.  After this the contemptor swung at the plaguemarines and wounded enough to push through to typhus.  He fails two one invuln and the S10 wound killed him.  He had lost by 14, so the instability test was not good for him and the herald died.  We called it at that as he only had the helldrake flying around.

I learned a few valuable lessons.  First, Seeker Cavalcades against assault oriented armies are brutal.  I will try them out against a more shooty army next week.  Also, the daemonettes with outflank and acute senses made getting them into combat significantly easier.

Also, the predator did nothing except almost kill itself to “Gets Hot!” from weapon virus (Typhus).  The major problem was a lack of anti-air power.  I may drop 20 points somehow from something else and swap it out for a soul-grinder or I could go ahead and opt for a squad of Auto-Cannons havocs for the same cost (though I like the good mix of AV and toughness to make it difficult for people to put the seekers high on the target priority list).

The close-comabat oriented Contemptor was very worthwhile, but I am just not sure if it beats out the butcher cannon variant for cheaper.  I COULD swap out the close combat contemptor for a dual butcher cannon contemptor and then drop the predator for a soulgrinder (stock) of Khorne.  If I then dropped another 20 pts (not sure from what) I could pick up baleful torrent.  This would give me some skyfire and a unit that can crank out 8 S8 shots at BS 4.  But, I think I will try the list as is at least once more.


Thanks for reading,



So, I sat down and crunched the numbers after thinking about Khorne in the new book. So…
Khorne bloodletters went down 6 points, but lost an attack and toughness. Throw in a herald for 55 points on juggernaut with a loci of rage which costs 65 and you have a 120 point herald. The new unit is now 320 points with 20 bloodletters with 3 attacks on the charge. This is the same attacks, WS, and S as old daemons for the exact same cost. Only now, they are T3 and lose two attacks after the first round of combat instead of one. So with a straight herald, they just simply aren’t as good as they used to be.

But wait, what is this Chariot. At first glance it struck me as an absolutely terrible unit throwing a herald all by his lonesome. But what the chariot allows is a broader decision base and, should it be needed, cheap massed loci. Instead of a single unit that must he forced into the assault it allows a bubble that can be flexed in any direction to essentially threaten most of the table.

So, here was the results of the list I picked.


Well, I played against Deathwing. Other than the brutal anti-infantry lists that Tau can produce, especially now, Terminator lists are about the bane of Khorne in general. Hard to kill, lots of S8 stuff, a pretty good amount of shooting, and lots units with higher base attacks than even Khorne units. Many other shooting armies kill a lot upon approach and then crumble. Deathwing…yeah, not so much so. So, he had 20 terminators, 5 tac marines, a Storm Eagle, a librarian, and a deathwing master.


So, here is the table we played on with 3 objectives. Two objectives were near the train and the third was at the railroad junction. It was the book mission Crusade with the vanguard deployment.



So, we both deployed, I went first.


I opted for a broad line with my hounds anchoring my flanks for a reaction force while the thirster and the crushers are in the middle along with the bloodletters and chariot. My plaguebearers and soulgrinder hold the rear.

He opts to drop in on turn one with his Deathwing assault. This is where he gives up the game by making a gregious tactical error… and drops his 10 man terminator with the librarian and Deathwing master. His combined shooting at the thirster puts 2 wounds on him.

During my turn the deathwing assault is struck by both squads of hounds (1 with rage), the red squad of bloodletters, and the bloodthirstere.


Prior to the assault, he lost 2 terminators to the baleful torrent and one of the lance shots. Of the remaining 8, 7 die in the resulting combat while he inflicts only 3 or 4 wounds. Combined with the banner, I handily win combat. The next two assault phases sees him losing the librarian, terminator SGT, and Deathwing master.


After this, he is really in trouble. The crushers and one squad of hounds destroy one of the remaining five man terminator squads.

The last terminator squad advances while the storm eagle lands to dump out its tactical marines before being wrecked by the baleful torrent. The remaining terminators face a brutal assault from the crushers, thirster, and hounds.


While the blue bloodletters assault and eat the tatical squad, removing the last threat of deathwing on the table.


Overall, I did not lose any full units. The win was so complete solely for the poor deepstrike placemennt of my opponent which, upon discussion he very fully realized. The open area to my rear or left flank would have offered a much more destructive location to deepstrike IMO. However, the Chariot allowed a very broad decision making platform and performed exactly how I wanted it. It allowed me to threaten most of the table from the fast units surrounding it and through stringing it out. Also, the importance of banners of blood has become more and more evident to ensure that critical assault is made.

Overall, a fun game. Looking forward to developing my mono-khorne force more with the new codex.

Thanks for reading,

Dark Eldar versus Daemons and CSM: Final Decision

So last Wednesday I played a game against a DE player with my daemons and CSM list.  I ended up winning by a large margin but it more importantly it led me to realizations (as well as a conversation with a fellow player while I was outside smoking).

So,  for the battle report.  Played the mission “Vendetta” which is basically a kill point mission with a special mission that is rolled randomly.  It is a CSM altar of war mission.  On that note, I strongly suggest the altar of war books as they are pretty cheap for 6 missions for your army specifically and they offer a lot of new cool ideas.  That said, the special mission was a selected unit was worth 3 battle points, each other destroyed unit was worth 1 battle point.

The battle went well for me.  A few key factors sharply turned the tides of battle in my favor.

– Sorcerer of Tzeentch- Pairing this guy with thousand sons at ML 3 makes this a tough group to bring down.  With telepathy it gives me 2 shots at getting invisibility.  With the 3+/4++ on the squad and the cover bonuses giving me a 2+ cover most of the time it made them an ominously advancing fire sink.

– Screamers and herald of tzeentch- This unit served very well as a fast moving threat to get up into the enemies face and, with the grimoire of true names, ran around with a 3++ with rerolls of 1.

-The Nurgle soul grinder acts as an attractive fire sink.  It’s effectiveness however is very limited.  The time to adopt a unit such as a forgefiend may have arrived for something that can bring the pain at a distance with either the hades autocannons or ectoplasma cannons.

– Plaguebearers should be held in reserve to ensure their ability to participate where needed.

At the end of the battle, I had planned other combinations-

– Warp Talons of Tzeentch with grimoire for 2++

– Skyshield landing pad with a poraglyph

– A tally list supported by an aegis defense line.

Ultimately, all of the combinations are hardly broken or OP.  In fact, they are very gimmicky.  Some have tried to say that the list is balanced or that the book is strong.  I have decided frankly that is has found itself lacking.  The troops and named greater daemons went down in price…and that is it.  Everything else went up or stayed the same in price, received a general hit to ability, and the book lost nearly all of it’s actual shooting attacks.  Combine this with the fact that GW seems to have abandoned the book results in a straight-up weak codex.  I am also hardly the only player that feels this way.  Now that the initial hurrah and intrigue at shiny new toys has worn off the reality of the book has sunk in.  With the lack of shooting and the lack of grenades, daemons face the harsh reality against emerging armies such as Tau and new armies such as Dark Angels that we simply lack the punch to dominate the field.  But that really doesn’t bother me too much.  Prior to the release of the book my single biggest fear was a super powered codex that EVERYONE played.  I enjoy being the minority army.  It makes my projects that much more interesting.  It is one reason I am happy that so many abandoned CSMs quickly as they realized that they were hardly the one-click chaos win that some had hoped for.  With only three players at my local shop that play daemons, all three of us have had mixed success with the book.  One, a heavy Tzeentch player is a strong player and already owned many of the now very fast units that can get up and in your face quickly such as fiends and seekers as well as screamers, flamers, and chariots.  The other player is a heavy, almost exclusively, Nurgle player.  My issue with Nurgle is that a) it will not hold up against strong assaults (seen it happen… it’s true) and b) it’s even more flavorless now than before.  Lastly there is myself who previously played a list that would dump a metric ton of units in close and assault under the premise of “You can’t kill them all”.Problem is this: I have to abide by the 50% reserve rule now which means that yes…I can dump half my army next to you, but it will be on turn 2, it will likely not all be at the same time, and lastly is this: they are on their own and will not have the other half following on their heels.

My counter to this I suspect will be to take small cheap CSM units to pad the other 50% and allow me to deepstrike more daemon units.

Well, thanks for reading,


There’s a first time for everything…

So my Achilles heel is terminators…well, and AV14 but that doesn’t win games and wipe squads. So I set up a game against our local dark angels player (we only have one until the new book comes out. Then everyone will play the damned things). I played him before with a khorne slaanesh list in 5th and had a rocky start but eventually tabled him. Well, turnabout is a bitch. Long and short of it, he had me tabled by the end of the 5th turn, but he really had me “beat” by the end of his second turn.

So, my list at 1750-



5 crushers with icon, rending

8 bloodletters
8 bloodletters
16 bloodletters w/ rending

8 hounds w/ rending
8 hounds w/ rending

Soul grinder w/ phlegm

He ran

Master of death wing

5 squads of 5 terminators (i think 2 w/ TH/SS, and 3 w/ power fists and heavy shoots weapons). Cyclone launchers on all squads I think.

Mortis dread w/ cyclone launcher and 2 kheres assault cannons (heavy 6, rending, 24″). The Mortis also has sky fire and interceptor if it doesn’t move. Oh…and it’s BS 5.

So I try to go heavy w/ my first wave being both bloodthirsters, the crushers, a squad of hounds, and the soul grinder. Annnnd, I didn’t get it. Oh well, right? Wrong.



I drop my three squads of bloodletters and other squad of hounds. A squad behind the Mortis dread scatters 8″ away from the Mortis dread… And into the open. All of the other squads scatter at let 8 inches as well. This seems to be a recurring thing for my past half dozen or so games…beginning to doubt if my scatter die HAS a hit side to it! His Mortis smokes an entire squad of bloodletters, another is dropped by fire from a shooty squad (4 bolters and an assault cannon) and subsequent assault by the command squad on the remaining two bloodletters, and then the hounds are wiped by another squad. The 16 model unit is reduced to 6 models from fire as well. In that first wave of shooting I made six saves and was about pulling my hair out. Bygones…

My second turn saw my bloodthirsters come in and my soul grinder come in. He dumps fire into the soul grinder from the Mortis doing a glancing his (cover save for the pen made).


He grounds the thirster with bolter fire (which inflicts his first wound). He then assaults with his command squad. The kills two terminators and takes a wound.

My turn I get my crushers and hounds. I assault his squad of power fists with my grinder and remaining bloodletters and the command squad with my second thirster. He challenges with his master of death wing and I accept with my thirster locked in combat already. My charging thirster inflicts three wounds, all saved. The challenged thirster inflicts two, one getting through and doubling out the master of death wing. However, due to the previous thunder hammer wound the thirster strikes at the same time and also dies. Damn divination powers and rerolls to every miss for both player turns!!! The assaulting bloodthirster then falls to the counter attack of the remaining three terminators and the librarian.

The soul grinder kills two of the terminators he assaults and the bloodletters kill one. The remaining two terminators do nothing to the soul grinder.


From there he assaults the crushers with the remnants of the command squad and the hounds with another terminator squad, killing both during the assault after shooting them down to only a few models each. The soul grinder is destroyed by another terminators squad with a chain fist assaulting it.

The next two or three assault phases are him finishing off the last six bloodletters.

Overall, TERRIBLE game, but enlightening. Learned a bunch or CRITICAL lessons.

-If I want to stack a half, ensure I split my troops so they can’t be gunned down without heavy support.

– I can’t rely on volume against TH/SS terminators. They die too slow and kill too fast to allow that. With a new dark angel codex and how much harder it is to kill terminators with AP values to close combat weapons I can only hope that storm shields are not so prevalent. For daemons that means I can go with screamers, flamers, or daemonettes for any kind of volume. Daemonettes are glass cannons and against heavy fire, even bolter fire, they crumble too quickly. Suspect I could drop the second thirster and pick up 275 points of screamers or flamers which would vastly level the playing field against both AV14 and terminators. Have avoided it due to theme but with the impending flood of TH/SS terminators and then in response the re-emergence of null zone to counter the 3++ I need something with some oomph.

– I’ve never come across anything I really thought was over the top until now from forgeworld. But a 200 point dread that can hammer out at BS 5 12 S6 rending shots and two missile launcher shots that has a 13 front armor, base strength of 7 (one higher than normal), and has interceptor and sky fire is a little out of control. Regardless.

– most armies have vehicles which actually vastly REDUCE their firepower. Not so and I noticed my guys suffering much more from it. I need to reduce squad size to make 8×4 so that a single squad cannot get gunned down and reduce my force by 16 models. Yes, the smaller squads are less effective, but I suspect multiple small squads will be more efficient than less large squads as it reduces his ability to focus fire and helps when it comes to over watching.

Regardless, I also made some solid progress on my CSM chosen squad and dark apostle.

After making some fairly simple conversions by adding scrolls of oath to his armor, I made the dark vengeance chosen champ into my dark apostle.

This far, here he is. I did the vast majority of his with no dry brushing as I am trying to ween myself off the technique as a fallback technique.




The use of methods other than dry brushing shows in the cleanliness of the black. It’s not peppered with the dust of other colors.

Here is him and the whole squad. Oh…and me playing with my camera.