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To be or not to be, comp is the question.

So my FLGS continues to plan future hobby-centric tournament. One sticking point, yay or nay for EVERYONE is comp. So I will now list how I see comp (good, bad, and ugly):


Well, first I will say I support comp. I love the fiction behind 40k, it’s what sets it apart from some other games (not just the codex fiction, but the plethora of other fiction works that support it, literally tens of thousands of pages of work). But that said, I understand it’s not for everyone. So here are my opinions supporting comp-

o Spam. You know it, odds are you’ve played against it, and you either love it or hate it. From my experience, most players may not hate it but it leads to less interesting games. Running against SW or BA Vehicle spam or IG guard/Melta/LC spam, it’s never fun (well, at least for me). Comp shouldn’t really ban this, as some armies REALLY do need to spam to play at least semi-competetively. BUT, I feel comp SHOULD inhibit this behavior. A well designed comp-rubric should limit units/vehicles/transports so that repetition is not seen beyond occasional dublicates.

o “Broken Lists”. Say what you want, some lists are very strong not because of the players. A good example is the “Draigo-Wing” list. Draigo-Techmarine-Libby-Paladin combo in stormraven WILL be an ugly list. Back that up with Psyfleman dreads and a trained monkey could put up a fight with this list against anyone. I have seen reference to an article that suggests that some armies are stronger to give newer players a better chance (because no one likes getting clubbed repeatedly). My issue is when good players run these armies with known lists (Known as “net-lsits”). At hobby events I see lists like these to be cryptonite to the concept of hobby events. you’re not there to beat – face on a bunch of fluffy lists and then go pat yourself on the back. Fun is the key, but one person obliterating three opponents with gross lists endangers three peoples fun time. 3 people having bad games so that one person can giggle because they beat them is not the concept of a hobby event, in my mind. These lists DO have their place, play them at most any tournement. Comp stops these lists, or at least curbs their appearance, with the ability to limit HQ/Troop/Other group ratios. Many net-lists are very elite-HQ-Fast heavy while light on the troops and often incur spamming. Take the Draigo win list. In it’s most common form, it rocks 2 HQ, 2-3 elites (Tech marine and an assassin), 2 squads of paladins, storm raven, and normally as many dreads as they can fit (normally 1-4). This list would be hit heavy under comp/

o Themed lists. Some people come up with some AWESOME ideas, conversions, and themes for armies. These tend to come out of the woodworks when rewarded for it. Some people out there do AMAZING work and I love to have it across the table from me.

Some things suck about comp. period.

o Codex options were published from, really, the past better part of a decade and 2 editions. Some struggle WITHOUT restrictions, and after adding comp they find themselves frustrated that much more…Tau, I’m looking at you.

o New players sometimes only have x,y, and z models. To tell them they can’t use x or z could often mean they won”t show. I am of mixed opinions of brand new players at hobby-centric tournaments. A part of me says that it sucks, let them play their options, but the other part says that they bought x, y, and z because these are the units for “net-lists”. Rarely do you see a new GK player fielding Coteaz, a bunch of mixed henchmen, nameless HQs, things like Exitor assassin, or interceptors. Normally you see Draigo, Paladins, and Techmarines and thus comp limiting this can actually force a new player to explore his own codex more and become a better player rather than leaning on units to play well.

Arguments. Man, I have seen people get super-defensive about comp. It’s a heated subject, and can detract from the overall environment in a community if pushed too hard.

So, these are my opinions on comp. I’m sure most readers will have their own opinions, and I would love to hear them