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The Grand Cabal Battle 2


So I managed to squeeze in another game!  I might get another one in before I am off the grid altogether for 6-9 months…in a country that is not the US.  So yeah.  However, I think that I will get a game in when the new Traitors Hate comes out which will amplify the power of this new list to amazing levels.


Well, here was my list for this 2,000 point game against Vanilla Marines:


Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicator
1 Cyclopia Cabal
5 Sorcerers Bikes, Increase Mastery Level x 2, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar, Veterans of the Long War, Chaos Bike, Last Memory of Yuranthos (on Pyromancy Sorcerer)
1 Sorcerer  Mark of Tzeentch + Increase Mastery Level x2 + Sigil of Corruption+ Spell Familiar + Veterans of the Long War + Chaos Bike+ The Crucible of Lies
9 Chaos Space Marines(Veterans of the Long War+ Plasma gun + Plasma gun)
1 Aspiring Champion (Veterans of the Long War)
1 Chaos Rhino
4 Chaos Space Marines (Veterans of the Long War+ Flamer)
1 Aspiring Champion (base cost + Veterans of the Long War)
1 Chaos Rhino
1 Chaos Predator (Twin-Linked Lascannon + Lascannon (pair)
1 Chaos Vindicator

Daemon Allies
1 Herald of Tzeentch (HQ) = (Psyker (Mastery Level 2) + DS: Disc of Tzeentch)
1 Paradox
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle (Troops)
3 Screamers of Tzeentch (Fast)

The Psychic Powers were as follows (I have discovered these Psychic power sheets are great)


So I didn’t get invisibility, the +1 invuln from Sanctic, the 4+ FNP, or Gate.  So not an auspicious start.  He was running 2 squads of Sternguard vets, a lot of heavy bolters (He was using Imperial Fists so this was bad…), a vindi, whirlwind, sniper scouts, and a LOT of infantry.

Long story short, it was a killpoint game that I ended up winning 13-8 almost tabling him.  The Herald of Tzeentch brought a serious amount of firepower to the game.  He would move in, fire off his shooting attacks, then turbo-boost away.  All of the psychers died which is where 6 of the 8 killpoints he got came from.  The rest came from the predator and the vindicator.  Few things learned-

1- Paradox is AWESOME.  If you have a WC 3 and you commit 5 dice to it, it is 100% guaranteed.  Which is nice to have at least one guaranteed power per turn.

2- Vortex is hilariously good.  I mean, really.  It’s silly how destructive this is.  I am debating buying an aquilla strongpoint just to get the vortex missile launchers just for it.  Also, the complete inability to prepare for where it may move is again just simply hilarious.  Watching it scatter 11″ right on top of his command squad and watching them all get sucked in was simply priceless.

3- Plague drones are nasty, but they also are really good bullet sinks.

4- Terrify reduces Ld by 1.  Which is a good setup to psychic shriek.  This combination was ridiculously effective.  It’s only one, but that seemed to be the key to success.

5- Anti-air continues to be a pain in the rear.  He did have a Storm Talon.  Took it out because he needed an extra shot last turn and dropped to hover, only to be mauled by the screamers.

6- Screamers are great ablative wounds and they are pretty nifty tank hunters.  Awesome tank hunters they are not though and I will not be trying these guys against any superheavies anytime soon.


Well, thanks for reading and I will be posting the 6 unique biker sorcerers before long.  They are all sculpted with only a few details left to do and I hope to have at least 3 of them painted before I leave, though that 3 could turn to 0…because really, time flies when it is limited.


Thanks for reading,




Nurgle Tally Lists: still reliable in 6th…but are they one dimensional?

This Wednesday played against Thor from Creative Twilight.  We played a 2k mission from his site called Vengeance.


So I ran this list


Yeah, pretty basic for my standard tally list.  One of those standard lists that works well but is certainly not overpowered.


He ran his CSM list that had (from memory here)

2 x DPOT (1 power each, 1 with Telekine Dome, the other with the Telekinesis primaris power).

6 plaguemarines in rhino w/ plasma

6 plaguemarines in rhino w/ melta

12 ‘Zerkers

6 CSM’s

2 squads of 3 oblits


greater daemon

10 lesser daemons


Early Game: So, he picks side but I win rolloff to go first.  I deploy my havoks, sorcerer with havoks, and plaguemarines in rhino and opt to infiltrate the chosen.  He deploys heavily behind cover and out of LOS while at the same time clumping to a very small portion.  Objectives are scattered with 2 in the center-ish area and one clearly towards each of our own deployments.

I got my preferred half of Kugath, Epidemius and the squad of 14, and the nurglings.  My chosen were close enough to move and pop their melta guns and missile launcher at one of his rhinos, knocking 2 hullpoints off it.  I also killed a single bezerker that turn and I believe one CSM.  Overall, it looked as if it was going to be a rough game of missing and not being able to kill rhinos.   Also cast fireshield on the chosen

His turn saw a lot of shooting, about as effective as my shooting had been.  His oblits did kill 2 of my havoks though.  His bezerkers than assault my Chosen.  Yep, like 10 Bezerkers (after overwatch).  The bezerkers hit hard, but a handful of good saves saw only one of the chosen falling to his chainaxes.  However, when I roll I kill 3 or 4 (I can’t remember), leaving the assault continuing.  He actually lost one or two from fire shield.  Huzzah for powers actually being used properly!

Mid Game: My second turn I got everything in (more plaguebearers and the DPON).  Kugath moves into position and assaults the oblits while the chosen and Nurglings continue to work on the Bezerkers.  Plaguemarines move up to hold an objective.  Epidemius’ squad moves in and tries to assault the bezerkers, but doesn’t roll high enough.  The Oblits  hold on, but I believe I win combat wound-wise.  The Zerks finally bit it to the combined assault.

He gets his defiler and one DP in.  The defiler walks on and tears up the Chosen with his battle-cannon while the DP vector strikes the Nurglings (now worth 2 KP).  All in all, the Chosen are reduced to only the Icon bearer, the Nurglings have 2 left, with 2 and 1 wounds left respectively.  The Oblits fall to Kugath during the assault phase.

End Game:The rest of the game saw (I forget which turns this stuff happened)  Kugath wiping the CSM squad out, my havoks continuing to suck at life, my Plaguemarines destroying the defiler with a volley of plasma, and my rhino destroying the already damaged rhino with a havok launcher.  The occupants were than assaulted by the DPON and Epidmemius’ squad.  Unfortunately, his plaguemarines benefited from the tally as well so were rocking a 3+ FNP roll.  I dropped a few and they put a wound on the DPoN (remember, everything is wounding on 2 and ignoring armor saves by this point).  I foolishly assault a lone oblit with 2 nurglings, he makes his invulns and wipes that unit handily.  Kugath comes around and is assaulted by greater daemons and lesser daemons.  The DPoT is shot down by a lucky psychic shriek from the sorcerer and the DPoT  is assaulted and destroyed by the patiently waiting 7 plaguebearers.  The second DP comes in and kills a plaguemarine before dropping to a glide and assaulting the plaguemarines where he is killed.  Kugath manages to destroy the lesser daemons.  The end of the game saw his last plaguemarines tied up and nearly destroyed by Epedmius and his squad and the greater daemon almost dead.  Oh, and one of the rhinos had survived as well.


Overall, a strong win.  Although the Nurgle tally list is dependable and very hard to plan against (especially as it is very rarely seen) it has become a bit one dimensional.  I have created three deviation methods to inject a bit of multi-dimensional play into my list-


Warp Talons: Stoked about these guys!  These guys, with an invuln save and a high T will be OUTSTANDING additions!  Plus, add in the ability to make people blind which benefits the rest of the army….oh yeah.

Specialized role units: Havoks (range support) or a dedicated close combat specialist.  Even if it is just terminators, chosen, or even cultists.  Right now my list is pretty balanced and I think that while upsetting that may hurt my win/loss ratio it would overall make me a better player as I learn to incorporate and balance these specialized units into my army.

Daemon Engines: Forgefiends and Helldrakes will make the long range aspect of my army that much nastier…here’s hoping I can mark them!


Well, thanks for reading



End of the summer


Well, summer for 40k is now over for me and I reflect back on my growth from the summer.  A few things of note have happened and I have realized a few things-


-All comers lists play well against many lists, rarely have an achilles heel but can be tough to achieve the clinch and finish the fight with.  My artillery, blob, Mono-Khorne, and Mono-Nurgle have all done well but only when I went all in for this army build.

-With the coming of 6th, fliers have emerged as just frankly, gross.  Nothing irks me more than terms such as “auto-win” besides players who jump armies and show up with un painted and often unassembled forces just to play “what’s hot” and often win.  Then they use those earnings to buy the next hot thing.  It actually makes me loathe the idea of a new daemon book as I don’t want parasites like that playing a codex I enjoy…making everyone see daemons as broken.  It’s fun to be the underdog. 😀

-I suspect that GW will do a massive errata and unleash flakk missiles to all ML for a nominal points per model….ending the reign of fliers and putting them in their place.

-Allies add a diversity to the game will be fun and should be used.  However, I see comp showing up more now to balance out some broken lists.  While no one forces people to play army a over army b, a venue could lose tournament showings if the same lists win top every tournament.  Currently, few people enjoy playing the necron players at my own FLGS, and I will not play them (with the exception of one or two of them) if I have the option.  Too hard?  No, as my daemons have never lost a game against Necrons, truth be told.  Daemons, who excel in close combat, devastate necrons in close combat and fliers won’t change that (or claim/contest for that matter).  No, it’s the player type.  Necrons have lots of good combos and are a top tier army, however the player type it attracts at my FLGS is unsavory to me.  I may be unsavory to them…all the better.

– Heavy mech lists such as imperial armored company, should it make an appearance as some rumor suppose, in regular 40k will be brutal as you can now no longer stop them from firing.  Parking lots are still annoying, but with the addition of allies no army remains unable to deal effectively with them…oh, and now that plasma can destroy the firing vehicle with hullpoints I suspect there will be far fewer las/plas Razorbacks.

-My tournament results this past summer (as well as game experience) I believe has established me as, more or less, a strong player.  Before I had struggled for front or even sometimes middle  of the pack but now I feel I can safely assume I fall in top 50% or greater.  My win/loss/draw ratio has finally broken the 50/50 mark with more wins than losses (heavily padded though with Mono-Nurgle and Mono-Khorne wins).

-Mono-Nurgle will be my army of choice for the time being.  With the exalted chariot of Slaanesh coming out, I may find myself picking up some more seekers and daemonettes (goal is 20 seekers, 40 daemonettes, so 3 boxes of seekers, 2 boxes of daemonettes) for a mono-slaanesh force.  But that is a long ways off.  Hopefully Khorne gets a boost in the coming months, but barring that my mono-nurgle with allies will be the way I go.

-I find myself playing a net list.  Which is great and horrible at the same time.  In november when I first started my tally list, most saw it as a fluffy list with little chance.  December it was 8-2-1 and I was on the top table (which I lost due to a lack of speed).  After that, most people saw it as a strong list, but not overpowered it seems.  Now, with many changes and allies the tally list has become a “net list”.  Should I change my list to avoid being considered a net-lister or drive on?  All the locals at my FLGS know I have played this list for about 8 months now, long before 6th.  This is a decision that will have to be made in the future.

-I realize that the people I enjoy playing against the most (People such as Thor from Creative Twilight, Shiny Rhino from Bolter and Chainsword, Hippie, Lucas from Creative Twilight, and a few others) I NEVER play in tournaments.  It seems tournaments are often 2 or 3 games against people I don’t play against often, and frequently, make me not feel like playing them afterwards.  Makes me debate going to less tournaments and saving my 40k time for weekly practice games.


Well, those are my thoughts and reflections of the past few months (and a little ranting…which frankly if you read here you are used to).


Thanks for reading!



Mono Nurgle list faces off against Nullzone…the ultimate test


So last night I played against Thor from Creative Twilight.

We played  the Feast of Blades Mission Stronghold (for access to the missions, click here.

So, for this 2000 (well, 1,999 + 1 so NO double force org) mission, I ran a pretty similar list that I have been running.


Allied Nurgle Tally List


He ran this list


Fate’s Angels List


So, I won roll-off for first turn.  We read the rule, and due to a little confusion we opted to allow ICs to infiltrate/outflank with my Chosen.  Thus I deployed my Sorcerer with my Chosen, my Plaguemarines in their Rhino, the Chosen’s Rhino (Not infiltrating as the Sorcerer won’t fit), and my Havocs up on a building to allow maximum line of site.


He deployed dense in a single corner, with his land raider in front and his rhinos and vindicator towards the rear.  The scout infiltrated near his flank, denying my infiltrate (damnit, I should not premeasure to where I want to place my models and think out loud BEFORE he infiltrates…).   His devs hid in a forest at the table edge.  His predator was in the opposite corner and his storm would outflank.

Turn 1 I get Epidemius with 14 Plague Bearers and my DPoN in.  I deep strike them off the icons in the rear behind cover.  I pop off my missiles at a rhino, high enough to deny cover, and score 3 glances.  Instance 1 of Thor hating hull points and me loving them.  I fire my havoc launchers to no real effect.  During his turn he returned fire with his long range stuff and killed two havocs and the missile launcher for the chosen.

Turn 2 saw my daemon prince swooping, all my other stuff coming in, firing with all my shooting stuff.  Put a hull point on the land raider and stripped the stormbolter off of the vindicator with a glance and a pen from the remaining 2 havoc missile launchers.  My Rhinos moved forward.  My large plaguebearer squad started moving up his flank towards the pred and my sorcerer used his puppetmaster power to take over the landraider and fired the multi-melta at the vindicator…only to miss.  During his turn he put 4 wounds on Kugath and 2 on the DPoN.  Then he assaulted with 5 terminators and Cassius.  The DPoN overwatched with breath of Chaos and wounded with it twice, which resulted in two TH/SS terminators dying.  I challenged and he accepted with Cassius.  He wins combat due to cassius’ FNP, leaving him with 1 wound left.  He also destroyed the Plague Marine’s Rhino with the vindicator exploding it and follow on fire killed 4 of the 7 plague marines.

Turn 3 I moved Kugath up and fired the breath and Necrotic Missiles at the landraider (necrotic missiles was to hit the squad to the immediate rear of the Land Raider).  I moved up the Plaguebearers closer to the Predator.  The Chosen position themselves for a charge next turn.  The plaguemarines fired and killed the vindicator, the Havocs destroying a Rhino (ironically on TOP of the other rhino…leaving a crater ON the rhino…).  Kugath attempts to Charge the land raider and misses by 1″.  The other plaguebearer squad moves up the pred flank was well, hugging cover.  His turn saw the death of Kugath, two more Plague marines (leaving the Champion with fist and the last meltagun left alive).  His storm comes in.  The Cassius combat continues with cassius taking a wound and missing my DPoN.

Turn 4 my Sorcerer separates from the Chosen to get the Pred to fire into the Storm with a lascannon and autocannon, which strips a hullpoint off.  The Chosen attempt to charge by fail by rolling snakeeyes, the Havocs fire frag missiles at the tactical marines and kill one or two.  I manage a long assault roll with my plaguebearers and catch the predator off guard, which has yet to move, so I auto-hit.  With the subsequent 20 attacks I manage 4 6’s and wreck it (instance 2…).  The center assault continues, now the challenge against the TH/SS SGT.  He misses and saves my wounds (both for his and my assault phases).  The last plague marines fire into the Landraider to no effect.  His turn sees the storm boosting to the havocs location and shooting at Epidemius’ squad and killing the Plague Marine aspiring champion as well as killing the last Rhino.

Turn 5 the Sorcerer and the chosen rejoin and assault the terminators.  Epidemius’ squad assaults a tactical squad.  The remaining Plaguemarine meltagun stuns the Land Raider putting a 3rd hull point on it (ALMOST DEAD!).  Epidemius’s assault wipes 4 of 5 marines, the last guy runs.   The Chosen squad kills the remaining 2 terminators and loses 1 chosen. The TH/SS SGT again does nothing and saves my wounds.  My havocs destroy the storm, killing 2 scouts in the process.  During his turn he assaults the center with a 3 man tactical squad and shoots at the havocs, killing the 2 last missile launchers and breaking the champion.  He runs away 2 turns later and shoots to no effect.  Tactical marines fire to no effect at the last plague marine.  As he starts to move the assault, I realize the tally is to 20! Huzzah!  The 3 man tactical squad kills a chosen, bringing the chosen to only 3 now.  The Chosen handily dispatch the tactical squad and the TH/SS terminator finally kills the DPoN.  Combat continues.

Turn 6 Epidemius’ squad finishes off the last tactical marine that ran away.  The plague marine assaults 4 tactical marines and dies (HOW! With a 3+ armor and a 3+ FNP against 4 regular guys?  Rolled 2 2’s…Damn).  The 7 Plaguebearers take a beating down to only 2 and attempt to assault, roll high enough, then I realize I can’t assault things out of LOS…  The Center combat becomes the center of attention.  During my turn the TH/SS guy puts a wound on the Sorcerer.  During his turn I finally kill him, after over 20 successful consecutive invuln saves…growl.  I consolidate out.

Turn 7, I move the 2 plaguebearers closer to the objective.  I don’t make it within 3″ however and the scouts are still out of LOS.  Epidemius’ squad rallies in the back zone to claim it.  The 2 plague bearers hold the side section.  He holds the opposite side (ironically, he holds my deployment zone area and I hold his).  The game decider would be the Land raider.  I have a combi melta, but also could use puppetmaster to fire the land raider at the scouts but his Librarian would DTW on a 5+ and I opted for the combi-melta.  I manage to pen then explode it!  After which I assault the librarian.  I do not kill him, and during his assault phase he manages to kill a single chosen.  The game ends with me holding 3 zones and holding 1 objective, and with him holding 2 objectives I believe and 2 zones.  I score a minor win for the primary and he scores a minor win for the secondary.  After modifiers are applied I end with 18 victory points and he has 15, resulting in a barely minor victory, many would call a draw, and surely a Pyrrhic victory at that suffering massive losses, even larger than his.


Overall, the addition of the CSM was a game changer and allowed me to survive the null-zone.  In the end, it was probably one of the best games of 40K I have ever played and it was a blast.


Thanks for Reading,

Second Game for 6th and a Tournament.

So, last wednesday I played 2000 points of Mono-Nurgle allied goodness against a Tau straight up Daka list.  Ton of Broadsides and fire warriors, a few pathfinders, and some vehicle I downed turn one.   😀

I ran-



Chosen outflanked in Rhino

14 PBs

7 PBs

2 DPoN w/ breath

5 havocs w/ MLs

Plaguemarines in Rhino.


It started off as a bloodbath from turn one.  His vehicle was downed turn one, I deepstruck all my stuff off the icon on the Plague Marines.  From there, he dump a TON of fire into Epidemius’ squad of 14 Plaguebearers.  By turn 3 he had damn near killed em…until I attached him to a new squad of 7.  My DPoN (both of them) ravaged fire warrior squads, then went onto a crisis suit squad before being mauled by gunfire.  He got the ethereal killed early which meant he was rerolling 1’s for hit and wound for SHOOTING.  Oh NOOOOOOOs!!!!!!  Yeah, it was bad.

Ultimately, it was a win.  I think 13-8.  REALLY good seeing that I played against him with my daemons in 5th and he was tabled by turn 4 or 5.  He held on til the bitter end, and put up a hell of a fight.  Once the tally reached 15 and FNP was on a 3+, he was having a really hard time dropping Epidemius with his 5+, then 3+, then 2+ for LOS.  Once it hit 20, the chosen with their flamer and the missile launchers with frag missiles just about ruined his day because 4 small blasts that ignore armor are a bad thing against firewarriors, and when they are Krak missiles then they are super bad for Commanders.  😛  All in all, it was an awesome game, second game for the servants of Papa Nurgle and second win.  6th has been good to Nurgle with the addition of allies and MOST IMPORTANTLY, starting with Icons on the table (thank god for GW using exactly the same terminology!).

Then I played a team tournament on Saturday.  My teammate was sick, so I got whoever was handy.  I ended up with a codex SM player running 2 full tactical squads, a libby, and a 10 man terminator squad.  It was 1000 points, no allies, so I ran my Cordos rats.  I ran vets, primaris psyker, a squadron with a basilisk and griffon, a manticore, and a hydra (though I played against ZERO fliers….grrrr).  Oh, and a full Psyker Battle Squad.


First game was pretty neck and neck.  Tau and Nids vs IG and SM.  It was a Feast of Blades mission, which are unforgiving in the extreme as if you lose by a slight amount you walk away empty handed.  However, the first mission was fun and I learned how nasty barrage was in 6th.  Whiiiiich I then used the next game.


Next game was a bye, so I played against my team mate.  I hid in cover, going to ground again and again, hiding my tanks behind each other to get a massive bonus to cover.  With Camo Nets and a vehicle directly in front of my vehicles, it resulted in basically terminator armor on tanks.  Cover saves got that much more awesome on vehicles.  Camo nets are WORTH IT!

Regardless, Between the 2+ cover on my Penal legionaires hiding behind ruins (they had Stealth (ruins)) in a forest, they had 4+ cover, then +2 when they went to ground, giving them a 2+.  Things were going pretty well for him until I landed a 3 volley shot from the Manticore on the Libby.  He rolled enough ones that it insta killed him. 😀  Happy rats…  Then, his terminators got just close enough that I fired off Psychic Shriek after lowering their Ld to 2.  But I had G2G…so I needed a 6.  But low and behold, when I needed a 6 my dice did provide.  I hit him, he did not deny it, and rolled a 15…so he had to take 13 invuln saves on the remaining 6 terminators.

From there he was a really bad sport really…throwing his own models, huffing when his guys died.  Yeah, at first it wasn’t fun.  THEN, I realized it was funny to make a young adult act like my 2 year old and snickered as my artillery blew chunks out of his tactical squads again and again.  In the end, I won handily with him only having 1 marine from each of the squads.  Think I got a Major and a Minor for Primary and Secondary.  One more turn and he would have been tabled!  Why didn’t my dice provide a 4+ for a 7th turn. 😛

Third game was against Thor from  It was a tough fight from the start.  In my IG fashion…I hid behind the power armor.  It was pretty simple.  fire volley, go to ground.  Fire another…go to ground again.  Yep, in the end I feel I pulled my weight from the team though they pulled a hefty win the last turn.  We ran out of time, who knows how the game would have panned out, but I suspect with no time limit they would have won with just as strong a margin.  BUT, I DID manage to pull off Psychic Shriek on a reduced Ld squad again.  Best…Combo…Ever. 😀


Well, thanks for reading!



Allies for the Daemons of Chaos!

So, 6th has brought us allies.  What are some that I think will fit into my Daemons, and maybe into my IG?

Here are the prospective candidates!
Chaos Sorcerer

So this guy can have 2-3 Psychic powers with a ML of 1-2.  These powers, especially given that Daemons and CSM are BB, means that his powers can be used to truly improve the overall flexibility of ANY daemon army.  The terminator armor and invuln save makes him a tough target that can survive a truly hellish pounding.  Add a mark of Nurgle and it takes a S10 AP2 weapon to kill him straight off.  Just avoid those dreadnoughts.

Typhus, Herald of Nurgle

So this guy.  Yeah, a psyker in terminator armor with FNP and a weapon that causes instant death?  Brutal alone, but in a tally list, pretty damn unstoppable.  ‘Nuff Said.  2+ armor, 5+ invuln, 3+ FNP.

Chaos Terminators

Lightning claws and Chainfists.  Tack on a mark of Nurgle for T5, or better yet a Mark of Slaanesh for I5 and even units such as deathguard will have a lot of trouble bringing these guys down with the changes to power weapon AP values.

Cult Troops

Cult troops offer interesting Niche and fluff fillers.  Plague marines benefit well from the tally, thousand sons and noise marines offer new strong ranged options.

Chaos Bikers

These guys add some mobility early in the game to a daemon army.  With bikes, I can force early target priority decisions that can be hard as well as get some shots off early.  Add a mark of Nurgle and these guys, all T6, become brutally tough to kill.

Lelith Hesperax

A capable close combat fighter that can really excel in challenges and can be used to tear apart those terminator units now that Khorne units cannot reliably kill terminator units.


These guys are strong close combat fighters that have a 3+ save.  Something that daemons lack consistently.  With their potential high stength attacks combined with the flexibility of their high volume of attacks for use against large model count armies thus this makes these guys great multi-use units for the assault phase.

Voidraven Bomber

Man, can this guy pack a punch. This can be thrown in for some serious anti-tank and anti-infantry firepower.  With the customizable loadouts and the twin void lances, plus the void mine, I can use him to fill out those typically very expensive daemon heavy slots and add some flying fire power to the daemons.

Psyker Battle Squads

Yeah, with the fear special rule and as many things that force moral and Ld checks (often on 3D6), these guys can be used as a great force multiplier on the cheap for daemons.

Primaris Psyker

With his two psyker powers, he compliments psyker battle squads well and just adds to the overall competency of a daemon army.

Vet Squads in a chimera

Three meltas and a heavy weapon in a chimera.  Cheap and loaded with weapons.

So these are the additions I am looking at pretty heavily right now.  Love to hear from those who have used these units.

Thanks for reading, KI

Army jumpers and bandwagoneers – bad for the game?

So, we’ve all seen them.  The Grey Knight codex came out and suddenly a ton of people play Grey Knights.  Necrons the same.  Now as 6th has come out with allies and the release of Chaos Space Marines and DA looms, I am sure it will happen again.  Some people play these armies, have for a long time, or have expressed interest in the army prior to this.  They purchase models and paint them, and have fun playing them regardless of the result of the army.

THEN, there are those that are army jumpers.  I also call them bandwagoneers.  You know the type.  You grimace as your army that is chugging along, week by week becoming ever more painted, models meticulously converted, highlighted, detailed, and based and you play against…well, grey plastic.  They surf the web and forums, find great combos, and rock those combos until something better comes out.  HOWEVER! This DOES sell lots of models as whenever ANYONE starts a new army they buy a codex and a bunch of models.  So that MUST be good for the game, right?

I say no…it’s not.

Few reasons.  First, no one likes playing against an army that is not painted (and sometimes not even assembled).  Most don’t mind when it is partially painted, especially if that person is making progress.  I feel bad playing models that aren’t painted, but my lists wouldn’t be able to change very quickly if I stuck to painted models only and as I have painting ADD I paint here, there, then back here again.   But to have grey models.  Models without arms?  Vehicles with tracks not glued on, or bases not even flocked?  People can make a LOT of progress through painting an hour a week, or 10-15 minutes a day.  Watching TV by yourself?  Paint while your at it (my preferred time to paint personally).

Another reason is abuse.  Grey knights come out, and suddenly everyone hated grey knights.  For the old grey knight players (like myself) who got pounded again and again with the old codex to finally get a new codex that everyone hates because of straight up cheese ruins the new book.  It did for me at least.  But it is not inherently cheesy.  If you run a GK list with common characters (grand masters, champions, inquistors, librarians), have a blend of units (not 6 psyflemen dreads), and use units that will invariably add to the strategic value of the army (interceptors and cullexus assassin for example) but are not commonly seen.  But no.  Everyone runs Draigo.  You see lots of vindicare assassins, techmarines with all grenades, and stormravens (with Draigo win inside…).  Thus, these armies become less fun to play against.  I suspect it was part of the reason why ‘ard boyz was gotten rid of.  Plastic v plastic armies with cheesy spammed lists…yeah, not the goal of GW for the feel of the game.

But army jumpers lead to exploitation.  They don’t cause it, just cause it faster.  The influx into any new army of people seeking a way to exploit every possible advantage out of an army will simply lead to rapid dissection of the codex, throwing away the fluff (because Draigo apparently appears in EVERY grey knight army, or damn near…even in small skirmishes), throwing away the pages with non-competitive units, and ending up with a 12 pages packet of rules.  But how does this REALLY hurt the community.

Because GW knee jerks.  Take lash for example.  While I didn’t experience it, apparently lash/oblit was the cheese combo of choice.  But GW changed psyker rules, and continue to do so, favoring anti-lash.  Do they have something against CSM?  Of course not, it’s a product, but if the CSM armies exploit these powers to be devastating it can a) make people just dislike playing as the lists have become so common or b) make more people just use CSM resulting in lower product diversity (which with anything, diversity is critical to maintain high levels of production that way if CSM become not so great they don’t lose a lot of customers).  But ultimately, those who play CSM in a manner that is not exploitative (and are known not to play in this manner) suffer regardless and it generally, for lack of better words, sucks.

Luckily, GW has seen this army jumping and has now added allies.  How does this help?  It allows army jumpers to pull in other units.  This might mean that, with allies, seeing the same 2 lists is much less likely and if anything army jumpers will keep an army long enough to at least get it primed.  With allies there exists endless possibilities.  It also encourages people to learn the fluff behind alliances as well.  GW has implemented allies in a manner that suggests that they will not be exploited.

But it will be.  Quickly, the internet community will rip apart the 6th ed. rule book, finding every last wording error or oversight and dig their claws in for a quick win.  They will pair up units that create the greatest synergy and suddenly we will see grey and metal versions across the table from us until GW reacts and FAQs the combination away or changes interaction to force them to run the unit differently.  So will allies fix the problem?  No, of course not.  It is the nature of the game.  The game draws some who consider themselves alpha personalities in a game that is…well, a game.  GW does not offer cash for tournaments as it would attract more of these exploitative WAAC players which ruins the fun for the rest of the community and ultimately reduces variety and diversity (because there are certainly “top-tier” or better codices out there).

Well, that’s my two cents, thanks for reading,