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Blogging Without Minis

So I found myself stuck in the lovely Balkans region of the world for nearly a year.  That’s a year without my minis which makes it challenging to blog.  I’d love to continue blogging, but I find myself challenged for something to blog about.  I turned to longtime 40k friend, Thor from over at Creative Twilight.  He suggested blogging more about background and fluff as well as discussing units and codices.

So, over the course of the next seven or eight months I hope to not only flesh out the bulk of my own war bands and daemonic hoards, but even maybe tease out details that will add some flavor and help guide list-building when I am at a loss.  I also hope to discuss the new book Legions and cover many units that may not receive the love from mainstream as well as how they can be used either effectively or comically…because we all enjoy both, right?

So I hope to get my first fluff/background piece out this Sunday.  Until then, thanks for reading!




Grand Cabal

So I recently purchased the two new things.  First, I bought 6 bikes.  Then, I bought the new BL codex.  Thus emerged my newest idea of the grand cabal.  It is an 1850 list that looks like this:

1850 Pts – Supplement: Black Legion Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1850

Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicator (26#, 1850 pts)
1 Cyclopia Cabal, 0 pts
Sorcerer 1= Sigil of Darkness, ML 4, Bike, Spell Familiar, Last Memory of Yuranthos
Sorcerer 2= Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar, Eye of Night
Sorcerer 3= Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer 4= Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer 5=Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer w/ Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike (warlord)
10 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma and rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines w/ flamer and rhino
1 Chaos Predator (AC/Las)
1 Chaos Predator (Tri-Las)
1 Chaos Vindicator (Stock)

So, a grand total of 1850 on the nose with 27 wounds and 15 hullpoints.  I ran a game against some cheesy Tau list.  Phone was dead so there was no pictures of this spectacle.

The key to this list is the tactical flexibility it gave me.  With 5 disciplines to choose from and a massive 19 base warp charges per turn the pre-game rolling was a little rough (ie- bring lists with pre-drawn lines for powers!).

But psychic powers ended up as such.  I ran 1 sorcerer from the cabal took one discipline and the Warlord shored up any gaps.

Sorcerer 1 (Pyromancy): Flame Breath, Sunburst, Molten Beam, Fiery Form, Fire Shield (I would only use Sunburst, Molten Beam, and Flame breath).

Sorcerer 2 (Biomancy): Smite, Haemorrhage, Endurance, Enfeeble

Sorcerer 3 (Telepathy): Psychic Shriek, Invisibility, Dominate, Terrify (This set was clutch)

Sorcerer 4 (Maelific): Summoning, Dark Flame, Sacrifice, Incursion

Sorcerer 5 (Sanctic): Banishment (big “who cares” on this), Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary, Vortex of Doom (I did not realize a- How powerful these were until I played them and b- How stupid I have been for ignoring Sanctic.  OMG powerful when used right).

Warlord: Biomancy- Life Leech and Endurance, Telepathy- Shrouding

So yeah, a pretty gnarly set of powers.  The game did not go as I planned.  I expected to be tabled by turn 3, 4 tops.  He was running the Tau super-formation.  Lots of rerolls and shared powers.

I won the first turn.  Kept the tanks stationary for firing.  Zipped my bikes forward.

Psychic phase (rolled a 6, for a total of 25 warp charges)- Cast Gate of infinity.  WC 1 with rerolls.  I liked it.  He didn’t realize how much more lethal I got at close range, so he didn’t even contest it.  Did a DS 9″ from his flank.  Then I proceeded to hammer him with the following all on the first turn (number in parenthesis is # of WC spent)-

Gate (1), Psychic Shriek (2), sacrifice (1), Life Leech (2, healing the sacrifice wound), Vortex (6- Periled, lost 1 wound and Gate of infinity),Endurance (5- Periled, nothing happened), psychic shriek (3), Invisibility (5- Perils, lost 2 WC I didn;t have and a wound).

Suffice to say, 2 wounds later and luckily not getting dragged into the warp turn 1 (that would have suuuucked), he had lost a lot.  Most of a unit of fire warriors, his broadsides, kroots broken and fled off of board, and I was up a herald of tzeentch and the sorcerers were invisible.  That vortex would end up basically tabling him because he was too terrified to move out of his cover because his ability and win rate is based on his use of tau formations and distance fire and not maneuver.  Then I had my shooting phase…which was less successful.  The vindi was out of range (bone head move to deploy him so far back against a gun-line Tau force).  The Preds did manage to drop a HP off of a Tau tank (the one with the anti-air missiles).  My Sorcerers opted to pop the Eye of Night at a squadron of tanks with longstrike (the tanks with the railguns).  Hit two tanks, did 5 penetrating hits to the squadron killing one and stunning and immobilizing the second.

He fired basically everything he had left at my sorcerers.  Managed to drop my warlord, and do two wounds (dispersed because I had all the sorcerers touching so the front one was equi-distant from the rest making wound abuse possible from different wound pools and Look out sir.  However, the vortex killed another squad of infantry, scattering a hilarious 7 inches into the squad.

By the end of turn 1 he was down to about 50% of his list from failed morale checks and psychic powers.  Turn 2 psychic powers went about as well for me, with him straight conceding turn three.

Overall, very brutal.  I will make some changes though:

Swap out Eye of Night and Flamer from small squad, make warlord have MoT, spell Familiar, and Crucible of Lies and make AC on Pred TL Las.  This will give Warlord a 3++ with rerolls of 1s, and with Sanctuary and Endurance The warlord will become the wound sink and have a 2++ rerollable witha  4+ FNP basically making the squad almost impossible to destroy.

Well, hopefully I get that game in in the future,

Thanks for reading,


Trying out Age Of Sigmar

So I have debated trying out the age of Sigmar game and recently tried it out. Fun and rife with possibilities. The rule system is not balanced for 40k’ers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not balanced. Lets look at a few things-

Heroes-  some of these guys are monsters, but they can’t hide in blobs. Yeah, that sorcerer can Dunkin a theater every turn, but those imperial archers can simply wipe him out. Even Nagash is killable.

Simple – yeah, the game is simple. Could use a FAQ, but its simple in a good way. Easy to learn and that means that the in game strategy is the big factor in winning.

Not tournament oriented – yeah, this is a bad thing for some but if you like playing a game that is fun and not making lists for tournies, then its great. Designed for narratives so its my type of game.

An excuse to but all the cool fantasy models – yeah, this one is my favorite. Fantasy had some awesome models (Nagash for example) and I really am excited to try this game more in earnest.

overall, it’s not the Warhammer of old. It’s fast and dynamic and very simple. No templates, no charts to consult, and all the rules are free… Always, from what I’ve read. Looking forward to trying it more.

Well,   thanks for reading,


Isopropyl…and other stuff

So, after adding Isopropyl to the mix, things are going a bit smoother.  However, it sucks down a LOT of paint.  SO, on that note I ordered a base color kit from Vallejo model air.  Lots of good reviews, and with it I can start doing basing.  From there I will start to expand upon my airbrush paint collection, but I never really see myself becoming an “air only” kinda guy.  It lacks the finesse and connection with a model I love to have.  However, with those colors coming in, they will allow me to start cranking away at my rat-rebels and get an army that is field ready.  Not as impressive as the grot guard that can be seen over at creative twilight, I feel it will look impressive nonetheless.  Excited as I still have some models to build to include Skaven StormVermin which will act as my Ogryn Brutes.  These guys are actually bigger than I figured and they really fit the bill for the intent.  The squad will be close to 400 points though, so not sure how I will deploy it…perhaps in a chimera?  I hope to get a pack of night runners to get fully posable models for a squad of oddly armed specialists.

I also picked up some more GS and have made a little more progress on the vindicator.  I hope to get pictures up this weekend of a radically altered vindicator shield as well as a finished predator and a second obliterator (which would make 2 of 3 for mini-defilers).


Well, thanks for reading,



First squad done!

IMGP0003 (2) IMGP0004 (2)So I finished my first squad of hormagaunts.  Trying really hard not to have any backlog with my nids, so as 1 squad/box is finished I can then pick up another.  I really like the end result (they are still sans grass).  The pristine basing and bright colors clash with the gore and blood.  Going for sort of a pristine battlefield look, so fresh logs, flowers, grass, trees.  That kind of stuff, a break from typical mud, blood, rock, and rubble.  Because I am not very heavily read on nid fluff, I am operating under the working name of “Purple People Eaters” for army name.  Also…cuz it’s funny.

Thanks for reading,


Painter’s ADD

Oh my, I never realized how bad my painter’s ADD was.  Until I have about half dozen projects that are all going at the same time.  


Blood Thirster

Flaming Chariot



Chaos Contemptor Dread

Possessed CSM

Oh…plus a plethora of other stuff that hasn’t even begun or I just have a solid plan for (for example, I have an exalted chariot that I worked on but the only thing I like about it are the seekers but the metal chariot is just boring looking)…

I am closest to done on the Mutilators I think, then the Thirster, then about 30-50% on the rest.  Ugh.  I need to pick a project, crank through it, and then finish it and move on.  Here are the pics of the works in Progress

The Bloodthirster:



I still need to detail the steel, highlight the leather, work his face, claws, hooves, wings, and finish the bone plate on the shoulder.  


Blood Slaughterer:



I worked on the brass last night.  I still need to highlight the brass, work on the cabling, and paint the steel on the joints (I think the joints are all going to be steel colored).  Currently he doesn’t have a base.  Lots of work to be done, but coming along nicely.  I am looking forward to painting all the bodies sticking out of the cabling and the gore I hope to work onto the blade.  

Burning Chariot:



Oblits and Mutilators:


I don’t have any pics of the oblits handy, but they are still a VERY rough WIP.  I have done a little work on these guys (the mutilators) since this point, mainly their bases.

Chaos Contemptor Dread:



This guy has a lot of the basics done, it is a matter of knocking out the highlights on all the brass and black, and working the small details which there are a metric ton of.


Possessed CSM;
My last big thing I have started, though hardly in earnest.



I have actually 5 more assembled and with no paint on them besides primer.  Want to get all 10 done for my CSM army.  I love possessed models and they are really neat in gameplay, especially now that they are troops with the crimson slaughter.  


So, this is what’s on my table and what I am working on.  Now…to figure out what to finish.  Sort of leaning towards the slaughterer.  


Thanks for reading,


Mustering the troops: A preparation to fight a superheavy.

Stop standing there and shoot back damnit!

So, as the name suggests, I have decided to face this impending threat.  I got ahold of a copy of Stronghold Assault and it works as a very good counter to escalation.  I have always like the ideas of fortifications…guess it’s the Sapper in me that always looks at ways to fortify and build up.  I arranged a 2,000 point game against a local IG player with more super-heavies than most gaming clubs…actually, I think he has more than the store he plays in.  My only request was that he not bring S D weapons as I truly have no desire to run against that madness.  I will be playing a list, likely with elements from Stronghold Assault so I can review that.  This is as far as I have have gotten.  I can’t decide on a list.  I have built several, all brutal and nasty, but I am still looking at going toe to toe with about 1500 points of guard and I can’t only build to kill that super heavy.

First up:

Pure Assault.  This list hits hard…and hard.  Pretty much everything, on the charge, can crack an AV 10 armor easily and even AV 12 rears don’t stand much of a chance.  It’s a mixture of all the daemonic gods, so it’s pulling from a little bit of everything.  Against a superheavy, I need a little bit of extra time to close that gap…thus a void relay network to give all my units an AV 12 cushion.


Bloodthirster w/ Exalted and Greater Rewards.  This guy, with a void shield and his flying will close the gap and make short work of anything in his way.

2 daemonic heralds: Nurgle w/ ML 2, Greater reward, and FNP Loci and also Karanak to start a wee bit closer.


4 Bloodcrushers w/ Banner of blood.  These guys are too expensive for a T4 3 wounder against a super heavy and the inevitable number of lascannons he will have.  But being cavalry, they will close that gap fast and even 4 can cripple a flank.

4 Flamers.  Plain and simple.


2 x 15 bloodletters w/ banners of blood and 15 plaguebearers w/ generic icon.  The bloodletters can crack everything BUT a superheavy…and the plaguebearers will be useful to put down a superheavy with the blades.

Fast attacks: 8 hounds and 5 screamers.  Again…fast and nasty.

Heavy: Soulgrinder of Slaanesh w/ baleful torrent.  He is as much here for the close combat power as he is for the shooting.


Void Relay Network w/ 2 generators (3 shields each) and 1 Promethium pipeline (used here only to connect the generators as I have nothing that will benefit from siphon fuel…though they do provide 4+ cover)

Bottom line: Everything is fast, nasty, and with the void shields he is going to either get very lucky and glance or pen the first three hits of the first three shots, or I am going to get a little less of a beating running across the table.

List 2: Instead of going the lots of assaulty units, it is a smaller and more elite army of Black Legion and CSM


Black Legion (Primary) w/ CSM (Allied)


Huron (Warlord)

Jump Sorcerer w/ML 3 and  Last memory of Yuranthos

Be’Lakor (CSM HQ)


2 Mutilators w/ MoN


9 Chosen in rhino w/ Power Weapon, 2 Meltaguns, and 3 flamers

10 CSM w/ 2 Meltaguns

15 Cultists w/ 14 Autoguns and a flamer

Fast Attack:

8 Raptors of Khorne w/ Icon of Wrath and 2 meltaguns

Heavy Support:

2 Obliterators of Nurgle

Fortifications: Same as last time.  Void relay network w/ 2 generators and 1 promethium pipeline.  This time though, w/ flamers in the list and infiltrate, I can really put them to use.

This list is a little cheesier.  Rocking up to psychic powers cast every turn, and knowing I am starting with puppetmaster means that things are a little different.  However, I don’t think it’s cheese to a ridiculous level.  If I dropped Be’Lakor, I would simply pick up 2 squads of Havocs or Chosen to infiltrate in and up the oblits and Mutilators (which may also be infiltrated).

Well, those are my lists I am deciding between.  Maybe some tweaks left or right. It will certainly be a learning experience, but he doesn’t play me often so I hope to catch him as off guard with my play-style and armies as I learn how to contend with baneblades and storm hammers.  Either way, the key to winning will be several things- Prioritization, concentration, and pure and absolute aggression.  Those void shields will realistically net me a single turn, maybe 2 if I am lucky.  That means I need to be on him as soon as possible.


Well, thanks for reading.  Would love some comments on ideas for lists.