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Mustering the troops: A preparation to fight a superheavy.

Stop standing there and shoot back damnit!

So, as the name suggests, I have decided to face this impending threat.  I got ahold of a copy of Stronghold Assault and it works as a very good counter to escalation.  I have always like the ideas of fortifications…guess it’s the Sapper in me that always looks at ways to fortify and build up.  I arranged a 2,000 point game against a local IG player with more super-heavies than most gaming clubs…actually, I think he has more than the store he plays in.  My only request was that he not bring S D weapons as I truly have no desire to run against that madness.  I will be playing a list, likely with elements from Stronghold Assault so I can review that.  This is as far as I have have gotten.  I can’t decide on a list.  I have built several, all brutal and nasty, but I am still looking at going toe to toe with about 1500 points of guard and I can’t only build to kill that super heavy.

First up:

Pure Assault.  This list hits hard…and hard.  Pretty much everything, on the charge, can crack an AV 10 armor easily and even AV 12 rears don’t stand much of a chance.  It’s a mixture of all the daemonic gods, so it’s pulling from a little bit of everything.  Against a superheavy, I need a little bit of extra time to close that gap…thus a void relay network to give all my units an AV 12 cushion.


Bloodthirster w/ Exalted and Greater Rewards.  This guy, with a void shield and his flying will close the gap and make short work of anything in his way.

2 daemonic heralds: Nurgle w/ ML 2, Greater reward, and FNP Loci and also Karanak to start a wee bit closer.


4 Bloodcrushers w/ Banner of blood.  These guys are too expensive for a T4 3 wounder against a super heavy and the inevitable number of lascannons he will have.  But being cavalry, they will close that gap fast and even 4 can cripple a flank.

4 Flamers.  Plain and simple.


2 x 15 bloodletters w/ banners of blood and 15 plaguebearers w/ generic icon.  The bloodletters can crack everything BUT a superheavy…and the plaguebearers will be useful to put down a superheavy with the blades.

Fast attacks: 8 hounds and 5 screamers.  Again…fast and nasty.

Heavy: Soulgrinder of Slaanesh w/ baleful torrent.  He is as much here for the close combat power as he is for the shooting.


Void Relay Network w/ 2 generators (3 shields each) and 1 Promethium pipeline (used here only to connect the generators as I have nothing that will benefit from siphon fuel…though they do provide 4+ cover)

Bottom line: Everything is fast, nasty, and with the void shields he is going to either get very lucky and glance or pen the first three hits of the first three shots, or I am going to get a little less of a beating running across the table.

List 2: Instead of going the lots of assaulty units, it is a smaller and more elite army of Black Legion and CSM


Black Legion (Primary) w/ CSM (Allied)


Huron (Warlord)

Jump Sorcerer w/ML 3 and  Last memory of Yuranthos

Be’Lakor (CSM HQ)


2 Mutilators w/ MoN


9 Chosen in rhino w/ Power Weapon, 2 Meltaguns, and 3 flamers

10 CSM w/ 2 Meltaguns

15 Cultists w/ 14 Autoguns and a flamer

Fast Attack:

8 Raptors of Khorne w/ Icon of Wrath and 2 meltaguns

Heavy Support:

2 Obliterators of Nurgle

Fortifications: Same as last time.  Void relay network w/ 2 generators and 1 promethium pipeline.  This time though, w/ flamers in the list and infiltrate, I can really put them to use.

This list is a little cheesier.  Rocking up to psychic powers cast every turn, and knowing I am starting with puppetmaster means that things are a little different.  However, I don’t think it’s cheese to a ridiculous level.  If I dropped Be’Lakor, I would simply pick up 2 squads of Havocs or Chosen to infiltrate in and up the oblits and Mutilators (which may also be infiltrated).

Well, those are my lists I am deciding between.  Maybe some tweaks left or right. It will certainly be a learning experience, but he doesn’t play me often so I hope to catch him as off guard with my play-style and armies as I learn how to contend with baneblades and storm hammers.  Either way, the key to winning will be several things- Prioritization, concentration, and pure and absolute aggression.  Those void shields will realistically net me a single turn, maybe 2 if I am lucky.  That means I need to be on him as soon as possible.


Well, thanks for reading.  Would love some comments on ideas for lists.




Nooowwww I remember why I don’t play my IG very often. :P

So I opted to run a 1500 point list of IG and try out some new units with the idea of infiltrating numerous units to control early game vehicle destruction…yeah, didn’t work. :0

So, to save the time, I lost terribly. I DID learn some really good lessons though-

Storm troopers- niche fillers. A full unit is a terrible idea and even worse if they are held as static. Overall, an expensive unit that cost just way too many points for its uses. It should have been 105 points- 2 melta guns and 5 dudes. Maybe run 2 plasma guns and a SGT with two plasma pistols for infiltrating 18″ away, moving 6, and popping off 6 shots of plasma to tear up a terminator squad or something like that for just over 100 points.

PBS- more of these.

Rattling snipers- great concept, but with ld 6, unless there are ruins or something to offer a 4+ cover, they get run off the table with a T2 and ld 6.

So my key mistakes were-
Setup- still learning this really. Never have to deal with this for daemons and i struggle with it damn near every time I have to do it. Didn’t help he seized, but I should have expected it.

Too little of too much- I had infiltrators, artillery, a blob, snipers, storm troopers, heavy weapons. Yeah on paper it looks like it can take on anything. Problem is redundancy. Nothing was duplicated. That means that when it’s gone, I lose capability. I have always done better when lists offered a little…or a lot… of redundancy. My Nurgle has a TON of redundancy. Same with my khorne lists and both are pretty good on the WLD scale. I need to pick a mode of attack and rock it.

Don’t rely on cover, place smart- yep, cover is great. But these days everyone at my FLGS plays a manticore…this is a problem.

If I am gonna run blobs, run officers!!!! – really self explanatory.

Focus fire by priority. I hopped around on target priority leaving a lot of wounded units but very few units dead all the way. I need to focus on a unit with everything until its gone unless something super pressing emerges.

Remember searchlights. I wasted my first turn of shooting because of night fight. This could have easily changed the game.

Well, that was about it. Overall, poorly played game on my part but I still got at least one point and had fun, so it wasn’t really a loss. Thank god for good opponents that make ass-beatings fun too.

Thanks for reading,

On my desk

So I find myself mores excited about the upcoming break from school for painting more than playing. Right now, I have three projects of hefty caliber lined up on my desk, one from each of the armies I have and another in the works. Essentially, I am making a kick ass model for each of the painting categories.

25 mm- the slaanesh sorcerer. He has had little love paid towards him last few days but I finally got the last bit for him. I need to finish up the marines flamer spurt, GS some tormented souls on the jump pack, do up the ground (still not sure what I want for a base…thinking green as marine will be blue and sorcerer will be pink so grass with bits of scorched grass in there). Then finish the marines foot, remove the blue tack and start gluing minor components on, paint, then attach major components after painting. His imagined paint scheme will be a dark pink worked up to a super bright pink with emperors children sign on his shoulder. Need to pick a company for the smurf (thus a edging color…I will likely refer to my local SME on smurfs for this one). The trimming on him will be black with metallic details and purple loincloth and lenses. The whip will be black crackling with either purple or blue lightning (which will wrap onto his hand to indicate the power source is the sorcerer himself).

40 mm- this one is still in the planning stages, nothing hard yet.

60 mm- yeah…nothing for this one yet either.

Monster- the big bad ice thirster. Planned out his base, working on making icicles, plotted out the color scheme. Slow going on this guy. Oh, gotta get new brushes before I tackle this guy as he is so big I don’t want mistakes.

Squad- converting a squad of storm vermin into storm Troopers with the infiltrate doctrine. They will be armed with fantasy hell rifles (the multi-barreled ones) and I am going to convert them so that they are crouching. After that I am going to use dunked bases to make them emerging from water (cutting off some of their feet) and put ghili suits on them. Cool part will be some of the strips of cloth will “float” on the water to give a dynamic sense of motion.

Diorama- either a diorama on the battle of rynns world or a diorama called over the top with IG going over a trench line wearing bretonian style pan helmets (sorta think WW I). Big thing here is that it will have a back drop depicting the rest of the battle and the explosions in the distance and I have some orks for the close in enemies. Get some concertina wire for the obstacles for the orcs. Put little letters stabbed into the trench wall with knives and at the bottom have a commissar shouting and an officer with a whistle or bullhorn or something. Overall, fun to make.

Yeah, so I am pretty well set up for the next quite a few months… Should be a blast!

On that note, my khorne army is coming along. Made some progress on them blue hounds and bloodletters. Need to attach the bloodletter heads, finish up the hounds, do basing and details on both then I can start working on the ice crushers! Hopefully my khorne army gets some luvin come February…they need it!!!!!

Hey, thanks for reading,


Second Game for 6th and a Tournament.

So, last wednesday I played 2000 points of Mono-Nurgle allied goodness against a Tau straight up Daka list.  Ton of Broadsides and fire warriors, a few pathfinders, and some vehicle I downed turn one.   😀

I ran-



Chosen outflanked in Rhino

14 PBs

7 PBs

2 DPoN w/ breath

5 havocs w/ MLs

Plaguemarines in Rhino.


It started off as a bloodbath from turn one.  His vehicle was downed turn one, I deepstruck all my stuff off the icon on the Plague Marines.  From there, he dump a TON of fire into Epidemius’ squad of 14 Plaguebearers.  By turn 3 he had damn near killed em…until I attached him to a new squad of 7.  My DPoN (both of them) ravaged fire warrior squads, then went onto a crisis suit squad before being mauled by gunfire.  He got the ethereal killed early which meant he was rerolling 1’s for hit and wound for SHOOTING.  Oh NOOOOOOOs!!!!!!  Yeah, it was bad.

Ultimately, it was a win.  I think 13-8.  REALLY good seeing that I played against him with my daemons in 5th and he was tabled by turn 4 or 5.  He held on til the bitter end, and put up a hell of a fight.  Once the tally reached 15 and FNP was on a 3+, he was having a really hard time dropping Epidemius with his 5+, then 3+, then 2+ for LOS.  Once it hit 20, the chosen with their flamer and the missile launchers with frag missiles just about ruined his day because 4 small blasts that ignore armor are a bad thing against firewarriors, and when they are Krak missiles then they are super bad for Commanders.  😛  All in all, it was an awesome game, second game for the servants of Papa Nurgle and second win.  6th has been good to Nurgle with the addition of allies and MOST IMPORTANTLY, starting with Icons on the table (thank god for GW using exactly the same terminology!).

Then I played a team tournament on Saturday.  My teammate was sick, so I got whoever was handy.  I ended up with a codex SM player running 2 full tactical squads, a libby, and a 10 man terminator squad.  It was 1000 points, no allies, so I ran my Cordos rats.  I ran vets, primaris psyker, a squadron with a basilisk and griffon, a manticore, and a hydra (though I played against ZERO fliers….grrrr).  Oh, and a full Psyker Battle Squad.


First game was pretty neck and neck.  Tau and Nids vs IG and SM.  It was a Feast of Blades mission, which are unforgiving in the extreme as if you lose by a slight amount you walk away empty handed.  However, the first mission was fun and I learned how nasty barrage was in 6th.  Whiiiiich I then used the next game.


Next game was a bye, so I played against my team mate.  I hid in cover, going to ground again and again, hiding my tanks behind each other to get a massive bonus to cover.  With Camo Nets and a vehicle directly in front of my vehicles, it resulted in basically terminator armor on tanks.  Cover saves got that much more awesome on vehicles.  Camo nets are WORTH IT!

Regardless, Between the 2+ cover on my Penal legionaires hiding behind ruins (they had Stealth (ruins)) in a forest, they had 4+ cover, then +2 when they went to ground, giving them a 2+.  Things were going pretty well for him until I landed a 3 volley shot from the Manticore on the Libby.  He rolled enough ones that it insta killed him. 😀  Happy rats…  Then, his terminators got just close enough that I fired off Psychic Shriek after lowering their Ld to 2.  But I had G2G…so I needed a 6.  But low and behold, when I needed a 6 my dice did provide.  I hit him, he did not deny it, and rolled a 15…so he had to take 13 invuln saves on the remaining 6 terminators.

From there he was a really bad sport really…throwing his own models, huffing when his guys died.  Yeah, at first it wasn’t fun.  THEN, I realized it was funny to make a young adult act like my 2 year old and snickered as my artillery blew chunks out of his tactical squads again and again.  In the end, I won handily with him only having 1 marine from each of the squads.  Think I got a Major and a Minor for Primary and Secondary.  One more turn and he would have been tabled!  Why didn’t my dice provide a 4+ for a 7th turn. 😛

Third game was against Thor from  It was a tough fight from the start.  In my IG fashion…I hid behind the power armor.  It was pretty simple.  fire volley, go to ground.  Fire another…go to ground again.  Yep, in the end I feel I pulled my weight from the team though they pulled a hefty win the last turn.  We ran out of time, who knows how the game would have panned out, but I suspect with no time limit they would have won with just as strong a margin.  BUT, I DID manage to pull off Psychic Shriek on a reduced Ld squad again.  Best…Combo…Ever. 😀


Well, thanks for reading!



Allies for the Daemons of Chaos!

So, 6th has brought us allies.  What are some that I think will fit into my Daemons, and maybe into my IG?

Here are the prospective candidates!
Chaos Sorcerer

So this guy can have 2-3 Psychic powers with a ML of 1-2.  These powers, especially given that Daemons and CSM are BB, means that his powers can be used to truly improve the overall flexibility of ANY daemon army.  The terminator armor and invuln save makes him a tough target that can survive a truly hellish pounding.  Add a mark of Nurgle and it takes a S10 AP2 weapon to kill him straight off.  Just avoid those dreadnoughts.

Typhus, Herald of Nurgle

So this guy.  Yeah, a psyker in terminator armor with FNP and a weapon that causes instant death?  Brutal alone, but in a tally list, pretty damn unstoppable.  ‘Nuff Said.  2+ armor, 5+ invuln, 3+ FNP.

Chaos Terminators

Lightning claws and Chainfists.  Tack on a mark of Nurgle for T5, or better yet a Mark of Slaanesh for I5 and even units such as deathguard will have a lot of trouble bringing these guys down with the changes to power weapon AP values.

Cult Troops

Cult troops offer interesting Niche and fluff fillers.  Plague marines benefit well from the tally, thousand sons and noise marines offer new strong ranged options.

Chaos Bikers

These guys add some mobility early in the game to a daemon army.  With bikes, I can force early target priority decisions that can be hard as well as get some shots off early.  Add a mark of Nurgle and these guys, all T6, become brutally tough to kill.

Lelith Hesperax

A capable close combat fighter that can really excel in challenges and can be used to tear apart those terminator units now that Khorne units cannot reliably kill terminator units.


These guys are strong close combat fighters that have a 3+ save.  Something that daemons lack consistently.  With their potential high stength attacks combined with the flexibility of their high volume of attacks for use against large model count armies thus this makes these guys great multi-use units for the assault phase.

Voidraven Bomber

Man, can this guy pack a punch. This can be thrown in for some serious anti-tank and anti-infantry firepower.  With the customizable loadouts and the twin void lances, plus the void mine, I can use him to fill out those typically very expensive daemon heavy slots and add some flying fire power to the daemons.

Psyker Battle Squads

Yeah, with the fear special rule and as many things that force moral and Ld checks (often on 3D6), these guys can be used as a great force multiplier on the cheap for daemons.

Primaris Psyker

With his two psyker powers, he compliments psyker battle squads well and just adds to the overall competency of a daemon army.

Vet Squads in a chimera

Three meltas and a heavy weapon in a chimera.  Cheap and loaded with weapons.

So these are the additions I am looking at pretty heavily right now.  Love to hear from those who have used these units.

Thanks for reading, KI

A storm gathers on Cordos

Veril paced the halls of the tiny servant chamber in which he called his dwellings under the Imperium rule, but to many of  the less talented servants could be considered palatial consisting of a bed, a small table, and not only a window but a small balcony (which was really simply a door leading to the top of a stone buttress).  The plans were laid, his men would meet him in the courtyard, they would sneak in and steal the defensive plans for the planetary garrison structures as well as the governor’s palace and sneak out.  The guards were likely drunk on the local brews that they seemed to favor.  He had to admit, the odds were not good, but dying in an attempt was better than nothing.  Any and all preparations were made.  A small group would meet them outside after the plans were stolen, and they would be transported from town to town until he reached the Iron Triangle, the mountain range that the Imperial Guard had never dared to explore to it’s fullest due to it’s concentration of what they called warpstone and the radioactive nature the stone seemed to have.

Suddenly, his door from the balcony flew open.  Assassins!  He reached for his blades and snatched them up, lunging at what he imagined would be an assassin from the governor to slay him.  His first strike rattled off the putrid armor of the intruder while the second smashed into a helmeted head only to simply bounce off.  This was no assassin, and the armor was that of a space marine!  He darted to the side to rebound and attack, knowing now to focus on joints as his weapons were useless against the ceramite plates of the armor itself, but it was too late.  An armored hand snatched him up, holding him nearly seven feet off the ground at eye level with his intruder.  He braced himself for the blow, but it never came.  Instead, he could feel an intense scrutiny, almost curiosity, and then a grating, bubbling laughter welled up inside the armor and escaped the helmet.

Veril took the opportunity to actually look at his assailant more.  He had seen a space marine’s power armor once.  This was something different.  The armor was bulkier, much larger.  Terrifying to behold, but also clearly expertly crafted and likely ancient in design.  The marine was well over seven feet tall and nearly as broad, with pauldrons that were the size of Veril’s body.  The Marine carried a staff, crackling with what he suspected was powers of the warp.  But something was strange, even beyond the size or shape of the armor.  The black and green armor seemed putrid, as if the body inside was rotten and the armor was beginning to decay itself.  It lacked any imperial symbols but instead had other strange, 8 pointed symbols.  He suspected these to be the markings of chaos, but had never paid attention in the forced imperial indoctrination classes forced upon all of those that lived on Cordos.  He felt it foolish to learn the history of their oppressor.  In the dim light, he could make out on his left shoulder an 8 pointed star around an eye while on his right should he could see three flies, pointed inwards facing each other.  Skulls adorned his armor and his eye-lenses glowed a green, sickly glow.

Suddenly he was hurled across the room onto the floor.  Veril’s assailant finally spoke, but when he did, Veril immediately wished he had not.  Something about this man scared him.  Something unnatural.  “Your plan will fail, little mouse.  You plan to best the entire planetary garrison with a few locals and miners?” the, what Veril suspected, Chaos Space Marine began. “I am Robigo, Commander of the Bubonis Strike Cruiser, Sorcerer of the Purge, and I have a deal for you” Robigo continued.  “If you can stir up the locals, and secure a foothold, I can supply troops and weapons to take this palace.  However, the legions of the false emperor will come, and when they do they will destroy you if you stand alone.  I arrived as they would, and your attempt to attack me resulted in a complete failure.  I promise they will not be as forgiving as I have been.  However, I see this as an opportunity for both of us.  Should you succeed in taking the planet with minimal aid from me, I will prevent the Astartes from taking back this planet.  But my help is not free”.  Veril waited for the demands.  Money?  Slaves?  Resources?  He would not deal with this tyrant.  He would not trade one oppressor for another.

Robigo continued “You seek freedom.  I can empathize with this sentiment.  This ‘Emperor’ that they hold to be a god is nothing but a man.  You and your kind are too special to be under any man’s boot.  He oppresses you, I wish to liberate you, to embrace you, as father Nurgle has taken an interest in you and your kind.  You seem to be quite resistant to diseases, a trait that father Nurgle finds curious”.  Robigo squatted, still towering above Veril, and leaned in close “What if all I asked was your willingness to simply share your planet.  I will open a gate upon the planet’s surface so that the warriors of Nurgle and of the Purge may flow freely onto the planet.  Never will a blade or bolter be raised against you or your kind unless you raise one against us first.  All that father Nurgle seeks is to study and conduct research on the planet.  Your species survival is important to him given your resilience to several diseases that he requires to see how and why your kind seems immune to many contagions.  Consider this work to be of great importance, not only to a man, but a god.  A real god, one that can grant you your wishes and see to it that you are protected”.  Robigo leaned back on his heels, apparently awaiting an answer.

Veril, seeing his opportunity to build an alliance that could turn the tides of the battle before the first blow was dealt was immediately interested.  He did not know of this father Nurgle, nor of any god.  His people had their own gods, and Nurgle was not one of them.  But an alliance with a chaos space marine force would be beneficial if they were true to their word.  “What guarantee can you give me that no violence will be visited upon my people, nor any bondage be forced upon us” Veril shot back, inwardly pleased with his quick wit.

“What would I profit?  If I sought to simply exterminate you and your people, I could have done this before the Astartes arrived and swept aside the planetary garrison as they appear quite ill prepared.  I need you for your species, and even your small mind should be able to comprehend that if I need you alive, I have no intention of committing genocide” Robigo pressed, his tone suggesting impatience.  Veril suspected that this man did not deal with questions well, and expected to dictate the terms more than negotiate.  But ultimately, what choice did Veril have?  He could ally with this man, gain his aid, and fight against him with an armed and free army or fight against him now where there was nearly no chance of success and less chance of survival.

“We will aid you and will help this father Nurgle to do his work on Cordos.  Before you claim your right to be here on this planet with us, you will see to it that we win our freedom first” Veril said, standing as tall as he could so as to appear unafraid in the eyes of this Chaos Space Marine.

“Very well.  You will have your war, and you will have your victory.  Father Nurgle will be pleased with your cooperation.  Myself and others will arrive to open the gate after you have your Palace and planet in your hands”.  Robigo turned to the balcony and squatted to exit.  In a blinding flash, he was gone, leaving Veril nervous but aware that his plans had a much greater chance of succeeding.  However, he couldn’t shake that he had been swindled, and that it was the wording of the arrangement that he would regret, but he felt that even the Chaos Space Marines could fall to tanks and artillery and upon his victory the planet’s arsenals would be his.


Far Above Cordos…

The Cordos system stood on the brink of upheaval. The ratpeople of Cordos IV began to wage a civil war against the imperium…one Robigo knew that they would not win. Against the fools of the Imperial Guard, perhaps. The rebel leader had a fire to him and the incompetent command that governed the planet knew little of military strategy and even less about combating an enemy with little time to prepare. However, he knew they would come. The Astartes. The false emperor’s Space Marines would arrive in their battle barges and lay waste to the enemy of the imperium. The rebels needed an ally, one that could combat the Space Marines and win. He knew in an outer system against a native uprising the Imperial Guard may be sent, but likely it would be the Space Marines as they would be quicker to mete out the retribution of their “Emperor” and leave and he had every plan of letting them arrive. He would meet this rebel and offer him aid. But the aid of the Purge did not come cheaply for father Nurgle had designs on their little planet. What better place to test new toxins and viral agents than on an entire planet of rats, the very carriers of plague for millennia. Father Nurgle had blessed him by promising him his Tallyman, the one known as Epidemius, to aid in the battle to come….