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Chaos Lord of Nurgle

So I have begun painting a conversion that I began working on after ordering Greenstuff Industries Tentacle Maker.  The concept began as a possible obliterator conversion as I have yet to find the legs that make me truly happy with my miniature defiler conversion.  However, for the Chaos Lord of Nurgle, it looks epic.  So I asked myself, how do I tie in Nurgle with Word Bearers.  So I opted for a Nurgle Lord with classic Nurgle colors (green, brown, bone) with the remnants of previous garments before swelling and deforming being the colors of my primary chapter (crimson, black, parchment).

Overall, he is a massive kitbash.  He emerges from these kits (from what I remember)

Head: Plaguebearer

Torso- Chaos Terminator Sorcerer

Lightning Claw: Terminator Lord

Power Fist: Terminator Box

Shoulder Pad: Chaos Knights

Book: Plague monks

Nurgling: Plaguebearers

Icon: Bloodletters w/ the top from a plaguebearers kit.

Cape: Loincloth of daemon prince

Loincloth: Terminator Lord

I began painting last night.  I built up the armor slightly to add a bit of definition to the areas I will highlight.  I then painted the head, banner, and tentacles.  The tentacles are a 3:2 ratio of elf flesh and changling pink and then washed with purple then red.  This is what I have thus far.

008 009 006

The pictures are not great. I took them after I finished painting.  The banner will be a brownish color while the skull will be bright white with a sharp contrast producing wash and the spine will also be the same.  All of the brass will get the new oxidizing technical paint on it, so I am looking forward to that.  The Nurgling will be a green-brown to create contrast.  The parchments will all get a 1:1 mix of agrax earthshade and ogryn flesh to slowly drop the tone to aged paper.  The tentacles will get a drybrush of a light pink and then some hard highlights of either a brighter pink or a brighter, sharper, flesh color.

Well, thanks for reading.



Testing out CSM

So I decided to test out some CSM units in a 1750 game, so this is what I had

Sorcerer of tzeentch with black mace, ML 3, and spell familiar

5 terminators with heavy flamer, three combi-meltas, power swords and two power weapons on champ, and marks and icon of slaanesh

7 noise marines with sonic blasters, blastmaster, and icon

7 thousand sons with rhino
8 thousand sons with rhino
15 cultists

7 warp talons with mark of slaanesh

Might have messed that up.

Went against a mixed sister/guard list with a fortress of redemption.

Because I didn’t take any pictures I will skip play by play and hit the highlights

– Ahriman, pound for pound, is nasty. With the ability to infiltrate units and 4 powers, he is a powerhouse with flexibility. However, without eternal warrior he has to hang out in the back which means that his beams can be a bit to pull off. With his four powers he can be tailored for almost any enemy.

– noise marines got hammered by low AP, barrage, high strength weapons so I didn’t get to test these guys that well.

– terminators are AWESOME. They can be customized great, and feel no pain makes them just brutal. Ha sorcerer with them granting him granting him FNP. However, next time I will be sure to get more biomancy powers to buff them up more.

– thousand sons are great, but I will limit them to only one group. They would do better if infiltrated though.

– warp talons are still a favorite. I may think to infiltrate them next time and opt to go second to allow myself to assault the first turn.


Melta beam= awesome. It may allow cover saves, but it allows you to smack that vehicle on the other side of a building,

Boon of mutation- yep, it’s as awesome as I thought. Will definitely use this more when I have a dark apostle in the unit.

Things to invest in-
Hell drake- the four S8 sky fire shots will be nice to get rid of those pesky flyers.

Land raider- With a land raider I can pack it full of a unit such as terminators, and attach Ahriman and a dark apostle (4 terminators and the other two) for a happy infiltrated death star.

Forge fiend/ obliterators- I think I may lean towards the Oblits. Need some long range and flexible firepower that a single shot can’t drop. I don’t care for the GW models but I don’t like the standard conversion. I might try to get some dark vengeance terminators and model them, but I think I may make them different then normal and do something different with the legs. Perhaps crab-like legs and multiple arms with the different weapons on each arm (instead of one arm morphing into different weapons).

Decimate engine/ contempt or dread- this one will be a bigger buy. Be a great assault unit.

Either way, I am pretty stoked to ramp up my CSM painting. The quarters paint scheme is interesting and as my khorne force draws to completion I find myself looking at other projects. I have basing for the dogs, details and eyes for the dogs and bloodletters, and a few touch ups (like helmets and heads) for the older stuff. Then it’s the big thirster and I don’t think I am ready to tackle another one just yet, call me strange. I have been reading a lot of word bearers stuff and I think I have found my proffered force. Plus side is that I can have my cake and eat it too by having a custom host under the word bearers and still be able to draw on lots of named characters such as Erebus, Phaeron, and the Gol Voldak and the Crimson Lord.

Oh, the game ended in a dead tie, 16-16

Thanks for reading