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Blogging Without Minis

So I found myself stuck in the lovely Balkans region of the world for nearly a year.  That’s a year without my minis which makes it challenging to blog.  I’d love to continue blogging, but I find myself challenged for something to blog about.  I turned to longtime 40k friend, Thor from over at Creative Twilight.  He suggested blogging more about background and fluff as well as discussing units and codices.

So, over the course of the next seven or eight months I hope to not only flesh out the bulk of my own war bands and daemonic hoards, but even maybe tease out details that will add some flavor and help guide list-building when I am at a loss.  I also hope to discuss the new book Legions and cover many units that may not receive the love from mainstream as well as how they can be used either effectively or comically…because we all enjoy both, right?

So I hope to get my first fluff/background piece out this Sunday.  Until then, thanks for reading!