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The Grand Cabal Battle 2


So I managed to squeeze in another game!  I might get another one in before I am off the grid altogether for 6-9 months…in a country that is not the US.  So yeah.  However, I think that I will get a game in when the new Traitors Hate comes out which will amplify the power of this new list to amazing levels.


Well, here was my list for this 2,000 point game against Vanilla Marines:


Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicator
1 Cyclopia Cabal
5 Sorcerers Bikes, Increase Mastery Level x 2, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar, Veterans of the Long War, Chaos Bike, Last Memory of Yuranthos (on Pyromancy Sorcerer)
1 Sorcerer  Mark of Tzeentch + Increase Mastery Level x2 + Sigil of Corruption+ Spell Familiar + Veterans of the Long War + Chaos Bike+ The Crucible of Lies
9 Chaos Space Marines(Veterans of the Long War+ Plasma gun + Plasma gun)
1 Aspiring Champion (Veterans of the Long War)
1 Chaos Rhino
4 Chaos Space Marines (Veterans of the Long War+ Flamer)
1 Aspiring Champion (base cost + Veterans of the Long War)
1 Chaos Rhino
1 Chaos Predator (Twin-Linked Lascannon + Lascannon (pair)
1 Chaos Vindicator

Daemon Allies
1 Herald of Tzeentch (HQ) = (Psyker (Mastery Level 2) + DS: Disc of Tzeentch)
1 Paradox
10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle (Troops)
3 Screamers of Tzeentch (Fast)

The Psychic Powers were as follows (I have discovered these Psychic power sheets are great)


So I didn’t get invisibility, the +1 invuln from Sanctic, the 4+ FNP, or Gate.  So not an auspicious start.  He was running 2 squads of Sternguard vets, a lot of heavy bolters (He was using Imperial Fists so this was bad…), a vindi, whirlwind, sniper scouts, and a LOT of infantry.

Long story short, it was a killpoint game that I ended up winning 13-8 almost tabling him.  The Herald of Tzeentch brought a serious amount of firepower to the game.  He would move in, fire off his shooting attacks, then turbo-boost away.  All of the psychers died which is where 6 of the 8 killpoints he got came from.  The rest came from the predator and the vindicator.  Few things learned-

1- Paradox is AWESOME.  If you have a WC 3 and you commit 5 dice to it, it is 100% guaranteed.  Which is nice to have at least one guaranteed power per turn.

2- Vortex is hilariously good.  I mean, really.  It’s silly how destructive this is.  I am debating buying an aquilla strongpoint just to get the vortex missile launchers just for it.  Also, the complete inability to prepare for where it may move is again just simply hilarious.  Watching it scatter 11″ right on top of his command squad and watching them all get sucked in was simply priceless.

3- Plague drones are nasty, but they also are really good bullet sinks.

4- Terrify reduces Ld by 1.  Which is a good setup to psychic shriek.  This combination was ridiculously effective.  It’s only one, but that seemed to be the key to success.

5- Anti-air continues to be a pain in the rear.  He did have a Storm Talon.  Took it out because he needed an extra shot last turn and dropped to hover, only to be mauled by the screamers.

6- Screamers are great ablative wounds and they are pretty nifty tank hunters.  Awesome tank hunters they are not though and I will not be trying these guys against any superheavies anytime soon.


Well, thanks for reading and I will be posting the 6 unique biker sorcerers before long.  They are all sculpted with only a few details left to do and I hope to have at least 3 of them painted before I leave, though that 3 could turn to 0…because really, time flies when it is limited.


Thanks for reading,




Grand Cabal

So I recently purchased the two new things.  First, I bought 6 bikes.  Then, I bought the new BL codex.  Thus emerged my newest idea of the grand cabal.  It is an 1850 list that looks like this:

1850 Pts – Supplement: Black Legion Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1850

Heavy Support: Chaos Vindicator (26#, 1850 pts)
1 Cyclopia Cabal, 0 pts
Sorcerer 1= Sigil of Darkness, ML 4, Bike, Spell Familiar, Last Memory of Yuranthos
Sorcerer 2= Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar, Eye of Night
Sorcerer 3= Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer 4= Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer 5=Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike, Spell Familiar
Sorcerer w/ Sigil of Darkness, ML 3, Bike (warlord)
10 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 plasma and rhino
5 Chaos Space Marines w/ flamer and rhino
1 Chaos Predator (AC/Las)
1 Chaos Predator (Tri-Las)
1 Chaos Vindicator (Stock)

So, a grand total of 1850 on the nose with 27 wounds and 15 hullpoints.  I ran a game against some cheesy Tau list.  Phone was dead so there was no pictures of this spectacle.

The key to this list is the tactical flexibility it gave me.  With 5 disciplines to choose from and a massive 19 base warp charges per turn the pre-game rolling was a little rough (ie- bring lists with pre-drawn lines for powers!).

But psychic powers ended up as such.  I ran 1 sorcerer from the cabal took one discipline and the Warlord shored up any gaps.

Sorcerer 1 (Pyromancy): Flame Breath, Sunburst, Molten Beam, Fiery Form, Fire Shield (I would only use Sunburst, Molten Beam, and Flame breath).

Sorcerer 2 (Biomancy): Smite, Haemorrhage, Endurance, Enfeeble

Sorcerer 3 (Telepathy): Psychic Shriek, Invisibility, Dominate, Terrify (This set was clutch)

Sorcerer 4 (Maelific): Summoning, Dark Flame, Sacrifice, Incursion

Sorcerer 5 (Sanctic): Banishment (big “who cares” on this), Gate of Infinity, Sanctuary, Vortex of Doom (I did not realize a- How powerful these were until I played them and b- How stupid I have been for ignoring Sanctic.  OMG powerful when used right).

Warlord: Biomancy- Life Leech and Endurance, Telepathy- Shrouding

So yeah, a pretty gnarly set of powers.  The game did not go as I planned.  I expected to be tabled by turn 3, 4 tops.  He was running the Tau super-formation.  Lots of rerolls and shared powers.

I won the first turn.  Kept the tanks stationary for firing.  Zipped my bikes forward.

Psychic phase (rolled a 6, for a total of 25 warp charges)- Cast Gate of infinity.  WC 1 with rerolls.  I liked it.  He didn’t realize how much more lethal I got at close range, so he didn’t even contest it.  Did a DS 9″ from his flank.  Then I proceeded to hammer him with the following all on the first turn (number in parenthesis is # of WC spent)-

Gate (1), Psychic Shriek (2), sacrifice (1), Life Leech (2, healing the sacrifice wound), Vortex (6- Periled, lost 1 wound and Gate of infinity),Endurance (5- Periled, nothing happened), psychic shriek (3), Invisibility (5- Perils, lost 2 WC I didn;t have and a wound).

Suffice to say, 2 wounds later and luckily not getting dragged into the warp turn 1 (that would have suuuucked), he had lost a lot.  Most of a unit of fire warriors, his broadsides, kroots broken and fled off of board, and I was up a herald of tzeentch and the sorcerers were invisible.  That vortex would end up basically tabling him because he was too terrified to move out of his cover because his ability and win rate is based on his use of tau formations and distance fire and not maneuver.  Then I had my shooting phase…which was less successful.  The vindi was out of range (bone head move to deploy him so far back against a gun-line Tau force).  The Preds did manage to drop a HP off of a Tau tank (the one with the anti-air missiles).  My Sorcerers opted to pop the Eye of Night at a squadron of tanks with longstrike (the tanks with the railguns).  Hit two tanks, did 5 penetrating hits to the squadron killing one and stunning and immobilizing the second.

He fired basically everything he had left at my sorcerers.  Managed to drop my warlord, and do two wounds (dispersed because I had all the sorcerers touching so the front one was equi-distant from the rest making wound abuse possible from different wound pools and Look out sir.  However, the vortex killed another squad of infantry, scattering a hilarious 7 inches into the squad.

By the end of turn 1 he was down to about 50% of his list from failed morale checks and psychic powers.  Turn 2 psychic powers went about as well for me, with him straight conceding turn three.

Overall, very brutal.  I will make some changes though:

Swap out Eye of Night and Flamer from small squad, make warlord have MoT, spell Familiar, and Crucible of Lies and make AC on Pred TL Las.  This will give Warlord a 3++ with rerolls of 1s, and with Sanctuary and Endurance The warlord will become the wound sink and have a 2++ rerollable witha  4+ FNP basically making the squad almost impossible to destroy.

Well, hopefully I get that game in in the future,

Thanks for reading,