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Trying out Age Of Sigmar

So I have debated trying out the age of Sigmar game and recently tried it out. Fun and rife with possibilities. The rule system is not balanced for 40k’ers, but that doesn’t mean it’s not balanced. Lets look at a few things-

Heroes-  some of these guys are monsters, but they can’t hide in blobs. Yeah, that sorcerer can Dunkin a theater every turn, but those imperial archers can simply wipe him out. Even Nagash is killable.

Simple – yeah, the game is simple. Could use a FAQ, but its simple in a good way. Easy to learn and that means that the in game strategy is the big factor in winning.

Not tournament oriented – yeah, this is a bad thing for some but if you like playing a game that is fun and not making lists for tournies, then its great. Designed for narratives so its my type of game.

An excuse to but all the cool fantasy models – yeah, this one is my favorite. Fantasy had some awesome models (Nagash for example) and I really am excited to try this game more in earnest.

overall, it’s not the Warhammer of old. It’s fast and dynamic and very simple. No templates, no charts to consult, and all the rules are free… Always, from what I’ve read. Looking forward to trying it more.

Well,   thanks for reading,



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