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Daemonic chariots arise triumphant – a battle report!

Today I played a 2,000 point game against a nid player.  I ran a pure daemon list:


Blue Scribes

Herald of Khorne on Skull Throne

Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot


4 Bloodcrushers of Khorne w/ Banner of Blood


16 Bloodletters w/ banner of Blood

18 Daemonettes


2 x 8 Hounds

3 Plague Drones w/ 3+ poison sting


Cavalcade of Slaanesh w/ 2 chariots and 1 exalted chariot

Skull Cannon

2 Bloodslaughterers w/ impalers

He ran a pretty typical nid army: Flyrant w/ twin-linked devourers, 2 blobs of 30 termagaunts, Tervigon, 2 groups of 2 zoanthropes, 2 venomthropes, Hive Crone, 2 ‘Fexes w/ dual twin-linked devourers in pods, and the plasma shooting MC (forget the name).  Caveat to this report:  He is a fairly new player and made some erroneous decisions that would haunt him.

We did black ops maelstrom mission (5) in a hammer and anvil deployment.  He ended up going first.  He advanced his units up, just outside of his gaunt’s range (18″ devourers) and shot up my hounds with his flyrant and made 15 gaunts with his tervigon but rolled doubles first turn.  First turn I advanced into the hormagaunts and killed 19 on the assault with him out of assault range after the hammer of wraith.  I also summoned 3 crushers with the scribes.  He spread out to respond to the daemon advance, focusing heavily on the hounds and skull cannon that had killed 6 gaunts but ignoring my purchased crushers and gunned down the decoy crushers.  My chariots killed 4 more gaunts before all the riders were killed, making back their points before dying (about 40 more points actually).

His second turn saw the first fex deepstrike in and almost kill the scribes, he killed the skull cannon, and a handful of dogs and a wound on the bloodletters.  The chariot had the malefic power to improve invulns but he managed to keep it suppressed most turns.  He wiped out the summoned crushers (as stated earlier) by dumping a lot into them.  My turn I assaulted several units and made a staggering blow to his line.  In a single turn he lost the remnants of the squad of gaunts, a squad of zoanthropes, and his carnifex (they died to the plague drones).  Additionally I saw the writing on the wall concerning the scribes and was lucky enough to roll the greater daemon summoning and swapped him out for a great unclean one.

Third and fourth turns were just a bloodbath as he failed to focus fire on squads which allowed me to drive my forces into a tip and crush through his gaunt line, eliminating all of his rear-guard synapse beasties.  Once they were no longer fearless, my crushers broke the last gaunts and the blood slaughterers dropped the tervigon.

He called the game after he realized I was up by 4 points (3 once secondary objectives applied) and we had 1 for sure turn remaining, meanwhile he had nothing left on the ground to secure objectives with, meanwhile I still had about half my army (daemonettes and letters were both about at 50-60% strength, all 3 of the crushers were alive, all the plague drones, the great unclean one, and about 12 hounds.  Oh, and both of the blood slaughters were wandering around).  It was a good game and my second game against him.  I highlighted that a) flyrants get a total of 60- 84 shots the entire game and that with every unit being able to claim objectives, having every MC being shooty means that you have no recourse against assault armies once they pick up steam, b) when playing against an assault army, advancing far enough forward allowing me the charge can be catastrophic.  Had he made me come to him, it is very reasonable to think that I very well may have lost that game.  Overall, very fun game and I think he considered it quite fun as well.  Looking forward to getting a game in with friends back at my old stomping ground though, which should hopefully be occurring in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading,



4 responses

  1. Thought you were playing with Khorne Daemonkin lately? Still, good to see the old Daemons about. Nobody left at XRG playing Daemons now.

    I feel it’s hard for new players to face an assault army. There’s a lot of crucial target priority choices that need to be made and their inexperience tends to have them make the wrong calls. Live and learn.

    Looking forward to seeing you come up and play some games. How long you up this way?

    July 27, 2015 at 8:09 am

  2. Played vanilla daemons to run all my chariots. 😀 I forgot the fun of the versatility of daemons.

    Yeah, I am fairly experienced at the hyper-aggressive assault lists (lots of Khorne lists in my past) and he is fairly new. That said, he were running hammer and anvil so I was able to keep the army wide until the turn I assaulted, cut through all the cover and terrain with my fast flank units and bring my army into a tip that sliced through his lines. Once I had units punched through and cutting down his weaker synapse beasties the game was as good as over. He was surprised I was just ignoring his flyers and I simply explained that they don’t do that much and eat up a lot of his points that weren’t taking objectives.

    I will be up in Maine from the 1st til the 12th. I plan on bringing CSM and running them as vanilla CSM or Crimson Slaughter. Planning on bringing two variants of 1500 point armies so I can try to squeeze in two games if I show up earlier, but I am planning on one.

    July 27, 2015 at 10:28 pm

  3. Hey! Awesome report! Sorry I missed your visitation yesterday – I had an evening BSA kickoff event to attend to and direct. I see everywhere that demons are running the tables at many RTTs. Way cool to run the lists that assault the opponents swiftly while summoning hordes or reinforcements….

    August 6, 2015 at 2:22 pm

    • I had a good time. Many of the regulars showed up and we chatted into the late hours of the night. Got a game against Dave in as well as Secord (though I lost both) and had a blast. I really like how they are building many of the new books now with the option to build an army out of a single large formation that consists of other formations. Adds flavor as well as people use those less popular units. Hope your BSA thing went well. My son never got into cub scouts but I am hoping to entice him into scouting.

      August 8, 2015 at 10:00 am

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