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Hobby update: Getting used to my air brush and making headway with my renegades and daemon kin

So making some painting progress.  I have been whittling away slowly at models I need to paint for the past month or so but very slowly.  Recently I have started making more progress faster, especially making gains with my air brush.  So, onto the stuff.

I recently finished my renegade command squad.  Or at least a possible command squad.  The flamed and melts cannot both be used but they can be swapped out.  The rest of the renegades will be green and purple with the disciples being red.  Sets them apart I feel.  However, veterans will be black or something separate.  The lack of unity in color scheme makes them feel more patchwork and more like a renegade army.

So here are the first five finished disciples (still figuring out how to base them):



Here is the Arch-Demagogue.  I like the dual close combat weapon look with a power weapon and a regular close combat weapon.

080 081


Here is the first test terminator I did for my terminator squad:



Note the skull pad.  I quite like this method of painting bone.


Here is the new scheme for my warp talons.  Right now I field eight of them (7 previously painted green, one red).   Daemon kin formations finally give me a good excuse to use these guys.  That said, they have proven pretty good in the two games I have run them with daemon kin.


Here is my GW thirster.  I painted a lot of him before I became discouraged and now I need to go back and polish off the last detail work on him.  Oh, and his base.  But I am trying to think of what his base is.  He is either a daemon prince of Khorne or a lesser thirster (my big ones are the 275-300 point varieties).

088 094 093 092

Currently, before the thirster I am working on my Skull Cannon of Khorne.  This is the first time I have done a fair amount of blending with my airbrush.  The yellow bloodletters will be darkened through successive layers to look like they have sort of a lava finish.  The back two will be more of a classic red bloodletter scheme.

096 095

Once this is done, which hopefully will be this weekend I will finish the details on the thirster and eagerly dive into my Stormfiends who are my renegade brutes (Picture Ogryns but chaosy).  They fit the bill of a brute and they are the size one expects of a very bulky three wound model.

097 098 099


Well, thanks for reading.  Glad to finally start painting again.  While I am painting less, I feel the quality has improved gradually from where I was a year ago.

Until next week, thanks for reading,



2 responses

  1. Lots of in progress stuff in various stages. I see things have not changed 😉

    Things are looking good. That Thirster is an intimating model to paint. In particular I like the wings you’ve done and the flame on the base. The airbrushing on the Skull Cannon looks awesome. That’s going to be a great looking model when it’s done.

    July 16, 2015 at 7:50 am

  2. The command squad and demagogue are actually finished minus basing. I just haven’t figured out how to base them. The terminator and warptalon I know how to base them, I just am out of GS so I can’t make their bases yet. So my painters ADD is getting mildly better. Still trying to figure out how to make my renegade bases. Thinking about doing something simple like mud. I have a LOT of them to do (quite a few are already done), and there will be multiple colors in the army (the concept of rag-tag renegades all with uniform colors and matching equipment just doesn’t convey the rag-tagness of these guys) so I want to make it a base I can crank out a LOT quickly. May go with one of GWs textured paints,

    However, I have the base built for my cannon and more painting done. No pics yet, but I don’t want to disappoint after my skull throne.

    July 19, 2015 at 3:19 pm

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