General 40k Shinanigans

Isopropyl…and other stuff

So, after adding Isopropyl to the mix, things are going a bit smoother.  However, it sucks down a LOT of paint.  SO, on that note I ordered a base color kit from Vallejo model air.  Lots of good reviews, and with it I can start doing basing.  From there I will start to expand upon my airbrush paint collection, but I never really see myself becoming an “air only” kinda guy.  It lacks the finesse and connection with a model I love to have.  However, with those colors coming in, they will allow me to start cranking away at my rat-rebels and get an army that is field ready.  Not as impressive as the grot guard that can be seen over at creative twilight, I feel it will look impressive nonetheless.  Excited as I still have some models to build to include Skaven StormVermin which will act as my Ogryn Brutes.  These guys are actually bigger than I figured and they really fit the bill for the intent.  The squad will be close to 400 points though, so not sure how I will deploy it…perhaps in a chimera?  I hope to get a pack of night runners to get fully posable models for a squad of oddly armed specialists.

I also picked up some more GS and have made a little more progress on the vindicator.  I hope to get pictures up this weekend of a radically altered vindicator shield as well as a finished predator and a second obliterator (which would make 2 of 3 for mini-defilers).


Well, thanks for reading,




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