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Decisions decisions…

Soooooo, my FLGS is planning on doing a FW order.  I plan to contribute to this.  However, I face a tough decision of three units that all will fill an outstanding niche in my armies:

First, the new and improved DreadClaw

It’s a flyer, works as a drop pod in that it is a deep striking transport, has assault launchers plus it is an assault vehicle.  Overall, it allows me to not only get my troops into combat but my dreads as well.  However, it weighs in at almost 100 points for a no gun transport that will likely move only a single time, plus if it’s shot down the occupants likely die.  This is, right now, my most likely choice.  It’s a CSM fast attack option so it fills a slot I rarely use.

Choice 2, the Khorne Bloodslaughterers.  I like these guys.

These bubbas are walkers, as tough to kill as a contemptor for a much lower cost.  Rocking fleet, daemon, a pretty good front AV, and D3 extra attacks on the charge they are just nasty.  Top it off, giving them an impaler lets them hit on a 4+.  It’s not an auto-hit, so it can hit FLIERS!  It’s a S8 shooting attack, so it’s a reasonably good anti-air.  Top it off, if I pen a vehicle or wound an MC, I drag it 2D6 inches closer and if I get it in B2B I assault it (and if not…well, then I just assault it in the assault phase!)  It’s a heavy support option which are frequently filled in my daemons between seeker chariots, soul grinders, and Khorne Skull cannons.  However, tack in you can take them in units and they are just a nasty threat, no matter what.

Choice 3, the Decimator engine.

Yeah, these guys are elites.  It’s a slot I again rarely use.  Especially for CSMs as I rarely use terminators or cult troops.  Really, it would only compete with mutilators or my contemptor.  This guy is rocking the daemon rule, high AVs, and a host of nasty guns.  His siege claws allow me to hit everything in a transport with a heavy flamer while he can be armed for pretty cheap with storm lasers which can have up to 5 shots per gun at S6 AP3.  Top it off, he can shrug off weapon destroyed and immobilized results and if you glance him down, he can stand back up again.  However, he is super pricey, with over 200 points base, before you add in dedication or weapons.  However, like the blood slaughterer, he can be CSM OR Daemons.  On the plus side, his rules state that if he has a dedication and is in a daemon army, he takes on the rule Daemon of x (where x is the dedication).  This means that if he is Nurgle he gets shrouded.  Slaanesh he gets fleet and rending, making him very fast.  Overall, he is a nasty killer, and side by side with a contemptor with butcher cannons, it is 8 S8 AP4 and 6-10 S6 AP3 shots per turn…the kind of firepower to make any army quiver in fear.

They all cost roughly the same dollar value.  However, I am stumped as I have little experience with each (I have run all of them in proxy at least once).  I would love to hear from the community.  If you have used them, or been on the receiving end, what were your thoughts?

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8 responses

  1. Steve has used both of those walkers in the past, so you should definitely ask him.
    One note on the impaler cannon…if it doesn’t say it drops the flyer to Hover mode, you can’t assault it.

    February 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    • I know I can’t assault it, but at least I can hit it 🙂

      I have planned to talk with Steve. The easiest to incorporate is the dreadclaw. The hardest would be the decimator.

      February 21, 2014 at 5:55 pm

  2. justhippie

    Decimator is a wicked cool model but WAY overpriced points wise now with the last increase. Impaler is cool but you really need to deep strike him or he gets shot before doing anything. I really wanted to get a squadron of Slaughterers but never did. That would be sweet to have a couple impalers and tons of attacks.
    If you want to try either out let me know. I might even sell you one cheap. I don’t think I’d part with the Decimator but I might sell the Slaughterer/Impaler.

    February 21, 2014 at 7:06 pm

  3. So I was thinking, the decimator is probably right out. It’s just so damned point heavy that it is tough to slip into a list. If I can get a khorne Blood-Slaughterer from you I think I may go that angle. With 2 of them, I can reliably use them as heavy assault units PLUS an ad-hoc anti-air. The nice part will be that, because they are damned fast, they will draw heat off of the little guys. Tau is one of my biggest challenges with daemons and while they have plenty of S8-10, dual plasma or plasma/fusion seems to be the loadout of choice for many crisis suits. They are also a pretty good counter to those damned riptides (deep strike, hit with impaler, rip to pieces as he only gets 2 attacks and he would need a 5 to hit them).

    My issue with the dread claw is that it is pretty much a regular drop-pod after realizing something. With the way zooming fliers work, if a pen is hit against it, weapon destroyed and up means that the dreadclaw and all of it’s occupants are useless or gone. With deepstriking it in hover mode, I have to do it close to benefit from it’s assault vehicle rules, in which case it will likely die after only one turn. PLUS, I can’t disembark from it when it arrives by deepstrike. I CAN fly it in, but again, all it takes is one lucky shot then a 4+. Either way, for almost 100 points, with the good amount of skyfire now it’s not worth it to bank well over 200 points into a unit that very well may never get to do anything but draw fire many games. The blood slaugherers may only draw fire, but that’s half the appeal of them….they are fire sinks because they are scary. Plus it adds to my daemon parking lot. For 610 points I can field 2 slaughterers, 3 Seeker Chariots, and a Khorne Soulgrinder. That’s alot of armor. 😀

    February 21, 2014 at 9:47 pm

  4. I have a battle report way back with Hippie with two of those units. They were both dangerous and made a point to put pressure on them to destroy them. It was quite the fight

    February 22, 2014 at 3:16 am

  5. I’ve always thought the Bloodslaughterers are cool. Definitely seems like a unit you need to run in pairs though.

    February 22, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    • I plan to. I will get one from Steve and order the second.

      February 22, 2014 at 4:17 pm

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