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So…we have all heard about the impending additions to 40k. Superheavies. Now, FW has released them all, opening the floodgates or, as I see it, Pandoras box. They are out now, reigning this in will be nearly impossible. The hugely imbalanced set of models have been unleashed upon 40k. It’s not even just S D. S10, 10″ blasts or even larger (15″ is the max I think…either way, freakin’ huge!) It’s the money needed to counteract the brutal onslaught. Superheavies will be countered by superheavies. Well, that means that the arms race of 40k has stepped up so now to meet the new threat means hundreds of dollars for a single model vs. 50 or 60 for a new awesome squad.

Aside from this, it changes the entire game. Invuln saves can be cut clean through, AV 14 is no longer the best, and the rapidly disappearing cover saves take another solid blow. Hoardes are now king and having huge numbers of models are the only thing that can save you. Which means armies like deathwing and grey knight lists are doomed. How will they counter titans that can move too fast to catch?

Either way, I feel as if the 40k community has been bombarded by new material. The community is beaten by the torrent and flood of models and codices and now the future for many gaming communities balances on the brink with every avid hobbyist holding their breath for how this pans out.

Ultimately GW has shifted it’s gaming policy from “Here is some for regular 40k, this is how you play 40k” to “Use everything, play how you want with these rules, use what works for your groups” and it will be up to local shops and communities to find balance in their shops. This may work, but the act is sudden and very divisive. It will take a while to pan out and I suspect that when the smoke clears, the tournament scene will be as before: No formations, no superheavies, no fortification complexes. But until then, the best of luck to all of us!

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  1. Agreed. Each community with adopt its own rules an regulations. This has really always been the case but it’s the scale of it that’s new; so much new info to digest first. Like using the missions I’ve written is one way our community has done something like this. That of course is tiny compared to what we’re discussing now but the approach is the same.

    The thing that sucks the most really is the difference it’s going to create in communities. Going to a new shop to play is probably going to be different from some other shop, each place making their own choices. The game is going from something universal, which it was until all of this, to something else entirely. I can’t think of the word I’m after here.

    December 14, 2013 at 9:24 am

  2. It is still a game where you and your opponent agree what to play. Nobody can take that from you! Regardless, I wont be spending the $$ on superheavies or space forts of doom, and I’ll only rarely play someone who does have them. In my back pocket, however, will be my “kill the big thing” list… just in case…

    I’ll be looking at the new additions to the game this week…in Epic scale…not that I’d run into a game including 8 Titans elsewhere…

    December 23, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    • Over time I imagine things like D weapons will become weeded out or changed, void shields will become more easily accessible, and in general it will be tweaked to fit the 40k community. The box has been opened now and there is no closing it easily. As long as players understand that the goal is to have fun and not beat face then the game shouldn’t be hurt. However, communities will be hurt by those WAAC players (as they always have). Casual 40k’ers will not see a negative impact nearly as much as tourney players will in my opinion.

      December 28, 2013 at 9:37 am

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