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Sorcerer WIP 1

So,  I love sorcerers.  The conversion opportunities are endless.  SO I am using an older body and conversion and my primary conversion that is new is an arm.  An open handed arm that casting a psychic power with the power being unleash on…well, I believe an unwitting space marine though I have modeled that yet.


Thus far, here is the arm and power.

008This part is the easiest by far.  I have to clean up the wrist a little and I attempted to push out the arm to the side by building up the joint, but the magnets squished the GS and now I must start over.  Grr.

However, the psychic power projection requires much more effort.  First, I built a wire armature…

010 011The intent clearly (well…hopefully clearly) is a left hand.  After building the hand, I had to start to cover it with GS.  After covering it with GS up to the areas that I have to shape to be holding the target.  After, I started to put the detail flames on it.  This is a multi-step process in which I have to let layers of flame dry first.  Here is the layer:

012 013

So this is where the armature stands now.  I am going to build the flames up to the wrist before I detail the hand to establish a solid style first.  There will be more done tonight,hoping to wrap the flames all the way around the arm.


Well, thanks for reading,




2 responses

  1. That’s going to look great when you get it done. I always like action modeling and need to start incorporating it into my armies.

    December 2, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    • Yes, I love sorcerers for action poses. I have to model the space marines as a completely separate model. The feet will be the toughest part as having them point down will be tough.

      December 2, 2013 at 12:38 pm

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