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Back from training and back to painting!

I am back!  Well…I have been back for about two weeks but I have had no time for blogging, barely any time for games.  But today I sat down and got some serious painting in.  I had been tired of painting power armor or skin, I have had no models that were really mixed.  However, the other day I picked up a box of possessed.  I am a fan of word bearers (My warband “Lorgar’s Knights” are a succession chapter of the Word Bearers) and possessed tie in to the fluff of the Word Bearers.  I was super excited to paint these guys up.  Power armor merging with flesh and teeth and claws.  Blades and flames thrown in for good measure.  So I built the five models and painted the first one up today, from start to finish.  Instead of my usual step by step all over painting style, I painted the base colors all over then finished one piece at a time.  Went actually pretty quick and smoothly.  So here is the final results!  Hope you like the first one!


Back Fist Flame Front


One response

  1. I like the color choies, well, the flesh with the armor colors. The vent lighting on the backpack is a nice touch. Clever idea.

    My only criticism is you need to step away from dry brushing. You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone if you want to progress.

    August 28, 2013 at 7:39 am

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