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Back from training and back to painting!

I am back!  Well…I have been back for about two weeks but I have had no time for blogging, barely any time for games.  But today I sat down and got some serious painting in.  I had been tired of painting power armor or skin, I have had no models that were really mixed.  However, the other day I picked up a box of possessed.  I am a fan of word bearers (My warband “Lorgar’s Knights” are a succession chapter of the Word Bearers) and possessed tie in to the fluff of the Word Bearers.  I was super excited to paint these guys up.  Power armor merging with flesh and teeth and claws.  Blades and flames thrown in for good measure.  So I built the five models and painted the first one up today, from start to finish.  Instead of my usual step by step all over painting style, I painted the base colors all over then finished one piece at a time.  Went actually pretty quick and smoothly.  So here is the final results!  Hope you like the first one!


Back Fist Flame Front