General 40k Shinanigans

Breaking out of a slump…

So I have done little blogging the past two months. Why is this? Partially because events in my real life are coming to a zenith as I face final evaluations to determine the course of my next twelve years at a minimum. However, normally 40k and blogging is a release for me. But lately I find myself burnt out. Is it because I am doing 40k too much? No, I do it less lately. It is an enigma. I just lack the interest as of late that I normally have. Painting seems droll, battle reports seem a chore. So I got interested in battlefleet gothic through a friend. It is much cheaper of a side hobby than a new army and consists of only a handful of models. So I dropped 150$ on a full fleet and my chaos fleet met their nemesis, the space marines, on the field of battle today…or in the deep void of battle rather.

The plus side of running a chaos fleet is that it is rejuvenating interest in my chaos space marines at the same time as helping flush out details of the 40kside that I don’t normally think of such as commanding ships. This spurred me into starting and planning a fall campaign that will incorporate BFG and 40k that will be lots of fun for the players and hopefully will result in lots of narratives for myself and for other bloggers who play.

Today however, my 750 point fleet met my friend’s space marine fleet. I ran two carnage class gunboats and a Styx heavy cruiser. He ran a battle barge, a strike cruiser, and three gunboat escorts. We played on a table with relatively little terrain. One planet in a corner and an asteroid field in another. He was the attacker but I won the roll off to go first. I made a mistake and went head into him, causing the destruction of one of my cruisers but safely made it out of LOS on the other side of the asteroid field with the others. The strike cruiser and escorts came around and met my cruisers. They destroyed the second carnage but both fell to waves of bombers from the Styx. Finally the battle barge and Styx danced around the asteroid field but a wave of boarding torpedoes damaged the Styx engine room causing it to go off the table edge. Ultimately, the game was a marginal loss (I believe as the BFG scoring is a bit confusing still) but a great learning experience as it was the first time I built my own fleet and played a full game against space marines.

Plan to do a narrative battle report for the battle as well,

Thanks for reading,


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