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Trying out daemons still…

Trying out Daemons Still

So I am still trying out the new daemons and I ran against a Tau player I have played against previously. Previously, I had won most of our games by virtue of the Tau codex being a fairly “meh” book. Long story short, even with amazing luck on the Warpstorm table, I got trounced pretty damn hard. I am trying to like the new book as some other players who play daemons have had great success with it…I just refuse to purchase a ton of new models for my army. ūüėõ

Onto the nuts and bolts…

I ran-
herald of tzeentch with ML2, Grimoire, and disc
Herald of Nurgle with FNP
Herald of Khorne with Greater Ether Blade and Warp Breath
Masque of Slaanesh
Sorcerer of Tzeentch with Force Axe, LC, ML3, MoT, Sigil of Darkness, Spell Familiar

16 Bloodletters
13 Plaguebearers
10 Plaguebearers
10 CSM w/ 2 Meltas in Rhino

3 Screamers

Soulgrinder of Nurgle with Phlegm and MoN
Predator w/ AC, HB, Havoc Launcher

He ran Some Tau commander with Cyclic Ion Rifle

2×12 Firewarriors
6 Firewarriors
6 Pathfinders
2 Barracudas
2 Hammerheads

2×3 Crisis suits w/ Melta/Plasma (whatever the Tau call it)

So….here is some issues with MY list.

Rhino= Capacity of 10. 10 CSM. 1 Sorcerer. Yeah, didn’t think of this when I built the list. Footslogging 10 man CSM unit with rolling cover. D’OH!

Dakka preds are great in my CSM force with a plethora of anti-tank (havocs, oblits, melta and plasma out the wazoo). The Dakka Preds work well against the infantry blobs but the tri las would have been better and the dakka pred was fundamentally a bad a idea for this list.

Masque=Great. Masque without icon support= Masque that scatters 11 inches behind the enemy and has no cover to hide behind. Masque with an ADL to hunker down behind would be much handier.

List was 1500

So, long story short the T3 bloodletter never made it there. Hell, the FIRST T3 squad died, then I rolled 12 on the warpstorm table, got 11 more, deepstruck FORWARD of where the original squad was, then THEY got gunned down. So bloodletters are an interesting choice. Find it odd that they are more expensive than the other troops with the T3, 5++, 1 attack base, and lack of anyway to get into combat quickly. They are about on par with the other troops. The plaguebearers suffered an immeasurable amount of fire and just hunkered down. In cover as objective squatters the FNP herald was not really necessary and the 70 points could have been saved or used elsewhere. The Screamers with a herald was great. I have tried pink horrors and I found them terrible. Thus I traded my horrors for some flamers a friend had as a surplus. I hope to build an anti-tank jet-bike squad to zip around with and misfortune the bejesus out of things. Woohoo. They are a keeper. They tore through a Hammerhead then took out 3 of the 6 tau firewarriors in the small squad, then killed 10 of the 12 firewarriors from another squad. They ARE a keeper. The Herald of Khorne is nice, but getting there is again an issue. The soul grinder is nice, but pricey with the current loadout. I attempted to assault with him but he got whacked with a meltashot to the face on overwatch.

So, I liked the CSM compliment. The power armor and dedicated transports, even with me having to footslog them 6″ at a time. The predator earned back it’s paltry 107 points, however a tri-las predator would have served better to simply punch through the hammerheads. Oblits would also be an impressive addition, especially in conjunction with the grimoire for a 2++. After playing the daemons I feel I will gradually allow my CSMs to emerge as more and more of a dominant force in my armies as they become more painted.

Well, thanks for reading,


Iceletter complete

Horns, eyes, nails, claws, basing, and hilts.  These are all things that trouble me when painting.  I spend 90% of my time on 10% of the model.  But, I finally got this guy done.  Tutorial pending-



ImageImageImageAs always, would love comments.  This was my first attempt at OSL around the eyes. 


Thanks for reading,


Hiatus over and back with new Chaos Daemons…

So as many may or may not know, I am also a full time college student, parent, husband, and soldier in addition to gamer. ¬†Sometimes, this leaves little time for blogging when I also want to paint, model, and play. ¬†However, I normally balance it all…until now. ¬†This past month has brought about variables that have left me strapped for time and thus not blogging at all. ¬†But, much of that seems to have stabilized and I get the chance to get back into blogging.

So, I come back to the blogging scene shortly after the emergence of the highly anticipated Chaos Daemons codex.  Long story short: I am underwhelmed.

But alas, the new book is here whether I like it or not. ¬†My Khornate host took a beating, as did the tally list and even mono-nurgle as a whole. ¬†Daemons have become quasi-hoard with with some very marginal troops (at best) and some really impressive characters. ¬†As someone I know said, troops shouldn’t do the heavy lifting but they are the only units in the book that got a price reduction while every other unit in the book went up 1-20 points per model while generally losing the ability to sustain survive ranged fire in an edition that supports gunline armies. ¬†This strikes me as a kneejerk reaction to the flamer/screamer spam which seems to have tainted people’s opinion of the daemon army making many think that they were overpowered…which is frankly laughable.

Regardless, with the new daemons of course comes renewed desire to paint. ¬†Thus my iceletters are making slow and steady progress. ¬†It’s always that last 10% of a model that is very hard to figure out how to paint. ¬†Alas, I have finished my first few models, along with a herald, the ice hounds, progress on the chariot, and I got a Khorne Chariot which I am working on magnetizing.

I have had actually gotten a fair amount of comments on my iceletter color scheme thus I have planned out a tutorial on the scheme as well as a magnetization tutorial for the Khorne Chariot and Cannon which was interesting.

The Word Bearers I have been working on have made slow and steady progress.  For them, I established what the models will look like when complete but in my dislike of bare models I have begun painting them with their basic schemes and have managed to complete most of the infantry, most of the HQ units, three rhinos, and a predator.  They are hardly finished but they look better than grey or black.


Well, thanks for reading and glad to be back!