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Win against Necron flying circus

So this week I was hoping to avoid a game against necrons. Well…that failed. Again I square up against the mechanical monstrosities and I look at the list and groan internally. We ran a single objective mission with a few other objectives, but mainly objectives and table quarters. I ran-

Warp smith of Nurgle

10 CSM in rhino with dual melta
10 CSM in rhino with dual melta
5 CSM in rhino with flamer
5 plague bearers

5 Havocs with 4 auto cannons
Predator with auto cannon, heavy bolter sponsons, havoc launcher
2 x 3 Oblits of Nurgle

He ran
Overlord with court (5 lords with staff of light, cryptek with reroll power and cryptek with veil)
4×5 warriors in night scythes
6 or 7 tomb blades
3 annihilation barges

Fun stuff. Regardless I won the first round, we didn’t et night fight turn one. I rolled the infiltrate warlord trait and infiltrated a rhino with ten CSM on the central objective and both squads of Oblits 18″ away from either of his flanks to create a pincer appearance to my battle line. I ended up with he plague bearers turn one as I got my nn-proffered half. Turn one was my most productive turn as I wiped his tomb blades, destroyed a barge, and stripped another of a hull point with a glance from the auto cannons. His turn he killed a single havoc auto cannon seeing me dropping another barge and two warriors on my turn two. Then his turn two all the flyers came in. From there it became just a grind to shoot, get shot at. Only a single assault occurred the entire game (my warp smith with Oblits tried assaulting three times as well as my plague bearers, rolling below 4″ each time…). That assault lasted until he called it turn 6 with the loss of his last troop. He played his list poorly, frankly speaking, and dumped all of his troops early but ultimately it save his flyers as if he had not I would have focus fired the flyers into oblivion. Instead, I hammered the troops on ground. At the end of the game he had lost the court sans a single lord and the veil cryptek, a barge with no guns on it anymore, and all four of his flyers (two had one hull point of damage).

So it was a win, but I still didn’t have that much fun. Again, I got blindsided by a necron though this time more blatant (prior to assault “these guys are T 4, correct? Yes.” In assault “those guys are T5 by the way”… WTF). Just playing against Necrons, even with a win, doesn’t have the same nature of the game that other games have. It boils down to just rolling well, and he still had a disgusting number of things such as tesla guns with twin linked weapons, rolling lots of 6’s at S7. Luckily he didn’t roll super well to wound. The fact my opponent did not know his list did not make the game more enjoyable against what is pretty clearly a net list, but rather the opposite. Nice to play against a non storm lord list, but I still found myself flat footed the entire game and on edge. Not sure why as I had a clear lead from turn two on, but I did.

Regardless, I saw some cities of death games and I certainly want to try that out. Looks super fun and has stratagems, so I am gonna do some research, print out the pertinent pages, and run with it next week. Also going to try using the dread claw drop pods and more of an assault force (though I am gonna stick with my warp smith as he worked well on the cheap). Next up to try is either Abaddon, Huron, or Lucius for special characters and I would like to try out either possessed, chosen, hellbrutes, or raptors.

Well, thanks for reading,



3 responses

  1. ming from bolter and chainsword

    Awesome, sounds like a good learning experience.

    January 31, 2013 at 9:47 pm

  2. Necrons are fun!

    February 1, 2013 at 11:47 am

  3. Necrons dishearten you so much you gave up on blogging? 😛

    March 11, 2013 at 1:48 pm

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