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Crusade of fire week one and WIP stuff

So my FLGS started the crusade of fire campaign. We started at 1250 and the first week ran whatever mission we wanted. I got challenged by a necron player. We ran a book mission (diagonal deployment, big guns never tire mission).

My list was-

Dark apostle
10 CSM w/ melta and plasma guns in rhino with havoc launcher(2 squads)
5 CSM w/ melta gun in rhino with havoc launcher (2 squads)
5 Havocs with 4 plasma guns in rhino
Predator with lascannon sponsons and twin linked lascannon turret
Predator with heavy bolter sponsons, auto cannon turret, havoc launcher

He ran
Storm lord with reroll crypteck
5 warriors
10 or 12 immortals
3 C’Tan shards

Well, suffice to say I don’t like playing necrons. This game did nothing to change that. Because of the storm lord it was night fight turns 1-5. Upon deployment I didn’t realize spot lights got rid of the cover save bonus but my range was still limited. He hung outside of range of the tri las predator. The storm lord lightning destroyed the lascannon pred turn one, the dakka pred turn two, one of 10 man rhinos turn 3, and killed several of the dismounted CSM turn four. The storm lord lightning was by far the most effective force in the game. The CTans ran one of the CSM squads off the table via morale check from shooting and killed the dark apostle and havoc squads. The immortals destroyed one of the rhinos. Thus, of the 7 kill points lost on my part, three and some of the fourth were caused by the lightning. The effect that requires no planning, no targeting, and nothing but just lucky rolling. It’s one of the factors that irritates me about necrons. Characters such as the storm lord can single handedly defeat a mechanized force. The lightning from the storm lord in my last two games against necrons has done more than any other single unit and is completely unavoidable.


I made progress on my slaanesh jump sorcerer as well as my defiler styled obliterator squad. I also Made significant progress on standardizing and getting my force looking uniform across the force. Pics pending for the works in progress, but the sorcerer is nearly ready for paint. I also assembled and primed my warp smith. After it was repaired (bubbles from casting we’re a problem) it was really an impressive model).

Thanks for reading



2 responses

  1. Spectre Foreman

    I’m glad I wasn’t you last week. I hate Necrons too. I always avoid playing them if I can. I can’t wait to see how the Warpsmith does this week, I haven’t used one or seen one played yet.

    January 28, 2013 at 10:07 am

  2. Lukas

    It ended Turn 4! I never get it to continue past that which is understandable. And honestly, had I dropped the Stormlord and c’tan you’d have liked my list a lot less 😛

    January 29, 2013 at 8:20 pm

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