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January and a Tourny wrap-up

So this past Saturday I put my CSM list to the test.  I ran-


Dark Apostle (Warlord)

Sorcerer of Tzeentch w/ Terminator Armor, ML3, Spell Familiar

The Masque


5 Terminators

6 Flamers


7 Thousand Sons in Rhino

10 CSM in Rhino w/ Meltagun and Plasma Gun

7 Plague Bearers

Fast Attack

3 Screamers

Heavy Support

5 Havocs w/ 4 Plasma Guns in Rhino

3 Obliterators of Nurgle


My first game was against an ultramarine list played by The Rhino and we played Special Ops .  Turn two I scattered my Terminators and Sorcerer off the table and knew I was going to have an uphill fight.  All in all, I ground down his forces fairly well in the center while ignoring one of his combat squads in a rhino which allowed him to claim his primary, which I also claimed as well which led to a tie.  We ended up tying on all of the objectives, both getting 16 points, and while the game was truly just a bloody mess it was fun.  I don’t think either of us had over half our army left.  Overall MVP- The oblits.  Overall unit that made me groan- Deepstriking terminators

My second game was against Thor  and we played Search And Destroy.  He was running two Flying Nurgle Princes and a helldrake, a pack of 6 spawn of Nurgle, a maulerfiend, and a defiler.  This was backed up by 20 CSM and 20 cultists.  (4 squads, 10 each).  I opted to deploy defensively, him going first.  I stuck my rhinos out of LOS.  Turn one he drove through difficult with a rhino and broke down, followed by his second rhino breaking down either turn one or two.  His maulerfiend came bearing down on my right flank, the two DPoN down the center, and the Defiler held the center/left flank via fire support.  Turn one I plopped down the masque and spun his maulerfiend around and lit it up in the rear with the oblits Assault Cannons causing it to explode.  The DPoN (both) assaulted the masque and the oblits, eventually killing both.  One got away, but the second I decided I would go all in to destroy.  The screamers had wrecked the defiler, the terminators, thousand sons, havocs, and CSM all got out of their rhinos to handle him.  The Havocs’ Rhino had been shredded by the spawn the turn prior so they really had no choice.  The terminators failed miserably to do anything, then the havocs took a step up and gunned him down with volleyfire plasma guns and the daemonprince evaporated under a torrent of plasma-fire.  Alas…I didn’t realize the helldrake’s baleflamer was torrent and it cost me 9 of 10 CSM the following turn.  The Spawn assaulted the thousand sons which they were gradually winning but very very very slowly, only by a wound or two per combat.  The havocs unloaded and dropped the helldrake as well.  In the end, I won with 31 points to 1 point.  MVP was the plasma havocs from them killing the daemon prince and shooting down the helldrake.

So I find myself on table two.  Let me break and say this is one reason I dislike playing tournaments.  I rarely like those people on tables one and two at tournaments, or at least I rarely enjoy those games.  I find them way to charged and people vying to win at any costs and frankly this is where shenanigans happen.

I go up against Necrons on Safeguard.  Ugh, I dislike Necrons.  Not because they are an overpowered list, but because I feel rushed and I feel like I am flatfooted the whole game.  They have so many special rules that to ask about every single one takes up a ton of time and makes it seem like I am slow playing from the giddy-up but at the same time, if I don’t it always bites me in the ass.  I ended up losing, 26-6 (at least I got SOME battle points  out of it) and largely because I made some egregious errors.

First, I left one troop for 2 objectives.  Yeah, dumb idea there. 😛

Next, I didn’t realize he could make it nightfight for the entire damned game.

Lastly, I was WAAAY too timid with the screamers.  Yes, there is only three, but I held them back too long.


He ends up bringing up a transport to dump out troops and with his 6″ disembark movement moves to within 3″ of the objective and within 3″ of the unlock point and takes the primary and tertiary, we tie on the secondary.

In the end, I feel jaded as I would have played differently had I understood his rules better.  It’s really my own fault, and next time I guarantee we won’t be playing until I have personally reviewed every single special rule in his list and fully understand how they work.  Things like the lightning strikes, continued night fight, and ability to deny the powers of stealth (which I DID ask about and he explained it can take power from me, but left out the fact that it prevents me from getting them ie. Stealth from night fight).  Didn’t play a huge role in the game outcome which I didn’t play as well as I could have, but I felt that I should have been more persistent from the outset so I didn’t find myself asking “Hey, why are you re-rolling this, that, and the other thing” or “why are you doing that”.  Howeve,r the MVP of the game was the Plasma havocs, shooting down the nightscythe.


Overall, about middle of the pack with 53 points.  Not a great showing but I  am happy about what I learned.  Small units with four plasma guns rock.  I need a way to make them twin-linked, but beyond that I am happy with the outcome.


On other news I have developed more on the backstory and look of my CSM warband.  They will be Word Knights or Knights of the Word (like both, still torn really).  Their chapter symbol is still up in the air.  I am leaning towards doing something with a book, but also worried that it may resemble either grey knights or pre-heresy word-bearers too much.  I have also toyed with the idea of images of a skull with a crown on it (as the crown and skull could be much embellished on vehicles) or a planet or throne burning representing their goal of destroying terra and the emperor’s dominion.  I have also debated using the Chaos star with a daemon head or helmet in the middle as well.

The concept is that they are a branch chapter of the word bearers bent on converting their lost-brothers to the ways of the true gods.  While other CSM warbands seek to destroy, they seek to capture Loyalist legion astartes and bring them into the fold.  They are led by a Grand Apostle in Terminator armor (A lord, possibly Abaddon) who is supported by his personal bodyguard of those he has converted to the ways of chaos- the unbreakable grey knights, his acolyte (also a normal dark apostle), and a sorcerer of chaos for arcane support.  Their dogma and doctrine follow closely with the word bearers, and while the Grand Apostle holds loyalty to Kor-Phaeron, he considers the leadership of the Word Bearers to be too political and to have fallen too far from the teachings of the almight Lorgar and awaits his emergence from his 10,000 year meditation.


Well, Thanks for reading,



9 responses

  1. Necrons are fun, eh? I just read the rule and he needs to roll over the current turn to keep it night fight, so he can manage 5 turns of night fight. He’s also seems to be correct on the ‘not being able to gain’ the rule bit. The wording could be debated some but I’d lean towards him having the correct interpretation of it. Necrons, good times.

    For a name I prefer Knights of the Word. Word Knights just sounds kind of…nerdy.

    January 22, 2013 at 10:07 am

    • Kyban

      Yeah, our game only went to turn 4 and that was the most luck I think I’ve ever had with lightning. Necrons do have a ton of special rules which is why I assume people know about at least some and just ask if they have any questions at the start of the match, otherwise it turns into 10 mins of just explaining rules every time, so definitely ask about anything you have a question on, it makes a lot of difference with Necrons. I think the one time I took stealth though you had a better invuln on the termies anyway, a s9 ap1 pie plate is just murder on them in deep strike formation, Zandrek can also give night vision. The biggest thing about my list is the ability to dampen others’ effectiveness, between night fighting and Zandrek.

      I also prefer “Knights of the Word”.

      January 22, 2013 at 11:00 am

      • Like I said, the error was mine and mine alone. I need to be more aggressive in asking questions, it is just frustrating because there are so many damn rules. Plus, those top two tables always diminishes gameplay fun for me because of the stakes. I enjoy tournaments most when I find myself in the middle the whole time. Not getting crushed, but at the same time not at the top so nothing but fun is on the line. But no, I lost by poor decisions on my part, not by anything you failed to tell me about. I simply said that I may have altered some of my decisions based on certain rules. Knowing about the night fight rule, i should have taken your side and castled in the corner holding both my objectives and made you fight hard to get kill point objective and more then tie the objective objective.

        January 22, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    • I don’t believe he cheated. It just sucks I didn’t ask more questions. :p.

      January 22, 2013 at 2:39 pm

  2. Spectre Foreman

    Necrons are the worst. I like Knights of the Word better too.

    January 22, 2013 at 10:22 am

  3. Word Knights, spelling and pronouncing their way across the Cadian sector!

    January 22, 2013 at 2:24 pm

  4. Chris

    Grammar for the Grammar God! Spelling for the Word Throne!

    January 25, 2013 at 10:30 am

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