General 40k Shinanigans

40K goals for 2013


So as we stand on the brink of 2013 I look over the past year in gaming.

I have built up my Nurgle forces and finally painted the majority of the remaining unpainted daemon models to some degree, with the vast majority nearing completeness.

I have purchased and painted a fair number of CSM.

I have played a handful of games and painted about 20-30 skaven guard models.

I placed about middle of the pack at the standoff with my hobby scores saving me.

In writing it actually looks like I did very little…hrmm.

Well, 2013 will be on paper even less.

First, finish my blue khorne units (16 models).

Then finish my CSM chosen models.

Pick up more CSM stuff to include at least three boxes of CSM, and two rhinos.

Develop my CSM force to have enough options to allow me to not proxy but still have varied lists.

Build more and better permanent storage for my guys. The long awaited finishing of college is rapidly approaching and I don’t wanna be down to the wire and having to scurry to get transportation for my legion of models.

Magnetize EV-ERY-THING. I will order more magnets, buy an appropriate drill bit for them, and go nuts. I often dont do this just because I find it frustrating, but as I delve into armies with mo and more options I find that it is becoming less and less of an option.

Well, beyond that, I think that is all. With the exception of a handful of models from daemons and my second thirster, 2013’s focus is going to be CSM. Even with an imminent release of a new daemons codex I shouldn’t need much new stuff.

Thanks for reading,


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