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There’s a first time for everything…

So my Achilles heel is terminators…well, and AV14 but that doesn’t win games and wipe squads. So I set up a game against our local dark angels player (we only have one until the new book comes out. Then everyone will play the damned things). I played him before with a khorne slaanesh list in 5th and had a rocky start but eventually tabled him. Well, turnabout is a bitch. Long and short of it, he had me tabled by the end of the 5th turn, but he really had me “beat” by the end of his second turn.

So, my list at 1750-



5 crushers with icon, rending

8 bloodletters
8 bloodletters
16 bloodletters w/ rending

8 hounds w/ rending
8 hounds w/ rending

Soul grinder w/ phlegm

He ran

Master of death wing

5 squads of 5 terminators (i think 2 w/ TH/SS, and 3 w/ power fists and heavy shoots weapons). Cyclone launchers on all squads I think.

Mortis dread w/ cyclone launcher and 2 kheres assault cannons (heavy 6, rending, 24″). The Mortis also has sky fire and interceptor if it doesn’t move. Oh…and it’s BS 5.

So I try to go heavy w/ my first wave being both bloodthirsters, the crushers, a squad of hounds, and the soul grinder. Annnnd, I didn’t get it. Oh well, right? Wrong.



I drop my three squads of bloodletters and other squad of hounds. A squad behind the Mortis dread scatters 8″ away from the Mortis dread… And into the open. All of the other squads scatter at let 8 inches as well. This seems to be a recurring thing for my past half dozen or so games…beginning to doubt if my scatter die HAS a hit side to it! His Mortis smokes an entire squad of bloodletters, another is dropped by fire from a shooty squad (4 bolters and an assault cannon) and subsequent assault by the command squad on the remaining two bloodletters, and then the hounds are wiped by another squad. The 16 model unit is reduced to 6 models from fire as well. In that first wave of shooting I made six saves and was about pulling my hair out. Bygones…

My second turn saw my bloodthirsters come in and my soul grinder come in. He dumps fire into the soul grinder from the Mortis doing a glancing his (cover save for the pen made).


He grounds the thirster with bolter fire (which inflicts his first wound). He then assaults with his command squad. The kills two terminators and takes a wound.

My turn I get my crushers and hounds. I assault his squad of power fists with my grinder and remaining bloodletters and the command squad with my second thirster. He challenges with his master of death wing and I accept with my thirster locked in combat already. My charging thirster inflicts three wounds, all saved. The challenged thirster inflicts two, one getting through and doubling out the master of death wing. However, due to the previous thunder hammer wound the thirster strikes at the same time and also dies. Damn divination powers and rerolls to every miss for both player turns!!! The assaulting bloodthirster then falls to the counter attack of the remaining three terminators and the librarian.

The soul grinder kills two of the terminators he assaults and the bloodletters kill one. The remaining two terminators do nothing to the soul grinder.


From there he assaults the crushers with the remnants of the command squad and the hounds with another terminator squad, killing both during the assault after shooting them down to only a few models each. The soul grinder is destroyed by another terminators squad with a chain fist assaulting it.

The next two or three assault phases are him finishing off the last six bloodletters.

Overall, TERRIBLE game, but enlightening. Learned a bunch or CRITICAL lessons.

-If I want to stack a half, ensure I split my troops so they can’t be gunned down without heavy support.

– I can’t rely on volume against TH/SS terminators. They die too slow and kill too fast to allow that. With a new dark angel codex and how much harder it is to kill terminators with AP values to close combat weapons I can only hope that storm shields are not so prevalent. For daemons that means I can go with screamers, flamers, or daemonettes for any kind of volume. Daemonettes are glass cannons and against heavy fire, even bolter fire, they crumble too quickly. Suspect I could drop the second thirster and pick up 275 points of screamers or flamers which would vastly level the playing field against both AV14 and terminators. Have avoided it due to theme but with the impending flood of TH/SS terminators and then in response the re-emergence of null zone to counter the 3++ I need something with some oomph.

– I’ve never come across anything I really thought was over the top until now from forgeworld. But a 200 point dread that can hammer out at BS 5 12 S6 rending shots and two missile launcher shots that has a 13 front armor, base strength of 7 (one higher than normal), and has interceptor and sky fire is a little out of control. Regardless.

– most armies have vehicles which actually vastly REDUCE their firepower. Not so and I noticed my guys suffering much more from it. I need to reduce squad size to make 8×4 so that a single squad cannot get gunned down and reduce my force by 16 models. Yes, the smaller squads are less effective, but I suspect multiple small squads will be more efficient than less large squads as it reduces his ability to focus fire and helps when it comes to over watching.

Regardless, I also made some solid progress on my CSM chosen squad and dark apostle.

After making some fairly simple conversions by adding scrolls of oath to his armor, I made the dark vengeance chosen champ into my dark apostle.

This far, here he is. I did the vast majority of his with no dry brushing as I am trying to ween myself off the technique as a fallback technique.




The use of methods other than dry brushing shows in the cleanliness of the black. It’s not peppered with the dust of other colors.

Here is him and the whole squad. Oh…and me playing with my camera.




4 responses

  1. Chris

    Actually I had 3 CML (one on each hamminator squad; one on a shooty squad); and 2 Assault cannon squads.

    Deep striking is always a challenge; I endlessly debate on its usefulness. Every time I am in a tactical situation that seems to call for it (Necrons, Tau), I end up out of position and gunned down piecemeal.

    For the audience, I tend to switch back and forth between all foot deathwing and LR mechanized deathwing. Occasionally a tactical squad will man an aegis defense line; or I will toss out a 30k list.

    If you had got your preferred wave, it would have been a very different game. Not sure on the rules to waves; but I understand it is more common to get what you want.

    You also were hurt by your dice being a standard deviation or two lower then expected; and I was rolling armor saves hot.

    Contemptor isn’t unbalanced when you consider the cost- I can put down two mortis dreadnoughts with the same abilities (granted different loadouts) for pretty much the same cost. I am definitely putting in an order for one or two in a few weeks (waiting on the new codex before I place a FW order; besides, I need to save up some more cash!)

    December 28, 2012 at 9:05 am

    • I was under the impression that it cost about 200 points or so, which is wickedly cheap seeing that an equivalent walker is the forge fiend which can crank out 8 shots and a plasma cannon shot at BS 3 with no ability to hit flyers. Yes, it has it will not die, but it’s only av 12. Regardless, if I was wrong on price I stand corrected.

      Yeah, the foot thing worked well. It was an interesting turn that I had not faced in a very long time. As I said, most of the time transports limit fire power (oh, except necrons…) so I think in terms of transports often.

      Yeah, the preferred wave is on a 3+. So 66%, but when you look at it from a gaming point of view, not getting to deploy what you want 1/3 of the time is really cumbersome. However, most daemon players will hit hot or cold streaks. I was ballsy with my choice as I was coming off of a hot streak. That said, I’ve had upwards of twelve games where I didn’t get my preferred half and so has Steve. It was a tactical error to put my eggs all in one basket.

      Yeah, the dice deviation has been killing me. I have scattered every deep strike for many games and have been actually debating replacing my scatter die as maybe it got chipped or got heated and balance shifted. Who knows, but the scatter is something I have come to expect.

      December 28, 2012 at 9:46 am

      • Chris

        215 for the contemptor. Chaos can get the nonmortis variant. 🙂

        Putting it perspective, a Grey Knight player with Cortez can do the same thing for 260 points, and have a lvl 2 caster on top.

        Khorne and Deathwing play similarly in that all games boil down to three- 1. Things work perfectly, and your opponent plays your game and you wipe them out; 2. Its a bloody mess in which two models survive the game to win; 3. you get blown off the table.

        Glad to get one last game in before the codex drops.

        December 28, 2012 at 12:48 pm

      • However…he is a lot easier to kill, does not have the ability to do it out to the range of weapons, does not confer sky fire, and there is no unit out there in the GK codex that has 12 S6 rending shots plus two missile launcher shots, never mind at BS 5. The closest you could get is a bunch of jaekeros.

        December 28, 2012 at 1:13 pm

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