General 40k Shinanigans

There is only war…on Christmas

Likely for most of us, this time of year brings holidays of giving, sharing, and caring. We revel at the opportunity to surprise others and are happy at the boxes we get and give alike. However, let’s not forget those who will not get a Christmas this year. As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, I can attest that, while they will have some kind of Christmas meal and the time will be livened by comrades, it is a poor replacement for time at home with the family. Whether you agree with the war on terror or wars at the current time, or if you even live in America or not, remember your own soldiers fighting for not just this current war. Remember soldiers of times past, remember that Christmas time is no less special for them and that to fight on December 25th is the last thing they want. In 1915, the world saw something it had never seen. Soldiers put WWI on hold and celebrated Christmas with their fellows and enemies alike. Gifts and rations were exchanged between French and German soldiers, carols were sung, meals and rations divided and shared, cigarettes and alcohol was rationed from those units that had plenty to those units with little and all forgot that they lived to fight and kill. Since then, this has never happened again. Soldiers now conduct patrols, raids, ambushes, and find themselves beleaguered by withering enemy fire on christmas day. Families lose loved ones on Christmas day.

So when you sit down to your Christmas feast or watch your kids shred open their packages with glee, remember that whether you are in the USA, England, Australia, or pretty much any country that those moments are paid for dearly in the sweat, tears, and blood of soldiers and sailors now and in generations past. So, as we take a break from pushing our plastic and resin soldiers across 6×4 tables engaging in imaginary warfare of the most brutal scale, let us lend a thought for those engaged in real war across the globe and the next time we get the chance, say thanks to those who fought for our nation. Be it The Queen’s Dragoons or a soldier from the backwoods of the deep south in the US, all soldiers suffer through these times and should know that those at home appreciate those sacrifices.

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