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Blood for the blood god!!!!

So the other night I played against an experienced elder player at my FLGS. We ran a mission called the long haul. Primary mission is objectives, for our game 2. I placed mine, he placed his, he picked side, I opted to let him go first. our game was 1750 pts.

I ran-
2 thirsters w/ unholy might, one with blessings

5 crushers with icon and rending

2 x 8 bloodletters
16 bloodletters w/ icon and rending

2×8 hounds w/ rending

Soul grinder with phlegm

From what I remember, he ran-

The scorpion Phoenix lord
Some tau crisis HQ with 2+ armor and 2 shield drones

2 x 5 pathfinders
10 fire warriors in devil fish

3 D cannons
Fire dragons
A crisis suit with bunch of melta guns

Aegis defense line with quad gun

So he set up his pathfinders and the fire warriors behind the defense line about mid way up his deployment zone. He then infiltrated the d-cannons, the Phoenix lord, Eldrad, and the tau HQ making for a big slow and purposeful barrage death star. he kept his fire warriors in their transport and put that and the hammerhead to one flank.

I opted to go heavy. I elected to go heavy with the crushers, one squad of hounds, the soul grinder, and both bloodthirsters. I made my preferred half and was ballsy and deep struck my stuff in his deployment, mostly behind his defense line. Mis-happed with the grinder which went into strategic reserves. Everything scattered at least 8 inches (my scatter die has hated me my last like 6 or 7 games!). All in all, I ended up with a lot of pressure on his flank. His first turn of shooting resulted in one wound on each thirster and both still flying.

Overall, because I forgot to take pictures, I will hit the highlights. It was a great game and bloody. My flank attack finished off the pathfinders, and fire dragons, the hounds were really my mvps of this game killing the hammerhead, fire warriors, and holding up against the Phoenix lord for a few turns. Killing his troops early and leaving him in the open while I gutted his soft position helped immensely. From then on he was fighting for a tie on primary. I dropped in and took my own objective with troops in cover, and held them there.

I have run afoul of this annoying d-cannon slow and purposeful bit before. Flanking it with 2+/4++ saves with fortune is equally obnoxious especially when he has fortune and all T7 against shooting. I won’t lie, I imagine that Eldar powers will lose fortune in their new book when it comes it someday…and there will be lots of tears. Until then, the lack of AP2 continues to plague me. A single dude with a 2+ should not be able to handle a full squad of crushers and hounds and not take a single wound. Regardless, I pulled a solid win, by killing more elites, having more stuff in his deployment, and holding more objectives. Fun game, but same problems arise as always.

Thanks for reading,



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