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Nooowwww I remember why I don’t play my IG very often. :P

So I opted to run a 1500 point list of IG and try out some new units with the idea of infiltrating numerous units to control early game vehicle destruction…yeah, didn’t work. :0

So, to save the time, I lost terribly. I DID learn some really good lessons though-

Storm troopers- niche fillers. A full unit is a terrible idea and even worse if they are held as static. Overall, an expensive unit that cost just way too many points for its uses. It should have been 105 points- 2 melta guns and 5 dudes. Maybe run 2 plasma guns and a SGT with two plasma pistols for infiltrating 18″ away, moving 6, and popping off 6 shots of plasma to tear up a terminator squad or something like that for just over 100 points.

PBS- more of these.

Rattling snipers- great concept, but with ld 6, unless there are ruins or something to offer a 4+ cover, they get run off the table with a T2 and ld 6.

So my key mistakes were-
Setup- still learning this really. Never have to deal with this for daemons and i struggle with it damn near every time I have to do it. Didn’t help he seized, but I should have expected it.

Too little of too much- I had infiltrators, artillery, a blob, snipers, storm troopers, heavy weapons. Yeah on paper it looks like it can take on anything. Problem is redundancy. Nothing was duplicated. That means that when it’s gone, I lose capability. I have always done better when lists offered a little…or a lot… of redundancy. My Nurgle has a TON of redundancy. Same with my khorne lists and both are pretty good on the WLD scale. I need to pick a mode of attack and rock it.

Don’t rely on cover, place smart- yep, cover is great. But these days everyone at my FLGS plays a manticore…this is a problem.

If I am gonna run blobs, run officers!!!! – really self explanatory.

Focus fire by priority. I hopped around on target priority leaving a lot of wounded units but very few units dead all the way. I need to focus on a unit with everything until its gone unless something super pressing emerges.

Remember searchlights. I wasted my first turn of shooting because of night fight. This could have easily changed the game.

Well, that was about it. Overall, poorly played game on my part but I still got at least one point and had fun, so it wasn’t really a loss. Thank god for good opponents that make ass-beatings fun too.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Chris

    redundancy is important- if you don’t have a back up, expect to lose the one critical unit. I wrestle with that all the time playing Deathwing- the expense of the units means its tough to cover all the bases and have multiple options for dealing with say tanks. When fighting some one, I generally prioritize killing their long ranged antitank weapons, then AP2 if going mech. If I can keep my landraiders operational, and limit their anti termie firepower, I have a decent shot at dictating the game. If you only have limited AT and AP2, you make my job much easier.

    Interesting to know on the stormtroopers- I have been thinking about toying around with a small unit of stormtroopers or hardened vets in a flyer. Waiting until the new codex drops!

    Rhinos/cheap transports are useful in Tony Mission land for the search lights… use them to light up the enemy’s critical units while keeping yours in the dark. First Blood from the BRB isn’t a big issue locally.

    December 13, 2012 at 11:44 am

  2. Ultimately it’s inexperience. You played with an army you play infrequently, so codex familiarity isn’t there (reading it a lot and playing it a lot are different). It’s also an army that requires deployment and the bane of many players, veterans alike, is that damn deployment. It’s not Daemons, you have to put them out there and deployment is a strategy all its own. I continually struggle with this and I’ve played armies that require deployment for 6-years. Redundancy, yeah, you know it.

    December 13, 2012 at 11:57 am

    • Agreed. I need to field them more and practice on a more diversified deployment, not behind one wall.

      And yeah…redundancy.

      December 13, 2012 at 12:15 pm

  3. Well, you had a few things going against you that snowballed to the loss.
    First was the mission when compared with your army build. The mission required units to move out of your deployment zone in order to claim quadrants by victory points. I looked at your army, the fact you had an Aegis, and how you deployed your initial units. I knew instantly that you wouldn’t be doing much, if any maneuvering into other quadrants. I spread out in my own deployment zone in order to marginalize your Infiltrators. As you saw, Infiltration is tough to pull off with multiple units. One you can get into a useful position, but two or three is tougher. I spread my depoyment like that on purpose to keep those small, potentially lethal units from getting close and applying their specialized weapons. I wasn’t afraid to lose transports, as I knew your main weaponry was 18″ range, and your lascannons were only BS3.
    Second was me seizing the initiative. That’s a body blow for ANY army, and I’ve lost several games purely because of it. I was able to threaten your troopers with the Thunderfire from the outset, plus force you to deal with the Land Raider hammering toward you at the same time. Both were dire threats, but you could only take on one at a time.
    Transports and a non-reliance on heavy weapons allowed me to maneuver individual models to maximize damage output. Remember when my combat squad with the flamer smoked almost the entire Vet Squad in one go? I purposely moved the models in the unit to one side of your Vets in order to force the wounds to be taken on the heavy flamer model first. He was the only reliable threat on Overwatch. Once he was down, I didn’t care about the flashlights on the rest of the unit.
    I did it again when I put my Marines against your Basilisk. I could have fired the multimelta and nuked the tank, but it would have required more successful rolls on my part. Instead, I shifted to the side, threw some longshot bolt pistol rounds into side armor, and then charged. Melee against tanks is incredibly reliable in this edition. Of course, that’s because Marines come standard with krak and frag grenades. Marines can even call a Disordered Charge against multiple non-squadron tanks and lose no effectiveness at all (they only get one attack with grenades, and a DO only costs you bonus attacks from charging).

    People should know that the game was a lot coser than you make it out to be, though. You missed out on the chance to move that one surviving heavy weapon model to claim an objective on the final turn. That would have netted you a tie in that department for 3 more battle points. I only had 18 infantry models, one arty unit, an two tank models on the board at the end. I was just spread out enough that I claimed more quadrants.

    December 13, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    • I agree with assessment on infiltrators. I had the intention of forcing you to make target priority decisions that would be costly but ultimately corned off some of my own units. I think I will drop the storm troopers and pick up another Psyker battle squad. I like the artillery but it just didn’t pan out. I think I will drop the lord commissar and take a company command. That will offer some added flex to the army and allow me to rock Bring it Down and Fire on my Target.

      I Suspect I will return to my original plan of running an army based on pinning, thus lots of artillery and mortars and killing 2+ saves through volume (as you saw a small blast template unit can rack up wounds fast).

      December 13, 2012 at 2:06 pm

      • Just don’t forget the mobility. Guard has a tough time crossing the board intact. They need those Chimeras to keep things like Thunderfires and heavy bolters from taking them apart.
        Alternatively, you could keep the units on foot, but move them “Shermans in the hedgerows” style. Huddle the infantry behind the tanks, knowing that you’ll get both cover and limited casualties due to reduced LOS behind the tank hull.
        The main reason I’ve not bothered with my Wall of marines build is that it simply cannot win objective games. It takes an infantry unit too many turns of dedicated movement and running to reach far-flung objectives.

        December 13, 2012 at 3:42 pm

      • I lean away from chimeras. They are overused vastly and I know I groan against a parking lot…not because they can’t be beaten as I have beaten them before with my daemons quite handily but it’s just a pain to play against IMHO.

        However, I do have 2 Russ I could run. I could easily fit a good number of infantry behind and allow them to run and gun in that way.

        December 13, 2012 at 6:09 pm

  4. Mobility makes you groan? That’s like saying shooting is annoying or close combat is stupid 😛 It’s one thing to do like Turner has been known to in putting down 11-13 Chimera chassis and another to put down 3-4 for your units can get places. People use transports because they are effective at their job.

    December 14, 2012 at 10:09 am

    • Chris

      Transports might be more reliably killed in this edition; but they are still useful for mobile cover. IG need the cover more than MEQ.

      December 14, 2012 at 10:37 am

      • It’s the mobility part that I have issues with. My anti armor is largely lscannons and meltaguns. While meltaguns can work inside chimeras, lascannons won’t.

        I may drop the Camo cloaks from the vets, and put them in a chimera with the same payload thus allowing me to fire the lascannon, the heavy bolter, the heavy flamer, and both melta guns from the chimera.

        That said, it comes down to the feel of the army. Transports suck up a fair amount of points. 4 chimeras is 220 points, and for that I could get a good PBS and a colossus.

        I may pick up Al’Harem. He outflanks with his whole platoon and allows them to shoot and THEN move D6 inches, plus his weapon causes instant death and he can also give the order bring it down.

        December 14, 2012 at 10:49 am

    • And yes…shooting is annoying. Everyone should stop shooting. 😀

      December 14, 2012 at 10:50 am

      • Yes, transports take up points but it’s an investment. You’re investing in the ability to stay safe from being shot (have to blow up the ride to shoot the dudes), and the ability to cover 18″ in a turn (12″ + 6″ flat out). Don’t look at transports as a unit. Yes, as a ‘unit’ they take up points that you can spend elsewhere but as an investment they are worth it.

        These aren’t Daemons, you can’t use deep striking as a means to overcome lack of mobility. If nothing else being on foot makes you predictable. I know where the objectives are and I know at what turn you’re going to need to start moving to reach them and with which units. That knowledge allows me to counter you, or better yet, preempt your attempt at getting there.

        December 14, 2012 at 11:58 am

      • True. I could also run a Valkyrie or vendetta to supplement as well. Figure a valkyrie with 2 chimeras (a vet squad and an infantry squad or Platoon Command squad). Stick vets in the Valkyrie. Push comes to shove, with the flyer I can zoom and drop the guys off via parachutes…and hope I don’t mishap 😀

        Something I will have to toy with….now if only I didn’t abhor the chimera model.

        December 14, 2012 at 12:27 pm

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