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CSM warband

So been thinking of my chaos space marines chapter. I suspect I will go undivided, running a warband of my own making. It will be a chapter from the word bearers legion essentially as I like a lot of the fluff behind word bearers.

The color scheme I am leaning towards is either a half or quartered. However, it will not be the standard 1/2 and 1/2. I’d like to do the division diagnally (not perfectly diagnal, but close. So the greaves and thighs will be opposing colors). I was also debating running a single color scheme and paint markings on the armor.

Fluff behind them is still under construction. I would really like to work in some way of running fallen/converted grey knights, even if their conversion was by simply their souls being enslaved…however, I have to find an example of a forced conversion to chaos beyond Fulgrim for this.

The concept of the army is a force led by apostles. The armies will have one fighty/Killy HQ and one support. This a sorcerer and an apostle would work, as would a lord and warp smith.

For conversions…because really, who likes a stock army!?, are mostly bits swaps. I actually plan to use GK heads for either troops or non-troops. Not sure yet. There will be some dividing line between the “standard” look and everyone else. For pads I plan to use pads similar to terminator per-heresy pads, with the tassels.

So for heads…


And for the shoulder pads


For a name I am thinking knights something or something knights. Was thinking of knights apostate.

*edit* After examining the story of Post-Heresy word-bearers I discovered that the Word Bearers legion was split into 10 Chapters, and only 4 are known.  Thus, the CSM I use will be a successor chapter of the Word Bearers.  The paint schemes that I find myself drawn to are: Harkannor’s reavers (, Sons of Vengeance (, and the split look.

Well thanks for reading, more later,




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  1. chris

    Dark vengeance has quite a bit on forced conversion. I will bring it Wednesday… if I get to the store.

    Choas backpacks are good – they are great crusade void types.

    The new rulebook has some info on forced conversion to.

    December 16, 2012 at 11:35 pm

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