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40K goals for 2013


So as we stand on the brink of 2013 I look over the past year in gaming.

I have built up my Nurgle forces and finally painted the majority of the remaining unpainted daemon models to some degree, with the vast majority nearing completeness.

I have purchased and painted a fair number of CSM.

I have played a handful of games and painted about 20-30 skaven guard models.

I placed about middle of the pack at the standoff with my hobby scores saving me.

In writing it actually looks like I did very little…hrmm.

Well, 2013 will be on paper even less.

First, finish my blue khorne units (16 models).

Then finish my CSM chosen models.

Pick up more CSM stuff to include at least three boxes of CSM, and two rhinos.

Develop my CSM force to have enough options to allow me to not proxy but still have varied lists.

Build more and better permanent storage for my guys. The long awaited finishing of college is rapidly approaching and I don’t wanna be down to the wire and having to scurry to get transportation for my legion of models.

Magnetize EV-ERY-THING. I will order more magnets, buy an appropriate drill bit for them, and go nuts. I often dont do this just because I find it frustrating, but as I delve into armies with mo and more options I find that it is becoming less and less of an option.

Well, beyond that, I think that is all. With the exception of a handful of models from daemons and my second thirster, 2013’s focus is going to be CSM. Even with an imminent release of a new daemons codex I shouldn’t need much new stuff.

Thanks for reading,


Testing out CSM

So I decided to test out some CSM units in a 1750 game, so this is what I had

Sorcerer of tzeentch with black mace, ML 3, and spell familiar

5 terminators with heavy flamer, three combi-meltas, power swords and two power weapons on champ, and marks and icon of slaanesh

7 noise marines with sonic blasters, blastmaster, and icon

7 thousand sons with rhino
8 thousand sons with rhino
15 cultists

7 warp talons with mark of slaanesh

Might have messed that up.

Went against a mixed sister/guard list with a fortress of redemption.

Because I didn’t take any pictures I will skip play by play and hit the highlights

– Ahriman, pound for pound, is nasty. With the ability to infiltrate units and 4 powers, he is a powerhouse with flexibility. However, without eternal warrior he has to hang out in the back which means that his beams can be a bit to pull off. With his four powers he can be tailored for almost any enemy.

– noise marines got hammered by low AP, barrage, high strength weapons so I didn’t get to test these guys that well.

– terminators are AWESOME. They can be customized great, and feel no pain makes them just brutal. Ha sorcerer with them granting him granting him FNP. However, next time I will be sure to get more biomancy powers to buff them up more.

– thousand sons are great, but I will limit them to only one group. They would do better if infiltrated though.

– warp talons are still a favorite. I may think to infiltrate them next time and opt to go second to allow myself to assault the first turn.


Melta beam= awesome. It may allow cover saves, but it allows you to smack that vehicle on the other side of a building,

Boon of mutation- yep, it’s as awesome as I thought. Will definitely use this more when I have a dark apostle in the unit.

Things to invest in-
Hell drake- the four S8 sky fire shots will be nice to get rid of those pesky flyers.

Land raider- With a land raider I can pack it full of a unit such as terminators, and attach Ahriman and a dark apostle (4 terminators and the other two) for a happy infiltrated death star.

Forge fiend/ obliterators- I think I may lean towards the Oblits. Need some long range and flexible firepower that a single shot can’t drop. I don’t care for the GW models but I don’t like the standard conversion. I might try to get some dark vengeance terminators and model them, but I think I may make them different then normal and do something different with the legs. Perhaps crab-like legs and multiple arms with the different weapons on each arm (instead of one arm morphing into different weapons).

Decimate engine/ contempt or dread- this one will be a bigger buy. Be a great assault unit.

Either way, I am pretty stoked to ramp up my CSM painting. The quarters paint scheme is interesting and as my khorne force draws to completion I find myself looking at other projects. I have basing for the dogs, details and eyes for the dogs and bloodletters, and a few touch ups (like helmets and heads) for the older stuff. Then it’s the big thirster and I don’t think I am ready to tackle another one just yet, call me strange. I have been reading a lot of word bearers stuff and I think I have found my proffered force. Plus side is that I can have my cake and eat it too by having a custom host under the word bearers and still be able to draw on lots of named characters such as Erebus, Phaeron, and the Gol Voldak and the Crimson Lord.

Oh, the game ended in a dead tie, 16-16

Thanks for reading

There’s a first time for everything…

So my Achilles heel is terminators…well, and AV14 but that doesn’t win games and wipe squads. So I set up a game against our local dark angels player (we only have one until the new book comes out. Then everyone will play the damned things). I played him before with a khorne slaanesh list in 5th and had a rocky start but eventually tabled him. Well, turnabout is a bitch. Long and short of it, he had me tabled by the end of the 5th turn, but he really had me “beat” by the end of his second turn.

So, my list at 1750-



5 crushers with icon, rending

8 bloodletters
8 bloodletters
16 bloodletters w/ rending

8 hounds w/ rending
8 hounds w/ rending

Soul grinder w/ phlegm

He ran

Master of death wing

5 squads of 5 terminators (i think 2 w/ TH/SS, and 3 w/ power fists and heavy shoots weapons). Cyclone launchers on all squads I think.

Mortis dread w/ cyclone launcher and 2 kheres assault cannons (heavy 6, rending, 24″). The Mortis also has sky fire and interceptor if it doesn’t move. Oh…and it’s BS 5.

So I try to go heavy w/ my first wave being both bloodthirsters, the crushers, a squad of hounds, and the soul grinder. Annnnd, I didn’t get it. Oh well, right? Wrong.



I drop my three squads of bloodletters and other squad of hounds. A squad behind the Mortis dread scatters 8″ away from the Mortis dread… And into the open. All of the other squads scatter at let 8 inches as well. This seems to be a recurring thing for my past half dozen or so games…beginning to doubt if my scatter die HAS a hit side to it! His Mortis smokes an entire squad of bloodletters, another is dropped by fire from a shooty squad (4 bolters and an assault cannon) and subsequent assault by the command squad on the remaining two bloodletters, and then the hounds are wiped by another squad. The 16 model unit is reduced to 6 models from fire as well. In that first wave of shooting I made six saves and was about pulling my hair out. Bygones…

My second turn saw my bloodthirsters come in and my soul grinder come in. He dumps fire into the soul grinder from the Mortis doing a glancing his (cover save for the pen made).


He grounds the thirster with bolter fire (which inflicts his first wound). He then assaults with his command squad. The kills two terminators and takes a wound.

My turn I get my crushers and hounds. I assault his squad of power fists with my grinder and remaining bloodletters and the command squad with my second thirster. He challenges with his master of death wing and I accept with my thirster locked in combat already. My charging thirster inflicts three wounds, all saved. The challenged thirster inflicts two, one getting through and doubling out the master of death wing. However, due to the previous thunder hammer wound the thirster strikes at the same time and also dies. Damn divination powers and rerolls to every miss for both player turns!!! The assaulting bloodthirster then falls to the counter attack of the remaining three terminators and the librarian.

The soul grinder kills two of the terminators he assaults and the bloodletters kill one. The remaining two terminators do nothing to the soul grinder.


From there he assaults the crushers with the remnants of the command squad and the hounds with another terminator squad, killing both during the assault after shooting them down to only a few models each. The soul grinder is destroyed by another terminators squad with a chain fist assaulting it.

The next two or three assault phases are him finishing off the last six bloodletters.

Overall, TERRIBLE game, but enlightening. Learned a bunch or CRITICAL lessons.

-If I want to stack a half, ensure I split my troops so they can’t be gunned down without heavy support.

– I can’t rely on volume against TH/SS terminators. They die too slow and kill too fast to allow that. With a new dark angel codex and how much harder it is to kill terminators with AP values to close combat weapons I can only hope that storm shields are not so prevalent. For daemons that means I can go with screamers, flamers, or daemonettes for any kind of volume. Daemonettes are glass cannons and against heavy fire, even bolter fire, they crumble too quickly. Suspect I could drop the second thirster and pick up 275 points of screamers or flamers which would vastly level the playing field against both AV14 and terminators. Have avoided it due to theme but with the impending flood of TH/SS terminators and then in response the re-emergence of null zone to counter the 3++ I need something with some oomph.

– I’ve never come across anything I really thought was over the top until now from forgeworld. But a 200 point dread that can hammer out at BS 5 12 S6 rending shots and two missile launcher shots that has a 13 front armor, base strength of 7 (one higher than normal), and has interceptor and sky fire is a little out of control. Regardless.

– most armies have vehicles which actually vastly REDUCE their firepower. Not so and I noticed my guys suffering much more from it. I need to reduce squad size to make 8×4 so that a single squad cannot get gunned down and reduce my force by 16 models. Yes, the smaller squads are less effective, but I suspect multiple small squads will be more efficient than less large squads as it reduces his ability to focus fire and helps when it comes to over watching.

Regardless, I also made some solid progress on my CSM chosen squad and dark apostle.

After making some fairly simple conversions by adding scrolls of oath to his armor, I made the dark vengeance chosen champ into my dark apostle.

This far, here he is. I did the vast majority of his with no dry brushing as I am trying to ween myself off the technique as a fallback technique.




The use of methods other than dry brushing shows in the cleanliness of the black. It’s not peppered with the dust of other colors.

Here is him and the whole squad. Oh…and me playing with my camera.



There is only war…on Christmas

Likely for most of us, this time of year brings holidays of giving, sharing, and caring. We revel at the opportunity to surprise others and are happy at the boxes we get and give alike. However, let’s not forget those who will not get a Christmas this year. As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, I can attest that, while they will have some kind of Christmas meal and the time will be livened by comrades, it is a poor replacement for time at home with the family. Whether you agree with the war on terror or wars at the current time, or if you even live in America or not, remember your own soldiers fighting for not just this current war. Remember soldiers of times past, remember that Christmas time is no less special for them and that to fight on December 25th is the last thing they want. In 1915, the world saw something it had never seen. Soldiers put WWI on hold and celebrated Christmas with their fellows and enemies alike. Gifts and rations were exchanged between French and German soldiers, carols were sung, meals and rations divided and shared, cigarettes and alcohol was rationed from those units that had plenty to those units with little and all forgot that they lived to fight and kill. Since then, this has never happened again. Soldiers now conduct patrols, raids, ambushes, and find themselves beleaguered by withering enemy fire on christmas day. Families lose loved ones on Christmas day.

So when you sit down to your Christmas feast or watch your kids shred open their packages with glee, remember that whether you are in the USA, England, Australia, or pretty much any country that those moments are paid for dearly in the sweat, tears, and blood of soldiers and sailors now and in generations past. So, as we take a break from pushing our plastic and resin soldiers across 6×4 tables engaging in imaginary warfare of the most brutal scale, let us lend a thought for those engaged in real war across the globe and the next time we get the chance, say thanks to those who fought for our nation. Be it The Queen’s Dragoons or a soldier from the backwoods of the deep south in the US, all soldiers suffer through these times and should know that those at home appreciate those sacrifices.

Thanks for reading,

Blood for the blood god!!!!

So the other night I played against an experienced elder player at my FLGS. We ran a mission called the long haul. Primary mission is objectives, for our game 2. I placed mine, he placed his, he picked side, I opted to let him go first. our game was 1750 pts.

I ran-
2 thirsters w/ unholy might, one with blessings

5 crushers with icon and rending

2 x 8 bloodletters
16 bloodletters w/ icon and rending

2×8 hounds w/ rending

Soul grinder with phlegm

From what I remember, he ran-

The scorpion Phoenix lord
Some tau crisis HQ with 2+ armor and 2 shield drones

2 x 5 pathfinders
10 fire warriors in devil fish

3 D cannons
Fire dragons
A crisis suit with bunch of melta guns

Aegis defense line with quad gun

So he set up his pathfinders and the fire warriors behind the defense line about mid way up his deployment zone. He then infiltrated the d-cannons, the Phoenix lord, Eldrad, and the tau HQ making for a big slow and purposeful barrage death star. he kept his fire warriors in their transport and put that and the hammerhead to one flank.

I opted to go heavy. I elected to go heavy with the crushers, one squad of hounds, the soul grinder, and both bloodthirsters. I made my preferred half and was ballsy and deep struck my stuff in his deployment, mostly behind his defense line. Mis-happed with the grinder which went into strategic reserves. Everything scattered at least 8 inches (my scatter die has hated me my last like 6 or 7 games!). All in all, I ended up with a lot of pressure on his flank. His first turn of shooting resulted in one wound on each thirster and both still flying.

Overall, because I forgot to take pictures, I will hit the highlights. It was a great game and bloody. My flank attack finished off the pathfinders, and fire dragons, the hounds were really my mvps of this game killing the hammerhead, fire warriors, and holding up against the Phoenix lord for a few turns. Killing his troops early and leaving him in the open while I gutted his soft position helped immensely. From then on he was fighting for a tie on primary. I dropped in and took my own objective with troops in cover, and held them there.

I have run afoul of this annoying d-cannon slow and purposeful bit before. Flanking it with 2+/4++ saves with fortune is equally obnoxious especially when he has fortune and all T7 against shooting. I won’t lie, I imagine that Eldar powers will lose fortune in their new book when it comes it someday…and there will be lots of tears. Until then, the lack of AP2 continues to plague me. A single dude with a 2+ should not be able to handle a full squad of crushers and hounds and not take a single wound. Regardless, I pulled a solid win, by killing more elites, having more stuff in his deployment, and holding more objectives. Fun game, but same problems arise as always.

Thanks for reading,


New Warband Colors

So, I had some of the Dark Vengeance models sitting around unpainted and so I decided to paint one.  I like how it worked out.  It has essentially molten cracks in the black armor and crimson on the other part.  It is quartered at the waste as I was thinking of doing.  No conversions currently, just wanted to see what it looked like.  I actually really like the paint scheme, but I need to get better at detailing and highlighting black with grey.  Because it is such a pure color, any smudges or “dust” from drybrushing is hideously obvious (see torso picture).


I also am attempting to become a technically better painter as well.  I utilized highlighting on the eyes and the gemstone in the center that, unlike the black and detailing on the black armor, looks better on camera.


Yeah, this was a quick pic, so I didn’t have lights set up and the camera was using it’s flash.  Excuse the shadows please.



Torso Leg Detailing Bright Side Left Side Paint Scheme Front


So, would love to hear suggestions and comments.  Still clearly a WIP for the armor details such as the sword, the backpack (still missing), and things like his mouthpiece on his helmet, touching up the joint backsides, basing, and maybe some extreme highlights on the red areas (built up to my brightest red, might highlight with either orange, or a pale red instead of a bold bright red).

Still haven’t finished the legion icon.  I think the open area of the pad will be split with a zig-zag line, red and black on either side, and with a white or grey icon.  Something knight-ish…maybe a sword and skull.  Something catchy, but simple and, most importantly, repeatable to the original.

Thanks for reading,


CSM warband

So been thinking of my chaos space marines chapter. I suspect I will go undivided, running a warband of my own making. It will be a chapter from the word bearers legion essentially as I like a lot of the fluff behind word bearers.

The color scheme I am leaning towards is either a half or quartered. However, it will not be the standard 1/2 and 1/2. I’d like to do the division diagnally (not perfectly diagnal, but close. So the greaves and thighs will be opposing colors). I was also debating running a single color scheme and paint markings on the armor.

Fluff behind them is still under construction. I would really like to work in some way of running fallen/converted grey knights, even if their conversion was by simply their souls being enslaved…however, I have to find an example of a forced conversion to chaos beyond Fulgrim for this.

The concept of the army is a force led by apostles. The armies will have one fighty/Killy HQ and one support. This a sorcerer and an apostle would work, as would a lord and warp smith.

For conversions…because really, who likes a stock army!?, are mostly bits swaps. I actually plan to use GK heads for either troops or non-troops. Not sure yet. There will be some dividing line between the “standard” look and everyone else. For pads I plan to use pads similar to terminator per-heresy pads, with the tassels.

So for heads…


And for the shoulder pads


For a name I am thinking knights something or something knights. Was thinking of knights apostate.

*edit* After examining the story of Post-Heresy word-bearers I discovered that the Word Bearers legion was split into 10 Chapters, and only 4 are known.  Thus, the CSM I use will be a successor chapter of the Word Bearers.  The paint schemes that I find myself drawn to are: Harkannor’s reavers (, Sons of Vengeance (, and the split look.

Well thanks for reading, more later,