General 40k Shinanigans

Blood Puppies!

So they’re of the most underused units in the daemon codex. Flesh hounds of khorne. At the stats of an assault marine for almost the same price (15 points) and a 5+ invulnerable save and next to no upgrades, they have often been set aside for notably better options for fast attacking daemons such as screamers and seekers. But with flesh hounds coming in cheaper, the new move through cover rules, and the higher strength they have their niche to fill.

So for 120 points you can get 8 hounds, 130 points gets you rending on one of them. On the charge they have 24 S5 attacks. Against marines that’s 12 hits, 8 wounds, and a few dead marines. (2 or 3). Yup, not that good seeing the marines will then (assuming 10 marines) smack the dogs 12 times, get 6 hits, 3 wounds, and 2 dead dogs.

But with anything, the dogs fill a niche. They fill that role of cracking transports and mauling weaker troops. Mainly cracking rear AV 10 vehicles. Due to their base size, they aren’t bad at cracking rhinos and killing everyone inside as they can’t get out. With 24 attacks, 16 hits at S5 against rear AV 10, that’s 5 glances or better. Against those pesky rear AV 11 vehicles, that is 2-3 glances.

They also work to move fast to hit those units in the back field. With move through cover, fleet, and beasts they are pretty quick movers.

Lastly, they are generally at the bottom of the ladder as far as priority. Due to no power weapons and low threat to infantry, they are often overlooked in lieu of shooting things like the bloodthirster.

So at the end of the day, are they the best? No. However, when it comes to a reliable way to crack that rhino, razorback, or vindicator then they are a solid option. Screamers will get gunned down due to their higher priority and lower numbers as well as having a terrible WS and low model count, seekers are lower strength and toughness, have the ability to pen more but cannot destroy those rear AV 10 quite as well as the hounds.

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