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The way ahead: Bloodthirsters and Sorcerers

So after the standoff, I have 2 projects that I find really pressing.  First, I have a second bloodthirster that needs to be painted and it makes me sad a little to see such an amazing model unpainted on my workdesk.  Secondly is a chaos slaanesh sorcerer.  I have in game plans, but I also have the desire to make an awesome 25mm model.  I have 60mm and above models that have gotten a LOT of “oohs” and “ahs” and consider myself a strong painter.  Even my Epidemius model I considered of “Meh” quality was recognized at the recent painting competetion.  That said, my 25mm and 40mm models have notoriously been lackluster.  I am not sure why, likely because with daemons, the bigger models are also my kind of characters in game, but also I just like those massive models…hence the 2 9.5 inch tall thirsters…aka, buildings.  So this sorcerer is an attempt to make a kick-ass 25mm model.  I plan to throw all of my creative skill and painting talent into this guy to really blow people away.  That said, I’ll show you my progress thus far-

Bloodthirster (working title will be Icethirster…)

Well, I got him with his wings glued on.  Well, so I thought.  Actually it was glued and GS’d around so solvents had no way to reach it.  Also, solvents can hurt the resin.  So I took the high road.  Annnndddd, I chipped away at the GS to expose the rear of the wings, inserted shaping tool, and popped those bad boys off.  Sounds simple…yeah, actually it took about 2 hours of mind-numbing scraping.  Finally it turned out like THIS:

Yesterday, I magnetized his wings like they should have been originally.  I plunked in a 25 mm neodine circle magnet with a 5 pound pull on it.  One on the body, one on the wing.  Yep…those bad boys aren’t falling off.  Now that the pain in the ass part is over, I am going to start hammering out the exact scheme.  I think it will be similar to my bloodletters, but transitioning to blue earlier.  Start with dark grey, go to light grey, then to light blue, even lighter blue (think space wolf grey), then really light blue/white in areas.  Veins and wing panels will start with dark blue and work up to bright blue.  The straps will be black, armor will be brass.  Horns will be ivory and brown I think.  Eyes will be bright red.  Hooves I am still unsure on.  Will do OSL for his eyes.  And as a coup-de-gras for bad-assery, after I finish, I decorate his axe, wings maybe, and other random spots with bloody icicles.

His base will be similar to my other thirster, but the lava will be ice with icy stalactites   and bones littering the ice.

Ok, for the sorcerer.  Here’s the basics. Started with a raptor with plasma pistol and CCW.  Removed CCW and replaced with a whip from the exalted chariot of slaanesh kit.

Then I have him landing on a poor marine and blasting his face off with his plasma pistol.  Well, here are the pics thus far.

Where he is now

Plans for marines face

How the pose looks

How the poor marine’s face looks now 😀

Jump pack thus far

Hair, and shoulderpads (due to the exagerated pose, I am using standard CSM pads (Slaanesh right, blank on left…will likely put a Emperors children symbol there).

My next thing is to make the jump pack spikey-er and nastier looking and to figure out how to do the marine’s arms.

Would love to hear comments, suggestions, or ideas!

Thanks for reading,


2 responses

  1. I’m curious how you carved the helmet to inset that skull?

    November 20, 2012 at 10:27 am

  2. I marked off the section with sharpie, then I drilled it out, using a knife to make sure the edges are where I want. Then I took a skull of the right size, and figured out where the hole would show. I used a ball of GS to figure out the size of skull piece I needed for reference, then I cut the skull down to size, making sure that the parts I wanted visible stayed intact.

    November 20, 2012 at 5:25 pm

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