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Nurgle on Nurgle…it’s almost fratricide!

So I finally got a chance to run my 1850 test list. I think I will only get a single shot at testing before the standish standoff, so I had to make it count. So I ran it against another Mono-Nurgle CSM force.

I ran-

GUO w/ breath

7 plague bearers
7 plague bearers
14 plague bearers w/ Icon
14 cultists w/ autoguns and MoN

7 Warp talons w/ MoN (Champ with melta bombs) and Veterans of long war

7 Havocs w/ Vets of Long War, 2 Lascannons, 2 Missile Launchers with Flakk Missiles
DPoN w/ Wings, Armor, Noxious Touch, Cloud of Flies, and Breath of Chaos

He ran

Lord on Bike w/ Dimensional Key, Brand of Skalanthrax, Black Mace, MoN, Sigil of Corruption (that’s right, lotsa points)

20 cultists w/ MoN
20 cultists w/ MoN
10 CSM w/ MoN
7 CSM w/ MoN

Vindicator w/ siege shield
Land Raider
7 Bikers w/ MoN
5 Raptors w/ MoN
ADL w/ quad gun

We played the creative twilight game vengeance. He went first, I had my Havocs w/ Typhus and cultists on the table. Due to a poor deployment choice, my havocs were a weeee bit too close to the vindicator and it cost me a las cannon and a missile launcher turn one. Other than that he simply maneuvered some. My turn I then fired the havocs at the vindicator causing it to explode with my lascannon. My GUO and Epidemius with the 14 plaguebearers dropped in.

He, in his turn 2, got his raptors in and shot up my havocs and ended up killing two more. The bikers assaulted the GUO and would end up killing him after 3 assault phases in a challenge between the lord and the GUO. The GUO did put two wounds on him before he died. My turn 2 my talons came in and failed to blind the bikers (passed their I test). All my daemons would come in as well.

Now, the table was divided for most of the rest of the game:

Left side would be for three full turns the bikers, the talons, and the GUO. By the end of the 3rd turn, the bikers would have emerged from both assaults with only 2 wounds on the lord and 3 less bikers.

The right side saw my plaguebearers (all 3 squads) and DPoN sweeping through and destroying the smaller squad of CSM and both cultist squads.

Typhus and the havocs killed off the raptors in an assault.

He assaults a squad of 7 plaguebearers with his bikers on turn 4. The assault stagnates, allowing another squad to assault, killing off the rest as the tally is now to 20+.

This left him having only completely killed the talons and the GUO. In a last effort, he empties his land raider and shoots down the now swooping DPoN (well, it had 2 wounds left, and wounds with a melta gun and a bolt pistol…which I failed both saves for). Those CSM were dealt with by Typhus and a squad of 6 plague bearers. The Havoc champ attempts to use his powerfist to deal with the land raider but fails to do anything more than strip a single hullpoint off of it. The game ends with him having a landraider on the table.

I won with 11 kill points to his 5 (the DPoN was worth 3 by this point), controlling all 4 objectives, and controlling 3 table quarters to his 0. I also had a single unit left alive worth 3 or more KP (a Plaguebearer unit) meaning I won 31-0.

Overall, a great game, a good showing of Nurgle. He seemed to be pretty inexperienced and had never faced a tally list before. I gave him some pointers and he was pretty excited overall to have learned some new nifty tactics for Nurgle. I feel my Nurgle list is ready for the Standoff and will make a strong showing there. It’s no tournament winning list, but perhaps it will be good enough to get me a good place like 4th or 5th. Perhaps if the ruinous powers be with me I can walk away with peoples choice, though I won’t get my hopes up.

i have to finish painting. I feel I have made some good progress, but I have to finish my army, finish my display tray, and finish my competition models…so yeah, I gots some serious work to do.

Either way, I am really stoked for the event and generally can’t wait!

Thanks for reading,


Could games workshop actually have a plan….what?!

Ok, so we have all seen it if we have been to a 6th edition 40k tournament. Modification of the rules. In 5th, it happened every now and then, but normally we played by the book. We omitted bunkers, but this was a very minor portion of the game at the time.

But now…wow, it seems people refuse to update for some reason. Lets see-

Warlord trait: Yeah, they aren’t gamechanging to plan on. But then again, a smoke launchers aren’t normally either. Think of this as something LIKE a smoke launcher. Given the right role, right board, and right enemy they could be a game changer. Other than that, they just are. Roll a trait and rock it.

Mysterious terrain: Personally I love it. It is encouragement to NOT hangout in area terrain. Now that you can fire after going to ground, guardsmen in area terrain are brutal and tough. Plus, it’s funny. Sorry, it just is.

Now, why do I mention this. GW spent well over a year developing this. This means that a group of people who are intimately aware of GW future plans spent over a third the time most people spend in college building a gaming platform and most gamers seem to think that things like mysterious terrain and warlord traits are not going to be built on.

We have seen the warlord traits already in the new CSM codex. Now all the game shops that banned the things in tournaments have irritated CSM players. What happens when a new Nid codex comes out and a special character can make D3 peices of area terrain mysterious nid terrain that does something…but we did away with mysterious stuff. Or a new Tau codex that allows Kroot to choose mysterious terrain it enters. Adding this stuff back is tough after people get into the swing of not using it. But really, let’s break down WHY people don’t want mysterious stuff:

1- Too much bookkeeping: Really. Who ever says this while playing a game as in depth and complex is just throwing us a straight up line of BS. I would suggest it as they are running a list where they don’t want variables…ie. they don’t want to have to improvise.

2- Makes things unbalanced…ie. Skyfire nexus. THIS IS THE ONLY DAMN ONE I CAN POSSIBLY THING OF THAT IS UNBALANCED!!!! It is a mysterious objective that gives skyfire rules. But to be unbalanced, I have to put that unit so that it is CLAIMING the objective (which means only troops), THEN I HAVE TO ROLL IT, then I have to hit and knock your flyer down and if you stay in range that is your own damn fault. Also, flyer armies don’t have much that has skyfire against them short of other flyers and FMCs. Ironbark COULD be considered unbalanced if the stars aligned just right as well, but hardly reason to remove a rule from the game!

3- It’s useless so why bother: Again, pure laziness here. If you ask me, it adds flavor which is NEVER useless.

4- Setup takes too much time: Ok, this one I can see best out of all. HOWEVER, if your FLGS or someone there gets the mysterious terrain table on a seperate sheet of paper and kept it next to the table you could rock through this phase of setup.

5- It is not consistent and not in keeping with the competitive environment: Ok, for all you competitive folks out there, this game is not designed for tournaments. GW ACTUALLY said that. So why are you making that way. You want hardcore, Alphas competing against Alphas your ass on the line if you dont win, go do any of the eighty million other activities. Play sports, do an eating competition, or hell, join the military where every damn thing is a competition from PT to rifle qualification. Whatever you do, you aren’t gonna get actual consistency in a game based on dice…sorry, won’t happen.

Well, that’s my rant for today.


people out there.

Ramping up for the Standish Standoff

23 Days to go!
Ok, Got 23 days (including today) to go until the standish standoff.

Got a LOT of work as I have finalized my list. Ok, so I have work to do on damn near everything, from touch ups, to basing, to final details and highlights, and even a bunch of omg get to painting right now! models.

Finished assembling my new plague bearers tonight, the new GW plastic kit. Gotta say say, I LOVE these models. By far my favorite daemons and will be investing in more and more and more of these as time goes by. Awesome kit!

finished putting together my last two warp talons. Now to paint the rest of my army, finish up my soulgrinder for the competition, and redo my display board.

Thanks for reading,

22 Days to go!

Got the base coats and primary layers done on my new plaguebearers and all of my Warp talons. Actually got quite a bit to go. Pics tomorrow night or Saturday morning on progress.

Thanks for Reading,

Test Run for the new CSM

So, had the opportunity to play against some of my buddies who had not played in quite a while, and had never played 6th. I ended up playing two mini-games (first 3 turns each due to time constraints and to maximize the lessons learned and people playing). First was an 1850 vs 1850 and second was a team game of 1000 x 2 vs 1000 x 2.

So, with one of the larger tournaments I attend, the Standish Standoff which is a local hobby-centric tournament I attend annually in Standish Maine at my FLGS, looming on the horizon and how busy I am lately I am likely only to get in a handful of games before then. So I need to test out the new CSM for my Nurgle Tally list (my favorite as of late). But I need to identify what I need to add. I break it down into a few categories.
Speed: Yeah…nurgle daemons don’t do this generally speaking…it sucks.
Fire support: Again, daemons struggle with this. Even though some daemons CAN shoot, NO daemons can fire greater than 24″ with a sole exception of the Soulgrinder’s battle cannon. Psykers: Daemons don’t have any and they can be massive force multipliers and killers.

The Daemons can provide: Troops, Toughness, and Tally. Sort of the 3 T’s of Nurgle lists.

Well that said, I am looking at Havocs for fire support, Warp Talons for speed, Typhus for my HQ and Psyker, and cultsts (Zombies if they FAQ it to allow a MoN and large squads…or hell, maybe zombies anyways) for cheap troops that can be brutal if they get the tally up. However, I am lacking some serious melta (normally chosen and plagues, now both elites).

So that leaves an elite slot… With plagues being elites now, it changes things. So, my options, as I see them are: Hellbrute, Possessed, Plaguemarines, or Chosen.

So I tried the first two out as well as a confirmation for the talons, havocs, and Typhus (oh,… and cultists).

First game was against Tau. I ran Possessed this game in a rhino, and only 5 of them. However should these guys be the chosen to run the standoff, they will be in a rhino with Typhus. With S5, T5, 3/5++ save and 33% of the time power weapons and 33% of the time extra attacks, they have a good chance of bringing down most vehicles quite handily as well as posing a very real threat to pretty much any unit besides terminators. Throw in Typhus ( as he can fit in a rhino as long as only 8 possessed are in it) and between the psychic powers and the close combat power this unit is one to be focussed on, leaving my havocs, talons, and epidemius alone (though no one is going to ignore Kugath…he is a fire sink that normally shrugs off enough wounds to make the enemy sweat a little). With a Rhino, they can assault (most likely) turn two (18″ move, rhino gets blown up turn 1, 6″ disembark, next turn 6″ move and a 6″ assault means 36″ threat on turn two…)

Well, in the game I ran them, Typhus never saw the table as he didn’t come in turns 1,2, or 3. So the possessed ran up in their rhino. The rhino got popped and they came out and shrugged off a fair amount of fire. They then slaughtered a squad of Kroot and kept moving, the champion rolling on the boon table and getting rerolls to armor saves. They then kept going and just shrugged off a hellish amount of fire, making armor saves from the champion…well, like a champ. The game ended and all 5 were still on the table. These guys have awesome models, highly customizable, and are tough and strong to boot. Only downside is that they are a little pricey and have a low number of attacks.

The cultists worked exactly as T4 guardsmen are expected. They are great and cheap cannon fodder and good for holding those objectives. I will be using them with autoguns as I already have painted models for them. They are not a huge threat until they get the tally up and then at 20 they have the ability to drop full squads of terminators through volume of no armor save shots.

Plaguebearers continue to impress me, and now with SAP being less debilitative and HPs being what they are, a unit of plaguebearers can strip those rhinos and even vindicators down quick and in a hurry.

My GUO continued to shine. They are the only greater daemons that perform so consistently well that I cringe at not including them in an army. Tough to kill, with smash they are monsters against tanks, and against troops with their breath of chaos or aura of decay they can ruin anyone’s day. In this game he shugged off railguns, took two wounds from three turns of consolidated fire, and wiped a squad of crisis suits. Not bad seeing as he still had 3 wounds left.

Next game was a team game. Got to try out the hellbrute, finally my talons, and Typhus (as well as thousand sons which rolled terribly and died to 6 bolter wounds by only making one save as well as trying out a sorcerer with all kinds of goodies only for him to die to a lone railgun shot and he failed his LOS on a 2+ and his 3++ save. Damn.).

Hellbutes: Took him for his MM, but with only 1 shot, no VOLW, and the fact he is not a daemon, does not have it will not die, and has no invuln save, he fired once, missed, then was gunned down. He might work in some cases, but my first experience with him made me not eager to use him. he was out for sure!

The talons were assaulted by space wolves and fenrisian wolves. None of the assaulters survived and two talons died out of 5. With 2 attacks each, 3 for the champion, rerolls to wound, and preferred enemy (Space marine), and a T5 with 3+/5++ saves they are worth the cost. I just need a way to give them hatred, and they would be monsters in combat. A squad of 5 was good, 7 would be better, but likely I will stick with 5. I had stuck them with Typhus, but I will likely deploy them solo and let them go to work so the enemy is not overly tempted by so many points so densely packed. With the tally, they will wound on 2’s with rerolls and can ruin any unit’s day.

Lastly, Typhus. He was a monster…just like I figured. He stood toe to toe against a wolflord on a thunderwolf and won the combat by one wound (Typhus dealt two wounds, the wolflord dealt one). Alas, the wolf lord was eternal warrior and so did not die. Overall, it was the last assault of the game and the wolflord counted as destroyed as he lost by 5 or 6 and broke leaving Typus with 2 wounds left (had taken some shots previously) and 3 talons after a combat where they were originally outnumbered significantly.

So, I suspect that my list will encompass Chosen or Possessed. The Chose have the meltaguns, but without infiltrate they have to drive across the field. With no invuln, they become bait to plasma weaponry, and any of the myriad of AP3 weapons. The possessed are a little more survivable and after weapons and marks, aren’t significantly more expensive.

Thanks for reading,

Quick Update

So now with the new CSM codex out, my forces of Nurgle have changed a bit.  A few changes to my list:


Sorcerers are no longer the beasts in assault that they used to be.  With a lower initiative and less wounds, but a higher mastery level makes him a greater combat multiplier.

I picked up Typhus who will be joining the ranks of the Tally!  However, given the fact that zombies are not forces of Nurgle (wtf, right?) I will not be using that.  However, he WILL be arriving with my new warp talons.  With his 2/5++ save he will be a wrecking ball, and once he is locked in combat he WILL be unleashing the destroyer hive (possibly once the talons are gone).  Joy is that even if it kills the talons, they ALL count towards the tally.  Combine this with his ML 2 and daemon weapon and he is a force to be reckoned with.  HOWEVER, as an ally he does not make plague marines troops.  


Cultists: I can now use my rats with rifles in my CSM list.  Boo yah!


Warp talons:  Awesome models, can’t wait to use these bad boys!  With deep strike, ability to blind, and a 3/5++ they will be fun.