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Nurgle Tally Lists: still reliable in 6th…but are they one dimensional?

This Wednesday played against Thor from Creative Twilight.  We played a 2k mission from his site called Vengeance.


So I ran this list


Yeah, pretty basic for my standard tally list.  One of those standard lists that works well but is certainly not overpowered.


He ran his CSM list that had (from memory here)

2 x DPOT (1 power each, 1 with Telekine Dome, the other with the Telekinesis primaris power).

6 plaguemarines in rhino w/ plasma

6 plaguemarines in rhino w/ melta

12 ‘Zerkers

6 CSM’s

2 squads of 3 oblits


greater daemon

10 lesser daemons


Early Game: So, he picks side but I win rolloff to go first.  I deploy my havoks, sorcerer with havoks, and plaguemarines in rhino and opt to infiltrate the chosen.  He deploys heavily behind cover and out of LOS while at the same time clumping to a very small portion.  Objectives are scattered with 2 in the center-ish area and one clearly towards each of our own deployments.

I got my preferred half of Kugath, Epidemius and the squad of 14, and the nurglings.  My chosen were close enough to move and pop their melta guns and missile launcher at one of his rhinos, knocking 2 hullpoints off it.  I also killed a single bezerker that turn and I believe one CSM.  Overall, it looked as if it was going to be a rough game of missing and not being able to kill rhinos.   Also cast fireshield on the chosen

His turn saw a lot of shooting, about as effective as my shooting had been.  His oblits did kill 2 of my havoks though.  His bezerkers than assault my Chosen.  Yep, like 10 Bezerkers (after overwatch).  The bezerkers hit hard, but a handful of good saves saw only one of the chosen falling to his chainaxes.  However, when I roll I kill 3 or 4 (I can’t remember), leaving the assault continuing.  He actually lost one or two from fire shield.  Huzzah for powers actually being used properly!

Mid Game: My second turn I got everything in (more plaguebearers and the DPON).  Kugath moves into position and assaults the oblits while the chosen and Nurglings continue to work on the Bezerkers.  Plaguemarines move up to hold an objective.  Epidemius’ squad moves in and tries to assault the bezerkers, but doesn’t roll high enough.  The Oblits  hold on, but I believe I win combat wound-wise.  The Zerks finally bit it to the combined assault.

He gets his defiler and one DP in.  The defiler walks on and tears up the Chosen with his battle-cannon while the DP vector strikes the Nurglings (now worth 2 KP).  All in all, the Chosen are reduced to only the Icon bearer, the Nurglings have 2 left, with 2 and 1 wounds left respectively.  The Oblits fall to Kugath during the assault phase.

End Game:The rest of the game saw (I forget which turns this stuff happened)  Kugath wiping the CSM squad out, my havoks continuing to suck at life, my Plaguemarines destroying the defiler with a volley of plasma, and my rhino destroying the already damaged rhino with a havok launcher.  The occupants were than assaulted by the DPON and Epidmemius’ squad.  Unfortunately, his plaguemarines benefited from the tally as well so were rocking a 3+ FNP roll.  I dropped a few and they put a wound on the DPoN (remember, everything is wounding on 2 and ignoring armor saves by this point).  I foolishly assault a lone oblit with 2 nurglings, he makes his invulns and wipes that unit handily.  Kugath comes around and is assaulted by greater daemons and lesser daemons.  The DPoT is shot down by a lucky psychic shriek from the sorcerer and the DPoT  is assaulted and destroyed by the patiently waiting 7 plaguebearers.  The second DP comes in and kills a plaguemarine before dropping to a glide and assaulting the plaguemarines where he is killed.  Kugath manages to destroy the lesser daemons.  The end of the game saw his last plaguemarines tied up and nearly destroyed by Epedmius and his squad and the greater daemon almost dead.  Oh, and one of the rhinos had survived as well.


Overall, a strong win.  Although the Nurgle tally list is dependable and very hard to plan against (especially as it is very rarely seen) it has become a bit one dimensional.  I have created three deviation methods to inject a bit of multi-dimensional play into my list-


Warp Talons: Stoked about these guys!  These guys, with an invuln save and a high T will be OUTSTANDING additions!  Plus, add in the ability to make people blind which benefits the rest of the army….oh yeah.

Specialized role units: Havoks (range support) or a dedicated close combat specialist.  Even if it is just terminators, chosen, or even cultists.  Right now my list is pretty balanced and I think that while upsetting that may hurt my win/loss ratio it would overall make me a better player as I learn to incorporate and balance these specialized units into my army.

Daemon Engines: Forgefiends and Helldrakes will make the long range aspect of my army that much nastier…here’s hoping I can mark them!


Well, thanks for reading




2 responses

  1. Wait until Saturday when the codex is out and then make decisions. I’m waiting on it for my Standoff list and figuring out what shit I need to get painted quickly for it.

    October 2, 2012 at 9:14 am

  2. Yeah. Gonna have to crank out some serious painting nights October. I suspect I will be pulling an all-nighter before the Standoff again to make sure everything is just right. I am picking out my models ahead of time this time and spending extra time on them.

    That said, yeah, the change to CSM will massively change the Tally list.

    October 2, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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