General 40k Shinanigans

First 6th edition Battle Report…well, sorta.

Ok, so it’s here and I finally got a game in.  Showed up at my FLGS and played a game with a Necron player.  I was running a tally list with CSM allies…he was running Necrons with CSM allies.  I ran Nurgle, he ran Tzeentch.


SO, I ran


14 PBs and 7 PBs with Icon and Touch

DPoN with Armor, Flight, Breath, Touch, and Cloud of Flies

Sorcerer w/ Terminator armor, (all Chaos dudes with Mark of Nurgle), Combi-melta, and Familiar (ended up with Terrify and Psychic Shriek for Powers)

7 Chosen w/ Missile Launcher, 2 meltas, Flamer, Mark, Champion (with dual LCs) in Rhino with Havoc

7 Plague Marines w/ 2 plasma guns and Power Fist


SO, we played will of the emperor.  I ended up outflanking my Chosen (yeah…I forgot to infiltrate the bastards…worked out well though).  We had two mysterious forests and 2 mysterious objectives. At the end of the day, I won 4-1 Victory points holding 1 objective (3 points) and having killed his warlord (Slay the warlord worth 1 point) while he got first blood.  Okie dokie, not gonna worry about the specifics as much as I am gonna hit on some of my observations-

1- ALL ETERNAL WAR MISSIONS HAVE NIGHTFIGHT.  So Guess what, get used to it.  You roll for it, and it will either pop up turn 1, or turn 5 on.  We got turn 5 on.

2- Fliers…Yeah, nasty little bastards.  My DPoN came in, he couldn’t even hit it, it landed (after making a 2D6 run when it came in) and shot/assaulted (it died to mindshackle scarabs).  Also, challenging is a great way to remove a few attacks!

3- Outflank on the short edge deployment edge is brutal, especially given the move 6 in transport and move out 6, then shoot.  Handy for melta.

4- The new psyker powers actually add a lot of tactical decision making ability to the game, not just “Kill these things this way”.  For example, I kicked off his necron warriors off the objective with terrify.  Also, with this you can sweep fearless stuff.  So use it up!

5- Mysterious stuff is cool, and there is no avoiding it for those who hate the randomness.  It is in several missions (mysterious objectives).  Love it or hate it, it is an integral part of gameplay now.

6- The new FNP that you always get (pretty much) is much better.  The 5 to ignore wounds is better than a 4 but only against the weaker stuff.  With Tally…yeah, it is brutal.

7-Challenge cheerleaders saved my sorcerer.  That 1 re-roll any die per 5 dudes allowed me to reroll my one failed terminator save.  Phew.

8- Melta against Necrons.  Well, for those of you who have had to struggle against necrons before, their open topped vehicles melta can tear up pretty good.  On a 3+ with melta they go boom. (+2 for melta, +1 for open topped).

Overall, the game mechanics have not changed too bad and they have added a lot of new stuff.  I hope to add some debris for flavor, maybe an archotech artifact (mysterious type) or some unique terrain to mix things up.

As for the game specifics, it was really close.  Necrons do poorly when closed in on, and this again proved to be his achilles heel.  The chosen, with wounding on 2’s and having the LCs on the champion managed to outflank and destroy a doomsday arc, be assaulted by spyders, and grind them down with only the champion surviving (Hooray AP3).  On that note, I wonder what they would be like with 4 LCs….  Regardless, suffice to say, they earned their 241 points +rhino back.  The DPoN just held up his Necron Destroyer Lord, Thousand sons squad, and Tzeentch Sorcerer for 4 or 5 assault phases.  Mindshackle scarabs finally made him beat himself to death with his 2+ to wound anything…damn.  The scarabs that grew from 3 to 8 due to the spyders were chopped down by the plaguemarines over 3 assault phases with the help of some plaguebearers while epidemius’ squad got held up on the objective by a walker…but because it is a vehicle, it doesn’t contest.  However, you can hold an objective in close combat.  Seeing that fearless no longer suffers fearless saves it worked out well and prevented them from being gunned down.


Well, awesome game, love the new system rules.  Can’t wait to play again.


Thanks for reading,



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