General 40k Shinanigans

Far Above Cordos…

The Cordos system stood on the brink of upheaval. The ratpeople of Cordos IV began to wage a civil war against the imperium…one Robigo knew that they would not win. Against the fools of the Imperial Guard, perhaps. The rebel leader had a fire to him and the incompetent command that governed the planet knew little of military strategy and even less about combating an enemy with little time to prepare. However, he knew they would come. The Astartes. The false emperor’s Space Marines would arrive in their battle barges and lay waste to the enemy of the imperium. The rebels needed an ally, one that could combat the Space Marines and win. He knew in an outer system against a native uprising the Imperial Guard may be sent, but likely it would be the Space Marines as they would be quicker to mete out the retribution of their “Emperor” and leave and he had every plan of letting them arrive. He would meet this rebel and offer him aid. But the aid of the Purge did not come cheaply for father Nurgle had designs on their little planet. What better place to test new toxins and viral agents than on an entire planet of rats, the very carriers of plague for millennia. Father Nurgle had blessed him by promising him his Tallyman, the one known as Epidemius, to aid in the battle to come….


2 responses

  1. Going with the Purge for Chaos then? Figured you’d make your own warband.

    July 2, 2012 at 9:56 am

    • I have enough fluff building on my plate right now. It gives me a chance to add a structured element to the story line, and given their tendency to both avidly defend those that hate the imperium/ support chaos (in their mind it’s one and the same) as was seen on Vraks and how much they lean towards viral and other biological weaponry, their teaming up with Epidemius makes a lot of sense.

      Plus their iconography and coloration is nice. They are one of those groups that there is SOME about, but not enough to pigeonhole me into an archetype/build type that I don’t want.

      July 2, 2012 at 1:49 pm

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